Why Lapland

  • Visit our Dream Santa Claus
  • Play with Cuter Husky
  • Catch the Aurora
  • Ride your Reindeer
  • Downshifting
Magical Lapland brings us warm. Not the weather, but the Heart.
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-Lapland, one of my favourite city in Europe-

Daytime of Lapland in October only last for 5-6hours (This is also the common working hours for the locals). The time we arrived in Lapland was 5 pm and already welcoming the sunset. Lapland is a small town in Finland, which means it is convenient to go everywhere in the city center. We booked an Air-BnB in the city center. We went out of the warm airport and stepped into the white city, which was cold. The original plan we had is to take a shuttle to the city center. At the moment we looked at the shuttle bus stop sign, one of the airport staff told us the shuttle was just out of service. Luckily it was not that far between the airport and the city center. It only took around 15mins to arrive in the city center by taking a taxi.

We smoothly got to the Air-Bnb and I want to say the host was just so nice!! She showed us the whole house and what we can use. Sauna is an activity that Finland people most likely to do. The toilet in this house included two big clothes-washing machines and a sauna room!! Hot tube included and we can also use the opening kitchen for toasting and the tea bag are free of charge. The most impressive thing is the welcoming light-box she made for us!! It really felt home-sweet-home.

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We got a nice sleep here. On the next day, we tried the sauna room one by one. It was clean and comfortable!! We were just full of energy after using the sauna room, then we went out for our very first breakfast in Lapland.

You might think that we were stupid to choose the international McDonald for our breakfast. We both are not fans of McDonald but this is a signature store you really need to visit. This is the “Northern Most McDonald” in the world. There were some flags outside the restaurant and just feeling it was a very special McDonald’s. Some of the Burgers and fries are different from other McDonald, Fries are changed into Potato Grids. Burgers are nothing special there while the coffee and chocolate had surprised me. Just give it a try.

Lapland in WhiteAfter we had our breakfast, we went to the most famous attraction in Lapland, The Santa Village.

Santa Village opens every day of the year. You can meet Santa Claus and cross the magical Arctic Circle at the Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi in Lapland. As we all know, Santa Claus will send Christmas presents to those children who are well-being in the year. Santa spends his time at Santa Claus Village every day of the year to take care of his mission to spread the message of love, goodwill, and the Christmas Spirit to everyone.

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We took the local bus number 8 to get there. We walked into the Santa Claus Office to meet our dream Santa. We had a short conversation about the goodwill that Santa gave us. He really warmed our hearts and just like my sweetie grandpa. The whole meeting will be captured by the camera and you can purchase the video and photos after the meeting!! After visiting Santa, you can sit down at this cozy area and write your greetings from the Arctic Circle to your friends all over the world. You can choose the time that you want to send your Christmas postcard out. Your friends will receive your postcard around 25th Dec. All posts will be stamped with the special Arctic Circle postmark. Just send a Christmas letter to those people you love and make them happy!!

Lapland in White Lapland in White

The Arctic Circle is a circle of latitude that runs 66°33′45.9″ north of the Equator. There is an Arctic Circle line marked right outside the Santa House, and you can just step across it to get this magical feat.

Lapland in White

In Santa Village, you can get touch with everything about winter and Christmas, including husky and reindeer. We got into Husky Park to visit over 100 charming dogs there. Those of them are well trained and the farmer said the husky run their kilometers every day. They were just so cute!! Only one fluffy baby was tying outside the cabin, fat and voracious. Every time the trainer take out their food, “fluffy” just mindlessly follow him or her even I was playing with him. Besides touching them, you can also get a sled in winter and a ride in summer when the weather allows!! Don’t miss this experience. I and my friend chose to take a reindeer ride there. The ride drove us to have a cycle surrounding the forest. After riding, you will receive a certificate to prove you experience a reindeer ride in Arctic Circle!!

Other than the above activities, I think snowmobile is another popular activity in the snowy city and this is also one of my bucket lists. Unfortunately, our visit time is between autumn and winter. There are no snowmobile tours can book in Oct (at least Dec), colder, and with thick snow. So!! If you are interested in playing snowmobile, you really need to consider your visiting month.

A piece of small bad luck brought on me. My boot was broken after visiting The Santa Village. I soon got a new boot from H&M when we arrived at the city center….. Is that luck to get new shoes…?

Lapland in White

Lapland in White

Watching Northern light is one of the bucket lists for most people. Lapland is a nice place to watch it and this is one of our aim to visit this city. We booked a Northern Light Hunting Tour online. It was so nice that the tour guide will pick us up at each of our hotel locations. The guide drove us to the riverside to try to catch the Aurora. However, I remember the weather of the night we went out. It was cloudy and only -3 degrees celsius. The guide stopped the car in a forest and we put on our headlight and walked closer to the riverside. Seating along the riverside felt colder. The tour guide soon built a fire and cook something for us to warm our bodies. Turn out we can’t see any of the light showing in the sky but we were satisfied with the hot soup, sausages, and the sweet sweet marshmallow. Although the fire is on, my foot still felt nothing until we turned back into the car for a while. It was really a memorable experience!!

Choose your best local tour to hunt the Northern Light. The dream will come true!!

Lapland in White

Restaurant Recommendation

.Restaurant Nili

This is the restaurant I recommend you to try in Lapland. It serves traditional Finnish food and the interior decoration is cozy. It located in heart of Rovaniemi which is very convenient.

Valtakatu 20, Rovaniemi 96200 Finland

Waiters are professional and with good services. You may think that was so cruel to eat reindeer meat but this is one of the traditional cruises in Finland. You should try it out, the flavor from Arctic nature. Check this restaurant out and make a reservation!!

Lapland in White

-Enjoy The Lapland- **

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