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  • Westminster Abbey
  • Covent Garden
  • Camden Town
  • King's Cross
  • Greenwich Observatory
I continue talking about London! And I'll tell you more this is not the last post about London!
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London is so big and bright that you can’t talk about it in one or two articles. In London, there are numerous places to see and every day you get to know more and more new ones. Each of them is different, bright and very interesting! In this article, I’ll share with you my favorite places in this bright city!❤️

1. First historical and beautiful place is Westminster Abbey.

What is Westminster Abbey? Actually it is a west church in London. It is a great example of an ancient gothic english architecture. All monarchs were coronated here. Here are also buried 18 of them. Walls of Westminster Abber also saw a lot of weddings.
Coming to that street you will see two beautiful towers that attract all tourists from the first moment. Besides that tourists admire amazing vitrages and rich interior of the church.
Here come people who love literature or music. You will ask why? Because there are different corners: corner of buried poets for example. Moreover there are always some concerts here, so music lovers can spend here beautiful time.
Taking pictures in the Westminster Abbey isn’t allowed! The price of the ticket is 20 pounds. You can also book tickets online.

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2. Second interesting and colorful place is Covent Garden.

Covent Garden is one of the most interesting places in London! Here the atmosphere is different, here hight art lives with streets artists, museums share their place with local shops, restaraunts. Life here is different! Here you can spend the whole day, because there are plenty things to do here!

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1. Covent Garden Market- Here you will find everything! The market is not in the open air, so you can visit it in the weather you wish. Prices here are also different. Market represents the style of London: plenty of things, respect to the traditions and searching for something new.
2. Royal Opera House- here you can find a lot of opera and balet shows. People buy tickets and you cannot even find a free place.
3. Here you can also do shopping for every budget. I loved doing shopping there, the atmosphere was beautiful and I loved the variety of shops!

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3. Third place in London is Camden Town.

It is actually a residential are, but it is very special. It is always full of people and there are plenty things to do! First of all if you are a rock lover, then you should come here every time. Because the best rock concerts are here in Camden town. There are plenty of rock bars where you can enjoy your time!
My favorite place is Camden Town Market. It’s like a little village with a lot of little cafes, food courts, and shops where you will find souvenirs. Food is very varied and you will find a lot of interesting things such as big hot dogs, some sweets and other tasty things 😍 Moreover you will find here a lot of beautiful graffiti, that are very bright and interesting!

4. Fourth place is the famous King’s Cross station.

If you are a Harry Potter fan then you must come here!
Actually there is nothing special here… just a platform and the place where Harry Potter from the wall got to his school. People just come here and take pictures. But if you are fan of this film, then you will have great emotions!
There is also a little shop near where you will find clothes and interesting accessories from Harry Potter movie! The shops is very colourful and there is a good choise of plenty things to buy! So it worth going to this station and to see this beautiful shop!

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5. And the last place in this article will be Greenwich Observatory.

It is situated not in the city centre so be ready to spend there the whole day. It takes about an hour to reach the place from the city centre.

What interesting to see? The most interesting thing is a Prime Meridian. It is where east meats west. You put your one leg on the east and another on the west. It is very interesting and you have great emotions!
You can also visit the observatory itself if you are a science lover! Moreover there is a Harrison’s Planitarium near where you can see shows for childen and adults.

There is also a royal residence. You can take a tour there with a guide.
The ticket there costs 16 pound and includes the visit to Observatory, Prime Meridian.

Post CreatorI’ll continue in my other article! Thanks for reading me guys!❤️

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