Why Lake Titicaca

  • Visit the highest lake of the world
  • A great trekking in the island of sun and moon
  • Enjoy the nature.
  • Grear pictures
  • Visit the beautiful places around it
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Part of my journey was to go to Puno, so I left Cusco at 9:30 PM and I was arriving in Puno at 5:00 AM. Once at the terminal of Puno, I walked to Lake Titicaca and I watched the most spectacular sunrises that I’ve ever seen, I felt calm and happy to have fulfilled part of my trip. While  I was resting on the pier of the lake thought about how far it was from my home. I saw a man doing meditation exercises by invoking the paccha mamma, I saw a fisherman on the lake at that time of dawn, that are the things that I will always carry in my mind.Islas of Uros in the Highest Lake of the World…The Titicaca

I returned to the terminal and I hired an agency to do the tour of the lake and they took me to visit the Island of the Uros.  These Islands are made from cattails and they are floating on the lake.

You can find a community that explains how the Aymaras developed these islands and their way of life. You can collaborate with them buying crafts. You can also check your passport to indicate that you were on the Titicaca lake.Islas of Uros in the Highest Lake of the World…The Titicaca

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I Returned to Puno and  I took a bus that takes me to Bolivia, I wanted to go to Copacabana so I traveled 3 hours to Bolivia since Puno. At the border we got to go to migration and checked our passports we continue the journey to Copacabana.Islas of Uros in the Highest Lake of the World…The Titicaca Islas of Uros in the Highest Lake of the World…The Titicaca


We were the last to cross the border, I arrived in Copacabana at 7 pm in Bolivia. Peru has one hour, in addition, the bus was full of tourists so they left us at the door of a hotel to check-in,  I do not have an available room at that hotel and I had to walk a few blocks to check in at a new one.
In the morning I went to breakfast and look for a tour that takes me to the Isla del Sol; I took a boat that took us to the Isla del Sol, When you arrive you can take a walk along the beach to reach the top of the island and observe a beautiful landscape of the whole island after a long walk You can see the ruins of the island.Islas of Uros in the Highest Lake of the World…The Titicaca

When the boat took us to the southern part of the island, the Yumani’s community where I could climb the stairs of the Inca and watch the source of life.
Once I finished my tour in the Isla del Sol I sat on the boardwalk to rest, I was watching the scenery and the tranquility overlooking the island.


Since this place, you can observe the mountains if the sky is clear. I have the opportunity to see the mountain peaks in this amazing place.

We returned by boat to Copacabana, immediately I had to go to get my backpack and eat something, the food was great but the local beer that I drank was amazing, a great taste of this beer unfortunately I have to return to Peru and my bus was waiting for me to go to Puno and after that, I had to take a bus to Cusco.

I never thought to get to Bolivia in a few days, I enjoyed every moment of this trip and I’m sure that I’m going to Bolivia again and meet its hidden landscapes.

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