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Cholula, is located just 5 minutes from the village capital

Largest pyramidal base in the world

You should visit:🏃

  • Templo de nuestra Señora de los Remedios
  • Museo de Talavera Alarca
  • Museo Regional de Cholula
  • Santa María Tonantzintla
  • San Francisco Acatepec
  • Container City
  • Jardín Etnobotánico
  • La Gran Pirámide de Cholula
  • Ex-convento de San Gabriel
  • Plaza de la Concordia.
  • Capilla Real

Largest pyramidal base in the world

The state of Puebla is characterized by its diverse villages with beautiful churches and its pronounced culture. Cholula is considered one of the most emblematic and beautiful magical towns, thanks to its history. On the way, I was amazed at how close this magical town is to the main town of Puebla.

Largest pyramidal base in the world

Cholula Archaeological Zone

The first site we went to was the great pyramid of Cholula or Tlachihualtépetl (Nahuatl “handmade”), which surprisingly is the largest archaeological site of a temple pyramid in the new world; dedicated to the god Quetzalcoatl, It is currently the largest pyramid in the world.

Largest pyramidal base in the world

It has 400 meters per side, in its final form measured 450 by 450 meters. Its architectural style is inspired by the pyramid of Teotihuacán in the Valley of Mexico, with the influence of the Gulf Coast and the Tajin.

Sanctuary of Our Lady of Remedies⛪

Largest pyramidal base in the world

Construction of the 16th century on the great Tlachihualtépetl. The initial construction was destroyed by an earthquake in 1864, 10 years later it was remodeled and rebuilt.

Unfortunately, we could not enter, and we had no guide to give us a brief introduction to the extensive construction, however, you can observe from a certain angle at the bottom, the upper part was without access, the view from afar, She’s pretty, especially if you can watch her at night.

Largest pyramidal base in the world

The courtyard of the Altars

This is located on the south side of the great pyramid of Cholula, contains various structures in 6 constructive stages the original floor is located 9 meters below the current level, at its ends are structures of rectangular form.

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Largest pyramidal base in the world

maybe on another occasion, you will have the opportunity to enter these buildings where you will also find the mural of the drinkers, whose main theme is the drunkenness ceremony.

After taking a few short pictures and videos, we walk to the center of Cholula…

Puebla-Cholula Tourist Train

It connects the area of the historic center of Puebla with the Archaeological Zone of Cholula, the tour lasts 40 minutes.

Largest pyramidal base in the world

(Show up at the box office 15 minutes before boarding)🚈🚇🚄

Plaza de la Concordia

Largest pyramidal base in the world

Built in 1573 for the Tianguis, this pleasant square was remodeled in 1646. The fountain of San Miguel de Arcángel located in the center is a donation of Philip II of Spain in the year 1554.

Largest pyramidal base in the world

It is the center of San Pedro Cholula, there is the former convent of San Gabriel, and the portal Guerrero, the longest in Mexico with 46 semicircular arches, with a total of 170 meters long.

In the portals, you will find restaurants, which offer a diversity of typical dishes, among those delicious dishes are the filled sugar churros. Along with the pretty company of your favorite person, everything looks so much better.

Largest pyramidal base in the world Largest pyramidal base in the world

Gastronomic dishes

  • Mole Poblano
  • Sopa Choluteca
  • Tamales de frijol
  • Asado Verde
  • Orejas de Elefante
  • Cacao (bebida a base de agua y chocolate)

Parish of San Pedro Apóstol (1640)

Construction of baroque style, the dome of the churrigueresco style of two bodies and square section and with eight windows with stipes of s. XVII-XVIII, by order of Bishop Juan de Palafox y Mendoza, This beautiful temple has the tallest tower of all the churches in Cholula. We were also unable to enter this beautiful construction, the interior is majestic in photographs, I hope you can come and appreciate it in person.

Largest pyramidal base in the world

Museo Casa del Caballero Águila

Location: Av. 4 Ote. 1-a Center CP 72760


Largest pyramidal base in the world

Construction with an irregular shape dates from the sixteenth century, the upper floor was built in the seventeenth century, therefore the ground floor is much older, the whole building is one of the oldest buildings in Cholula. The building has 6 rooms that house more than 2,300 pieces from the pre-Hispanic and colonial period, photographs that express Cholutean traditions, and a room for temporary exhibitions.

Leaving on Av. Morelos, you can enter in detail to each of the shops to discover curiosities of the area, including typical crafts.

Largest pyramidal base in the world

I wish you could really come and enjoy discovering new corners, hopefully, the situation will improve and we can do it without restrictions.😊😍

Largest pyramidal base in the world

See you soon! 😾💗

Largest pyramidal base in the world




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