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Question 1: Why do you support a travel community?

For as long as we remember we have been attracted to traveling and exploring as many different Countries & cultures as possible. As we are both so passionate about traveling it is an amazing opportunity to connect with and support those who want to travel as well 

Question 2: What does travel mean for you? Is there perhaps an exciting story about your company?

Travel means everything to us – it means freedom – it means exploring – it means adventure – it means growing as a person – it means getting to know other cultures – it means so much more.  Getting out of your comfort zone and discover other parts of the world, makes you grow as a person, it ensures that you have more appreciation for life and understanding of how other people live around the world.  

With Tell Your Trail we hope to inspire people to go outside and enjoy the beauty mother nature has to offer. While we understand that long-distance hiking is not for everybody, why not go for a short stroll or get your bicycle out and explore? 

Question 3: What does your ultimate holiday (itinerary) look like? And why do you think hiking is one of the best activities to enjoy your precious travel time?

The ideal holiday for us is a longer-term holiday to be able to immerse ourselves in the culture and discover the environment. We love having a good balance between visiting cities and towns and hiking in nature. If the time allows a multi-day hike somewhere in between is the best!  

Why do we believe that hiking/ being active in nature is the best way to spend your precious travel time? It feels so good to be active, move your body while being surrounded by beautiful nature. There are a lot of studies that show that being out in nature can help with de-stressing and works as an anti-depressant. What more do we need to say 😉??  

Question 4: How was your company founded? Can you remember any moments in particular?

Back in 2014, we did our first long-distance hike, the Great Ocean Walk, which was a 100km hike over 8 days. We started the hike without any preparation and we were extremely unfit and it was a bit of a struggle, to say the least. When we finished, put our packs down, and overlooked the 12 Apostles it was so extremely rewarding. While it was a struggle, we were so proud that we did it. After a few years we still talked about our adventure and in the meantime build up a bucket list of trails we wanted to hike. We really wanted something to relive our hike and started to look around for a poster of the Great Ocean Walk but couldn’t find anything.  So, we decided to create our own poster and from there the idea of Tell Your Trail was born. Since the start, we now have around 80 trails in our collection, 160 more on our future design list, and ideas to also at least include cyclingtrail running trails, and marathons in the future (of course open for suggestions 😊 😉) 

Question 5: What makes your company unique? Why should we keep you in mind?

Tell Your Trail is not only a company selling beautiful and unique trail posters, it will be so much more! Our vision is to create a community of like-minded outdoor lovers to share stories, adventures, tips & tricks.  

While Tell Your Trail is a lifestyle business, meaning we are traveling (currently on a big lap around Australia) and hiking as much as we can, it is extremely important for us that our fellow outdoor lovers have the best experience with Tell Your Trail. We pride ourselves in adding that personal touch to our customer service experience, we are not just a business, we are real people with a passion for everything outdoors and travel. We really want to connect with our fellow outdoor lovers, hear their stories, and support them in reliving their adventures.  

Question 6: Where did your passion for hiking come from? And what are your hiking plans for the near future?

That is probably a different story for the both of us…  

Maud – Honestly, I used to hate hiking! When on holidays with my parents and sister, we had the agreement that we would relax one day and be active one day, etc. On the active day, I didn’t mind going to towns and stroll through the historical town centers, but I truly hated those active days when going hiking and always tried to find excuses so we wouldn’t have to go. There was one specific hike I remember very clearly; I didn’t really feel like hiking so we compromised on a smaller hike of 2.5km. After hours and hours of hiking, it turned out that the guide had a bit of a misprint as it was actually 25km….. It goes without saying that we didn’t do any other hikes that holiday! But eventually, when I met Jay and we went on holidays together my passion for hiking grew stronger and stronger. I am a true outdoor person and become very unhappy sitting in the office and at home all week, so we grab every opportunity we have to go out and do a hike, even if it is just a short one. 

Jay  For me, growing up it was the same thing as with Maud her family. We used to go to France for the summer holidays and also had one day relaxing and one day exploring. However, my parents weren’t really into hiking and as such didn’t really get much exposure to it. Then when I was 15, there was a hike organized to one of the mountain tops around the campsite. We had to start at 5 am, to reach there around noon. I and all the other kids I hung around with at the camping signed up to do it and that was my first experience really going out there to hike to a specific place. It felt amazing and was really great to push yourself while enjoying the beautiful surroundings. Then when I met Maud at age 16, we started to go on these active holidays and tried many different outdoor activities. However, hiking was the one that stood out most for us. 

For the near future, we are planning two long-distance hikes, the Larapinta Trail (223km) and the Bibbulmun Track (1000km), both in Australia. After which we want (if the situation allows) to make our way back to Europe to discover all the amazing trails there. And of course, we will keep our Tell Your Trail community up to date about our progress and hope to share some useful tips & tricks.  

Question 7: Where do you get the list of trails from? And what if someone has hiked/biked/run a trail and it is not in your collection?

Over the years we have done a lot of research into hiking trails and when Tell Your Trail was born this was our starting point. As we have grown over the last months, we received a lot of suggestions from our outdoor lovers of trails they would love to see included. And honestly, this is the best way to discover new trails, even for our own bucket list! Therefore, we highly encourage you to reach out to us if there is a trail you would like to see but isn’t in our collection yet 😊 

As soon as we start the design of a trail we spend a lot of time researching to get a feeling for the trail and to decide what points of interest should be included to create a high-quality design that our customers can enjoy. A lot of love, time, and research goes into our designs!  

Question 8: What are the most popular trails?  

There are so many fantastic trails around the world! And every day we receive requests of another beautiful trail for our future design list (and our bucket list 😊). If we look at the best-selling posters, and the trails you can find the most information about online, the most popular trails at Tell Your Trail currently is the Camino De Santiago, The Triple Crown (Pacific Crest Trail, Appalachian Trail, and Continental Divide Trail), Everest Base Camp and Tour Du Mont Blanc 

Question 9: What is your vision for the future? Do you have anything exciting planned already?

We hinted at it a bit in one of the earlier questions, but our vision is to grow and become a true community for outdoor lovers. The community of like-minded outdoor lovers will become the place to go to, to share stories, adventures, tips & tricksBesides that, we eventually love to give back to the community and support trails associations for maintenance of the trails and to ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy the beautiful outdoors 

And something exciting is that we have very recently taken the plunge and are now on our big travel around Australia while being fully committed to Tell Your Trail and our fellow outdoor lovers. Our aim is to hike several long-distance hikes along the way and take our community with us on these adventures.  

Question 10: What do you really want to tell the Traxplorio community?

It might seem daunting or impossible to travel for longer than 2 or 3 weeks at a time. It might take longer to save enough money or get approval from your employer, however, the experience you will get from going away longer, be it hiking or backpacking, for example, will truly make you grow as a person. So get out of your comfort zone, go on that adventure and fully immerse in it!