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Hey everyone, hope you all are doing great. We are Hoomies based in India. We are back with the second part of Life in Boston.
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Hey everyone, hope you all are doing great. We are Hoomies based in India. We are back with the second part of Life in Boston.

On arrival, we headed towards our room. We had pre-booked it online for around 2 weeks. Our plan was to stay in Boston and then head over to nearby places.


Lots of options are available to stay in the city. You can book yourself a nice hotel depending on your budget or even a lot of stay homes are available for rent. These stay homes are a pretty common thing here due to many students.

We had booked ourselves a stay home. This was a shared home with three bedrooms, an attached kitchen, a bathroom, and a laundry area.

We booked this place online using Airbnb. The rent was very high. It is difficult to find rented places for such a short stay in Boston. In case you are looking for the same, do book them in advance. They are a bit costly. It cost us a lot for two weeks stay.

Though this being costly, if you can afford It is always good to stay in such rooms as it lets you feel comfortable and a part of the city. It feels at home. We wanted to enjoy normal city life. We were very tired and had our dinner which was already ordered by my brother. We were jet-lacked and just slept off. We got the next morning, made ourselves a good healthy breakfast.

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It was a really nice home, very well maintained. Cooking was allowed in the stay-home. This amazing place had almost everything you will need while you plan a stay out in some foreign location.

The kitchen had some utensils, a cooktop, some basic foodstuff, tea, coffee. They had even provided a fridge, a microwave. Along with that, they provided us with a cute little dining table for four to cook and enjoy our meals. You can even order your food. This is completely based on our choice and budget.

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On the ground floor was the laundry room. In case you are planning to do laundry, you need to pay. It’s not complimentary. Though they provide basic detergents.

It was a chilled-out day with nothing in mind and was such a blessed feeling. If you are looking for a stay here do checkout such homestays as it’s a different feeling and different experience altogether.

We actually had a pre-planned plan regarding the restaurants were going to be trying in these couple of weeks. Food is not a problem in Boston. You get to have all kinds of delicious cuisines.

The location was really nice. With almost everything at walking distance. Next to our stay home was a general store where we could get everything possible.

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Along with that was a donut store. Most of the evenings we were here enjoying a cup of coffee and yum delicious snacks. We lived by Broadway, Cambridge.

So, the entire street was kind of the main street with lots of places to eat, drink, do clubbing. It was just a walk away. You can find a lot of good restaurants close to the Institute. Just opposite our home was a really amazing bakery shop called Tatte Bakery & Café.

It happened to be my birthday when we were in Boston. So, we got my birthday cake from this same café. The cake and even various other stuff taste just yum. The evening we had made reservations to a really fancy place in Newbury street. It was such an amazing place to dine at. Even the entire street is just so happening and full of life. With Lots of restaurants and shops for you to enjoy and spend your evenings.

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The cake was just yum. They have a lot of options. It’s a bit costly though. But this place is worth visiting. Apart from that, there were lots of other cafés and amazing stores in case you are looking for basic stuff and if you wanna shop for clothing.

Various other famous stores of Boston being coop, seven eleven, and CVS pharmacy. Out of these the best one for us was Coop. We used to buy our daily needs like bread, butter, and milk from here.

The stay was just amazing. Though we didn’t get to experience snowfall in here. But my brother definitely got to enjoy some.

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The city is just beautiful with very friendly people. You would love to enjoy it here.

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Thank you for reading us. Hope you enjoyed reading our blog. We will be back soon.

With lots of love

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