Why do you support a travel community?

Traveling is much more fun in a group and sharing beautiful moments in a community creates new wonderful experiences and friendships. Mostly our crews meet each other at the yacht for the first time and it is always amazing to see how quickly strangers become a dream team that will explore new adventures together in the future.

What does travel mean for you? Is there perhaps an exciting story about your company?  

Traveling for me is freedom, getting to know new cultures, people and learn about myself. It educates me in so many ways and once you start traveling you never want to stop exploring.
In Great Britain, my desire to explore the world blossomed for the first time. I had fallen in love with sailing and couldn’t get enough of traveling. I sailed wherever it was nice and warm, and I always had my closest friends with me. I finally turned my passion into a profession and founded sailwithus.

How was your company founded? Can you remember any moments in particular?  

As a skipper of a sailing yacht, there were so many moments of happiness and wonderful experiences that I wanted to share with as many people as possible. It started out with a small sailing trip with friends and soon my sailing community grew very fast, so I finally turned my passion into a profession and founded sailwithus.

What makes your company unique? Why should we keep you in mind?  

On the one hand, the sailing trip itself is something unique, because the crew decides together what they want to do and thus creates individual travel experiences. The mix of sailing and shore leave, nature and culture, sports and relaxation harbor towns and small bays are special. On the other hand, we are a young company with a focus on fast and contemporary communication and the specialization on our target group.  Furthermore, a sailing vacation meets the requirements of modern, sustainable tourism, using wind energy and being away from large tourist crowds. In combination with sustainable travel and conscious consumption on site, you leave only a small ecological footprint, but you will take many great memories with you.

What do you really want to tell the Traxplorio community?  

If you can’t get enough of the sun and sea, you should definitely try a sailing trip. A whole week on the crystal-clear water, great food and company, starry nights, gorgeous sunrises, and sunsets are awaiting you. So, what are you waiting for, sailwithus!

Are there any news for 2021?

For me as an entrepreneur and passionate sailor, the topic of environmental protection and fighting plastic waste is one of the most important issues.  That’s why we are also a member of the organization for sustainable travel “Forum Anders Reisen” and would like to contribute to clean oceans with our Green Ahoy initiative. During the “Green Ahoi Törn” which will take place for the first time in October 2021, the crew will take time at each stop to collect trash at beaches or on the water and dispose of it. A part of the profits will be donated to a nature project to save the world’s oceans. In the past, we have often collected trash with motivated crew members. But this was mostly spontaneous. Now we want to expand this initiative and make it a permanent part of the Green Ahoy trips. Furthermore, plastic prevention is of course just as important and in many destinations, it is still a big challenge. We advise the crews on how to save plastic because only together we can stop the plastic flood!

What are you most proud of?

Apart from my great family, I am very proud to get so many people out on the water and to create long-lasting excitement about sailing each year. Even though the Corona time was and still is anything but easy for me as a family man and CEO, I can consider myself lucky that it went relatively well so far. Bookings even went up a bit in 2020. On our trips, the small groups can separate wonderfully. You are self-sufficient and testing before the trip makes our niche product reasonably safe. We were able to win over many customers with our fast transparent and personal communication and we constantly improve our organizational structure.


How does a sailing trip go?

Saturday afternoon the crew meets in the marina and gets to know each other. Before the trip, they have the opportunity to interact via WhatsApp. While the skipper is doing the check-in of the yacht, the crew goes grocery shopping. Afterwards the crew boards the yacht, the things are stowed away and there is a first safety briefing. With the skipper, you exchange ideas about the route and what activities you would like to do. The evening is usually spent relaxing in a local restaurant, and the sails are usually hoisted on Sunday after breakfast. Per day 3 to 6 hours are sailed, with a swim stop in between. Nights are spent in bays or small harbors, cooking or further exploring the local cuisine. Friday afternoon you return to the port of departure, spend the night again on deck, and check-out is Saturday at 9 am.

Who is sailing with you?

Most of our crewmembers are between 25 and 40 years old. We pay attention to a balanced crew in terms of gender and age. Besides our “Youngline” trips we also organize sailing trips for families and private groups. Most of our guests have no sailing experience, but we also offer advanced training and exam cruises for sailors.


What about Corona?

In advance, we will keep you up to date on the security precautions and entry requirements on site. We advise you to observe the situation and inform yourself. The yachts are equipped according to the new standard. There is disinfectant gel for hands on board. Hand soap is recommended for the participants to purchase together with the crew on the day of arrival. The yachts are extensively disinfected at crew change. Since we sail with yachts with four or five cabins, there are a maximum of 9 participants and the skipper on board. Such small groups are important to provide personal space for each crew member. We ensure that our crews gain a unique experience off the beaten track. Itineraries are planned so we can avoid tourism crowds. Such planning allows us to keep the safety of our participants as our highest priority.