Rent and Travel

Question 1: Why do you support a travel community?

We think it’s great to be a partner of a platform that presents the most diverse forms of vacation, which supports and enriches one’s own travel planning through the personal experiences of the bloggers. Authentic reports with useful tips offer real added value for readers.

In addition, we believe that networking means further development at the same time. One gets the opportunity to learn from each other and to profit from the strengths of the other.

Question 2: What does travel mean for you? Is there perhaps an exciting story about your company?

For us, travel means freedom – the freedom to escape from everyday life, the freedom to get to know the world from a wide variety of perspectives, and the freedom to decide for yourself whether rest becomes an adventure.

The feedback from our customers shows us every day how creatively and individually these freedoms can be used to experience unforgettable vacation moments. Without going into a specific story, it can be summarized that the great feedback from our customers motivates us every day once again to deliver the best performance for them.

Question 3: What should not be missing on any trip (and especially with the motorhome)?

A spirit of adventure, spontaneity, and openness to new things. 😊

Question 4: How was your company founded? Can you remember any moments in particular?

RENT AND TRAVEL have been the company-owned rental platform of Knaus Tabbert AG since 2017 and is registered as an independent brand. Knaus Tabbert is one of the leading manufacturers of vacation vehicles in Europe. A special moment for us was when we were listed among the top 3 rental portals in Germany. We were very excited to reach this important milestone and continue to look positively into the future.

Question 5: What makes your company unique? Why should we keep you in mind?

Motorhomes are our passion!

Our young team works every day with a lot of heart and passion to realize the vacation dreams of our customers. Whether in summer or winter, in sunshine or snowfall, we try to make the most beautiful time of the year as pleasant and valuable as possible for each individual. Individual wishes do not upset us but encourage us to fulfill them in the best possible way with the necessary experience and creative ideas.

Question 6: What makes the special charm of a trip with the motorhome?

Almost no other form of vacation offers such versatile possibilities. A motorhome vacation means independence, freedom, and staying wherever you want. The sum of the many individual experiences makes every vacation with a motorhome unique. Exactly this mixture of rest, relaxation, flexibility, and individuality characterize the quality of this form of vacation for us.

Question 7: In your eyes, what are the most popular destinations for an RV vacation?

The classic vacation destinations of Austria, Switzerland and Italy are still very much in demand. Adventurous campers, on the other hand, tend to be drawn to the Nordic countries such as Sweden or Norway. Basically, however, it can be said that the limits of motorhome vacations only begin where paved roads end.

Question 8: Have you had to adjust due to the current times? What positive opportunities and possibilities do you see for the future?

Corona has fundamentally changed the vacation behavior of many people. We notice this quite clearly in the fact that very many camping newcomers become aware of us, who are specifically looking for alternative forms of vacation.

We think that this trend will continue in the future. This gives us the opportunity to bring more and more people closer to our form of alternative vacation and thus inspire them for camping.

Question 9: What would be the best way to describe a motorhome?

A motorhome is basically a traveling vacation home. Functionally furnished, it offers an impressive amount of comfort, even in the most remote places. Onboard are a kitchen, bathroom and toilet, sleeping and dining area. Thoughtful space planning creates ample storage space for supplies, clothing, and everything else you need.

Question 10: What do you really want to tell the Traxplorio community?

Motorhome vacations have the highest degree of individualization and thus meet exactly the ravages of time. Whether city, beach, mountains, or “wilderness” – the motorhome makes it possible.