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Let's see how bright London is!
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If you remember, in my first article about London I talked about parks. Why you will ask, I wrote the whole article only about them? Because they are numerous there and some of them are so beautiful that you want to speak about them a lot!
In this article, I will tell you about my favorite places in London, where you will feel all the atmosphere of art, culture, and history.
London is very big and full of interesting places. They are located not close to each other, so it is quite hard to see all of them in one day. That’s why coming to London you need a minimum of 5 days to see the most popular places.
As I was in summer the weather was quite good, so it was very easy for me to walk and enjoy my trip.
So let’s see which places are my favorite!

1. First place is Oxford street.

It’s my favorite street in London. Here you feel real life. You know why? It is always full of people. Some of them just walk around, some of them do shopping, others hurry up somewhere. You see all of them and you feel very happy to be among these people. What you can do in this street? You can do the shopping because it’s full of a lot of shops for every budget. You can sit in the restaurants for every budget. Furthermore, you can take snacks, coffee and walk around. No matter what time of the year you visit, Oxford Street is always full of tourists and local people. But keep your clothes with you, because u can lost something!

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2. Second interesting place about which I want to tell you is Little Venice.

It is a hidden place not in the city center. Only locals know about it. It is a very peaceful and calm place with boats and a little canal. Here you feel like you are in Venice. You can walk around or take a boat trip. Here you will find fewer people than in the city center. Around you will find some little bars and pubs where you can rest and enjoy your time. Moreover here you will enjoy nature because around are a lot of flowers. So visit this beautiful place!

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3. Third place that I love and must be visited is my favorite Madame Tussauds museum.

The museum is a museum of wax figures. Here you will find figures of all famous people in different areas : in art, in cinema world, from politics, from sport and so on. There are many sections in the museum and they are all devided into different groups.  I liked the most the section of actors and actresses. There is also a big section from movies. It is also very funny and interesting!
The figures are so realistic that you seem that it is real people look at you! People have fun around, take a lot of pictures.
There is also one section where you can ride a virtual taxi through London and see movies also!
The ticket there costs 34 pounds, but if you book online you will save money and pay less!

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4. Fourth interesting part of London is Chinatown.

Here you will find all Asian restaurants and enjoy Asian culture. Everywhere is playing music and you will find some souvenir shops. You will find here the tastiest bubble tea! Moreover if you are tired, you can find there a good massage salons and relax a little bit!
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5. And the last historical place is Buckingham Palace.

The State Rooms of the palace have only been opened to the public since 1993, and then only during a limited period from mid-July to the end of September. It turned out it was so popular that the Queen continued to allow visitors every summer. But when the palace is opened to visitors, the queen is always going out of the city.

And you’re not likely to see much of real life at the palace. Buckingham Palace has 775 rooms, including 19 Staterooms that are included in a visit. The Staterooms are where the Queen and members of the Royal Family receive guests on State, ceremonial and official occasions. The other rooms – 52 are Royal and guest bedrooms, 188 are for the staff, on top of that there are 92 offices, and 78 bathrooms – is strictly off-limits.

What you will see is a series of extremely grand chambers filled with many of the treasures of the Royal Collection; paintings by Rembrandt, Rubens, and Canaletto; beautiful examples of English and French furniture.
Then you will have access to the beautiful yard where you will be relaxed and pleased!

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