Why Istanbul

  • Museum of painting
  • Istinye Park Market
  • Salt museum
  • Bagdat Avenue
  • Restaurant "Del Mare"
In this article I will tell you about my last trip to Istanbul!
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As I told u before I love going to Istanbul very often. There are several reasons why I love Istanbul. The reason number one is the atmosphere and weather. You feel always relaxed there and the air is always fresh because of Bosphorus. The reason number two is people. They are very smart and intelligent. You feel at home near them and can ask for any information you want. Reason number three is shopping. I love their local brands where you can find whatever you want for very affordable prices. Reason 4 is a great range of restaurants. You can chill and eat tasty wherever you want, that’s great!
Last month I went again there for shopping actually but visited some interesting places and want to share them with you! So let’s see them together!

1. Place number one is a museum of painting.

Actually, this place is really magical. It is a museum where are collected lots of paintings of foreign and local painters about Istanbul. It consists of three floors and different sections of different epochs and themes. The atmosphere in the museum is magical! Besides paintings, you will find a little restaurant that is designed very interesting. It’s like a little room in a palace. But it’s too little and you have to wait in order to sit and drink smth.
Moreover, there is a little yard outside and the best is that there is a view of Bosphorus! That’s really great! You walk there and you are relaxed and happy! You breathe fresh air and you can’t believe it’s real!
If you are a tourist you will have to pay for the ticket.
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2. Second interesting place is a market inside the shopping mall called Istinye Park.

It is designed very interesting. There you will find local restaurants where you will eat fresh fish. Moreover, you will be lucky to find and buy fresh fruits, vegetables, and even fish. The atmosphere is very beautiful and you can also taste everything you want. The food in the restaurant is very special because you eat what they sell and that means that the quality is really great!

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3. Third interesting place is the Salt museum.

It’s actually not a museum, it’s a local library in museum style. What’s special there? It’s designed in sea and salt theme and it is very interesting to walk around. Everything inside is blue and you are like getting inside the sea. On the first floor, there is a little restaurant where you can eat organic food and drink coffee. Many people come here to work with computers or to read books. And there is, of course, a library where are collected lots of books. You can borrow some and read there for several hours. The entrance there is free and I think it’s great!

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4. Another place is located in the Asian part and is called Bagdat Avenue.

It’s a shopping street where you can do great shopping. Some shops are designed in white houses style and that’s very interesting. There is a local brand and international. The street is always crowded and you will find lots of restaurants around where you can sit and rest. My fav shop there is the Vacco shop. It’s designed like a big white house and you dream to have that one in real!

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5. And last place is restaurants Del mare.

It’s also located in the Asian part. It has a beautiful view to Bosphorus with an open terrace. The atmosphere is amazing. It’s good for a romantic dinner or for a dinner with family. It’s actually a fish restaurant and you can eat there very tasty. It’s located in the sea and you will feel really relaxed. The prices there are not so affordable but the quality is great!

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