Why London

  • Shopping Hub. It’s a shopaholic’s paradise.
  • Great Theatres.
  • If you are a history buff, there are ton of museums to explore.
  • Excellent transportation.
  • You can try out variety of foods from different countries.
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Ohhh London, you are so beautiful😍!!!It was me and my husband’s childhood dream to visit this place once in a lifetime and we did it. We boarded an United flight from Newark which took us straight to London. After completing our immigration process, we headed straight to our relative’s house, ate wonderful dinner prepared by them and just crashed. We were going to stay at their place for seven days. Our overall flight journey was pretty good, but little long.

London Memories😍❤️👍

Our first day itinerary was to cover Tower of London, Tower bridge, Borough market and Westminster Palace. The Tower of London which is situated on the northern banks of River Thames is filled with dark and engrossing history. It comprises of several towers surrounding the White Tower which was built by William the Conquerer in early 1080s. The other towers served as prison, execution place, the Crown Jewels and public records. Ticket is £28.90 and buying online is preferable. You can also get an amazing view of Tower bridge from the Tower of London. After touring this place and adding some more into our knowledge, we headed to the Tower Bridge.

London Memories😍❤️👍 London Memories😍❤️👍

Tower bridge is a suspension bridge which crosses river Thames and was built between 1886 to 1894. It is one of the most popular landmark in London. We strolled through the bridge with a coffee in our hands and the weather was amazing☺️. We also clicked some beautiful pictures of the bridge and the surrounding area💕. Once capturing this beauty, we moved on to the Borough market which is at a walkable distance. It is nestled in Southwark, London and is one of the oldest and multicultural food markets in London. For foodie people, it’s a paradise. Here, you can see variety of food stalls from different countries. You can select and eat your favorite food or try on new things. Also, you can do groceries like baked products, cheeses, oils and vinegars, fresh fruits and veggies and many more. Our next and final stop of that day was Westminster Palace. We didn’t explore the Palace from inside, but the exterior of the palace was excellent and worth seeing. We clicked some pictures and also strolled through the Westminster bridge from where you get the best view of Big Ben.

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London Memories😍❤️👍 London Memories😍❤️👍 London Memories😍❤️👍 London Memories😍❤️👍 London Memories😍❤️👍

Next day, we headed to the most popular landmark, the Buckingham Palace which is the residence of the British monarchy. The place is crowded, but mind blowing and worth visiting.The exterior of the place is so beautifully designed👍. Changing of the guard ceremony is one of the best things I have watched. It’s very well organized and tells so much about the traditions that are preserved. Also, after watching The Crown on Netflix we were even more excited to go visit this place💕. From there, we walked to the Trafalgar Square which is one of the famous squares in London. There’s this famous fountain and the Lord Nelson’s monument where you can click pictures. It’s name symbolizes the Battle of Trafalgar which was fought by Lord Nelson. This Napoleonic war was a British victory over France and Spain. Our next stop was The British Museum which is the National Museum of London. Here, you will find array of collectables and artifacts from different countries, art and culture, some old clocks and so much more. If you are a history buff, you must visit this place, it will add so much more into your knowledge. There’s also some cute cafes inside the museum☺️. It will take minimum 3 hours to explore this whole place and it’s free of cost.

London Memories😍❤️👍 London Memories😍❤️👍

London Memories😍❤️👍

On third day, we planned to go see Notting Hill area as we loved the movie “Notting Hill”of Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant❤️. Here, you will see array of amazing houses, beautiful boutiques, cute cafes and restaurants, antique shops, collectables and many clothing stores to shop💕. We loved this place called Portobello Market which is in Notting Hill, here you will find so many shops to hop and shop. After exploring this wonderful place, we went to the London Eye where we had a booking. Riding on this wheel was an amazing experience. You will get the best views  of London City from here. We clicked some pics and wrapped up for the day. Next day, we were having some lunch plans with our relatives, so, spent the whole day with them at home☺️.


London Memories😍❤️👍 London Memories😍❤️👍 London Memories😍❤️👍 London Memories😍❤️👍 London Memories😍❤️👍

The day after, we decided to explore some of the best shopping centers and streets in London😍. First stop was the famous Covent Garden. Whether you are looking for branded shops, small street stalls of collectables and artificial jewelries, cute cafes, upscale restaurants, chocolates and candies or tea shops, you will get everything here👍. Next, we headed to the Oxford street which is again one of the famous streets in London which offers many upscale shops like John Lewis, Zara and Gap, departmental stores and some restaurants too. It is one of the busiest street in London. Then, to the Regent street where you will find many branded shops and it’s a fun to walk through it. Best thing it’s also near Piccadilly Circus, which is very convenient. Piccadilly Circus is a open space at the junction of roads which is in west end of London. This place is full of illuminating lights, souvenir shops and live performances.

London Memories😍❤️👍 London Memories😍❤️👍 London Memories😍❤️👍

Our overall trip was fun and comfortable and ended it on a sweet note by buying some souvenirsWe got to learn so many new things and explored many new places on this trip, which makes it truly memorable. Hope to visit again soon.

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