Why Izmir

  • Konak Pier and seafront
  • Balçova
  • Konak Square
  • Bornova
  • Kemeralti
Izmir is one of the beautiful cities of Turkey❤️
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As I live in Baku, Azerbaijan, going to Turkey is very easy for us. Every holiday we can go there and choose every time new cities of Turkey. The most popular season for going to Turkey is summer, because in summer there are a lot of places there with very good hotel where you can spend your summer holidays.
Last summer we decided to go to Izmir for 2 days. I’ve never been there before, so I was excited to see what interesting is there. We stayed in Alacati- it is a little village where you can have your summer holiday in the hotel. We took a car for rent and went to Izmir. It took about an hour to reach the city so it was very close and comfortable for us. We were with friends and spent a beautiful time.

Let’s make a journey through the Turkish city❤️

1.  First beautiful place in Izmir is Konak Pier

It is a small shopping centre near the seafront. Here you will find some shops and restaurants. The most interesting part is a seafront. Here people walk, take bicycles, just relax near sea. It is a wonderful area for walking and enjoying the Turkish atmosphere. There are a lot of beautiful open-air restaurants where you can eat delicious Turkish food. We took bicycled and had a ride through all areas. We had a beautiful time there and the weather was so good that we only enjoyed our trip. The place is very crowded with tourists and local people, so here you will feel the Turkish culture.

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2. Next interesting place in Izmir is Balçova

Balçova is the only cable car system in Izmir. A steep ride up the mountain, across the modern Izmir University of Economics, the view of the city from the cable car is breathtaking. At the top, you can find tea houses and barbeque essentials to enjoy a picnic atop the mountain with your family and friends. There are many picnic tables where you enjoy views on both sides of the mountain. Moreover there is a big walking area around so you can just walk and breathe fresh air. If you happen to come in the morning, many restaurants at ground level also offer Turkish breakfast.

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3. Next interesting place is Konak Square

It is a big square with a huge Clock Tower. Moreover, there are a lot of shops around where you can do the shopping and open-air restaurants. The atmosphere is amazing. Here you will find a lot of local interesting accessories and even local brands. People come here just to walk and enjoy the atmosphere. Others come to do shopping. We just found a little restaraunt and admired Turkish culture.


4. Next beautiful place which we loved the most is a restaraunt in Bornova

The restaraunt is located on the top and it is open-air. From there opens a beautiful view of Izmir city. The atmosphere is amazing. It is all green around and there are beautiful tables. Here come very nice local people and you enjoy local culture. Moreover here is playing live music. The dishes are delicious and you want to sit there forever! Only local people know about this amazing restaraunt.

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5. And the last interesting place here is Kemeralti market

Here you will find local food: fruits, vegetables. You will see how local people live, how they manage to live in this amazing city. Moreover, you will find here very beautiful jewelry for a good price and other beautiful clothes. So you must walk around narrow nice streets in order to find something interesting for yourself!🥰😍

So thinking about Turkey, choose Izmir!

Thanks for reading me!❤️

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