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Why do you support a travel community?

Well, that’s an easy question because for us at communities are EVERYTHING! Many people and also companies have forgotten about the power that lays within the joint effort of people and the beauty of creating something together. When scrolling through the Traxplorio platform it is amazing to see what your community has created and how the story of one individual trip can inspire the travels of so many other people.  

At – the fair booking platform for holiday rentals – we pursue a similar goal. We want to inspire and support the lives of individuals with the power of the community. Therefore, for every booking on 50% of our platform fee is used to fund a project of your choice for the communities you visit. This is what we call Community Powered Tourism. 

What does travel mean for you? Is there perhaps an exciting story about your company?  

Wow, the word “travel” has so many different meanings for us, for our travelers, and for our local communities. Some travel for the adventure, for the new experiences, the culture, the change of lifestyle for freedom, or just for a time-out. But if we had to choose only one word, we would probably say that travel means empowerment.  

It empowers yourself as traveling makes you grow as a person and enriches your life with all kinds of amazing stories – you as bloggers surely must know what we mean ;-). It empowers the local economy as it creates local jobs and in our case of fair travels, it also empowers local communities by crowdfunding social projects wherever our travelers go.  

How was your company founded? Can you remember any moments in particular?  

Yes, we do – actually, that’s a funny story because the foundation of our cooperation started with 3 different groups – in 3 different cities – at the same time without having talked to each other before. Nevertheless, all the initiators had the same vision: to create a better, more sustainable solution for the short-term rental market where the benefit of tourism stays within the local community and is not kept by an international extractive corporation that diverts resources from local communities to tax heavens…. 

So initially the movement emerged in Venice, Amsterdam, and Bologna but soon other groups from all over Europe joined the debate and helped us in shaping our final business model. 

What makes your company unique? Why should we keep you in mind?  

Keep us in mind if you want to have a FAIR holiday rental alternative. Keep us in mind, if you want to stay with FAIR hosts who don’t just rent out their houses for money – but for the human interactions. Keep us in mind if you want to experience the FAIR way of traveling and leave a positive impact wherever you go. Keep us in mind, if you have the urge of making the world a little bit better but don’t know where to start. Keep us in mind, if you seek like-minded people who share your values and fight for a better, more real, and empowering way of tourism.  

What do you really want to tell the Traxplorio community?  

Keep up the great work! It is truly refreshing to see a community of like-minded people who, like us, want to make a change in our world and in the tourism industry. We still have a long journey to go but together we can be the change we all wish to see!  

In how many places are you already active? 

Currently, you can find hosts in 9 destinations but we are already working on the activation of many new areas. However, the faster we grow, the sooner we can support local projects worldwide. If you happen to know hosts or interesting social projects which would be a great fit for simply contact us via: We are continuously looking for possibilities to grow as a community and to spread our vision of community-powered tourism globally. 


Do I pay extra fees or are the prices more expensive on your platform in order to support local projects? 

NO! Not at all. At the Guest pays the same as on other platforms, the Host earns the same as on other platforms but the value of every booking stays within the community. How? It’s super simple:  

Like other platforms, charges a commission.
Unlike the others, it shares it with locals. 

Whenever somebody books a holiday rental on 50% of our platform fee is used to fund a project of your choice for the communities you visit. 


How can people support you? 

No matter if passionate fair traveler, fair host, financial partner, social project owner, or enthusiastic volunteer – there are lots of different ways how you can support us in our mission and become the change you wish to see where you live and where you go. 


Whether you just rent a spare room or run a vacation rental, B&B, or small hotel, you can make your activity more sustainable by listing your place on 

Registration is free and is a great opportunity to host in an ethical way by attracting travelers that will contribute to funding community projects in your area. 



Are you an activist in your town? Do you know about projects that could improve the life of residents, facilitate sustainable development, and help to curb the negative effect of tourism? 

If a project needs help getting off the ground, propose it as a crowdfunding beneficiary in your area! Follow for more Information.



The ecosystem depends on citizens’ involvement; it depends on you. Take the lead and help us develop our sustainable tourism model in your area. You will be the local agent of and collaborate with our growing network of Local Ambassadors worldwide. 



The easiest way to help us is to share our mission: online, with your community, with your friends or your colleagues, with a potential host, or even with your grandma! The more people know about our platform the better! And next time when you plan your trip: make sure you travel fair 😉