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Weekends in Tbilisi

As I live in Azerbaijan, Baku Georgia is very close to our country. We are friends. So every holiday if we want to choose the closest country where to spend time we choose Georgia. It is easy for us to reach it. There are several ways: by car, by train, by plane. You choose which way you want to go. We always choose to go by train. Because it is comfortable and funny when you are in a big company. Moreover, by car it took a lot of time, so you will become tired.
One of the most popular cities in Georgia is Tbilisi. We always choose it because it is very colorful, mixed and interesting. Here you can admire the historic places and see the nightlife in clubs. Here you can enjoy nature and the architecture of wonderful buildings. Here you can eat all day and forget about your diet. Here you can love local people and make friends with them.
Now I’ll share with you the most interesting places that you can visit when the weather is really good!

The first main part of Tbilisi is the old town.

Here you can walk through narrow streets and see how local people live. Here you will find cozy houses and balconies with flowers. Here you will feel all the atmosphere of Georgian culture. Moreover, there are a lot of open-air restaurants and shops where you can spend a good time. The most popular place in the old town is the statue of Mother Georgia. It is located on the top of the hill and from there is opening an amazing view of the city. The statue holds in one hand the sword and in another the glass of wine. This place is very crowded and has lots of tourists. There is also a little and beautiful walkway near the statue.

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the Second very interesting and popular place is the bridge of peace.

It is another modern part. The bridge itself is very originally designed. It is all made from glass and looks very original and beautiful. From there is an opening the view to the river so a lot of people come here and enjoy the view and take a lot of pictures. If you come here at night the bridge will be all in lights and colors. So it is better to come at night. Furthermore, near the bridge, there is a big casino which is also one of the interesting attractions in the city.

Another interesting place is Turtle Lake.

If you want to have a rest from the city you can go and enjoy nature in this beautiful place. Here is the place where your mind relaxes and you feel better and fresh. There are some restaurants around where you can spend your time. We always come here at breakfast and spend here the whole day. People come here to have picnics and swim in the summer. Moreover, there are some squares for children, so it is fun for them. There are some catamarans which you can take and have a ride on the lake. So the atmosphere is really amazing and beautiful. The lake itself is not big but the water is good.

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 One more important and historical place is Mtskheta.

It is not in the city center so you must go there by car. But if you come to Tbilisi you must visit this place. It is an important touristic part which is consisted of two parts. One part is a tourist walkway with a lot of local restaurants and shops. Here you can find local clothes and jewelry and eat Georgian cuisine. The second part is churches. The most well-known one of them is Jvari Monastery. It is located on the hill and from there you can admire the wonderful thing: the mix of two rivers. It is only here you can see such beauty. The monastery itself is made from stone and is very ancient. To enter it you must cover your head. When you enter it you can make a wish!

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 And finally, the most interesting place is Mtatsminda park.

It is a theme park with a lot of attractions. This park on the top of Mtatsminda Mountain offers an extreme zone with a roller coaster for adrenaline addicts as well as family and kids zones. There’s a small train going around the park and you can just sit there and watch everybody else from the train, children love it. In addition, you can get your portrait painted by the artists who sit there. It is enormous and there are a lot of walkways so you can walk and enjoy your time. There are interesting parts with some funny houses and funny streets. There are a lot of restaurants where you can eat Georgian food. One of them opens the view into the city and the view is amazing. So here you can spend the whole day, especially when you are with friends! But these places must be visited when the weather is good because it is in the open air.

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So if you want to travel to Georgia choose Tbilisi!
Thanks for reading me!❤️

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