Why Bellagio

  • Beautiful cities of Lake Como
  • Boat trip
  • Beaches
  • Tasty food
  • Local interesting shops
I visited Lake Como with my friend last year in summer in July. We stayed there for one day and this was enough for us in this beautiful and little place.
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We were spending our summer holidays in Milan. On the weekends we decided to take a train and visit lake Como. Lake Como is very close to Milan city and didn’t take long to reach it. Coming to the station first you don’t understand anything, where you are, where is the lake? But after walking a little from the station you understand that you’ve reached this paradise. Lake Como Lake Como
So let’s make a little journey through this amazing place together!😊

1. Lake Como consists of some little towns: Como, Varenna, and Bellagio.

Each of them you can reach by taking a boat, they are very close to each other. I liked most Bellagio city. By reaching it you can see long long stairs. With them, you can go up through the whole old town. While going up you can find a lot of local restaurants where you can eat or drink if you are tired and also a lot of local shops ( about them a little bit later). From the top of the town, there is a beautiful view of the whole lake.
Varenna is also a very beautiful town with the main square, some churches, and amazing nature. The same is the city of Como. From each of them, there is a view of the lake and in all three towns, you can have a boat trip.

Lake Como Lake Como Lake Como

2. The most interesting part of being in this beautiful place is taking a boat.

You can take a personal boat or a boat with other people. There is no difference. We took it with other people. By boat, you can reach any town you wish or some villas if you know any of them. We had a very good time on the boat. We reached by boat Varenna and Belaggio towns. During the ride, we took a lot of pictures and enjoyed nature. Reaching the town you can walk there and then take a boat again to come back. It’s very comfortable. During the ride you can also feed some birds, it also brings joy!

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Lake ComoLake ComoLake Como

3. What we have next? Beaches!

If you are visiting Lake Como in summer you must go to one of the beaches! You’ll ask where to find them? Actually, they are everywhere! The water is so fresh and good that you won’t stay there forever. But for me, the water was a little bit cold because it’s fresh. I couldn’t swim long, but we had a beautiful time on the beach itself. There you can also go sailing or windsurfing. So a lot of people wait for the wind to enjoy their time on the beach. What else? There are some food courts on the beach so you can take something to drink or to eat.

Lake Como Lake Como

4. As it is the part of Italy of course here the food is delicious.

You can find here tasty pasta, pizza, delicious bread ever! We chose our dinner pasta with oil bread. It was very tasty! Moreover, there are a lot of sweets in every restaraunt. In every restaurant, you can find different cookies, chocolate, and coffee. A lot of people take some sweets and coffee and just walk around and enjoy their time. There are also some luxurious restaurants with a good view of the lake. But if you can’t afford them there are restaurants for every budget!

Lake ComoLake Como

5. And the last interesting thing in Lake Como- local shops!

There a lot of different shops for every budget. In some of them, you can find beautiful local accessories, where you can find rings with local stones, souvenirs for your relatives. In others, you can find antique things like dishes, vases, toys. Then you can find interesting local clothes from hats to skirts, they are all in bright colors. There are also a lot of shops where you can find good honey. This part is fond of it, so there are different types of honey, even for diseases.

So being in Italy don’t miss a chance to go to this beautiful place❤️
Thanks for reading me!

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