Why Tenerife

  • Exotic Destination
  • Exceptional Food
  • Amazing Landscapes
  • Adrenaline hub
  • Unique beaches
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Imagine a place where you can find everything a man wants for a vacation. This place does really exist in the Atlantic ocean and it is called Tenerife! This fabulous island offers amazing food, genuine gentle people, panoramic views from 3,5 km height, hiking across lava paths, exotic landscapes, and unique beaches. Well, let us introduce one of the gems of the Canary Islands…

Long Weekend in Tenerife


Tenerife is one of the eight Canary Islands located in the Atlantic Ocean just near the west coasts of Africa, yet part of Spain. It is the largest and the most populated out of them, attracting an average of 5M tourists annually. One can reach the island easily by plane since there are two airports and most of the Airlines fly there at least on a seasonal basis.

Worth to be & see

Long Weekend in Tenerife

I would recommend visiting “Puerto de Santiago” and “Playa de los Guios” in order to swim under the imposing “Los Gigantes”. Also, “El Duque” beach in “Costa Adeje” to have a taste of the luxurious side of the island. Moreover, be a local in the natural pools in “Garachico” and stroll around the picturesque village of “La Orotava”. Additionally, drive up to “Masca” to enjoy the view and hike the “Rabla de Castro”. Honestly, there are numerous else things to do but we ran out of time; four days were simply not enough!

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Teide National Park

Long Weekend in Tenerife

Teide National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There you will find (in fact almost impossible to miss, I would say! 😁) the highest peak of Spain Mt. Teide, the highest of the islands of the Atlantic Ocean, and the third-largest volcano in the world from its base.

Long Weekend in Tenerife

There are three roads running across the Teide national park and leading to the cable cabin base and, thereafter, to the top of the volcano from where you can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view. I would suggest booking in advance your tickets.

Long Weekend in Tenerife

Apart from that, all the way is a memorable experience, passing through forests and moonlike lava sceneries. Time permitting, worth cycling, hiking or camping at the park. I really regret that we couldn’t afford the time doing any of them.


Following Trip Advisor along with some research, we really did enjoy every food choice we made. In brief: “Tasca Tierras del Sur” for a truly fulfilling taste experience, “Bar Los Castillos” to feel like a local, “El Cine” for something fast and tasty, and “Varadero Viejo” to eat by the ocean. Seafood is ample and, of course, the local specialty “papas arrugadas” a must.


Long Weekend in Tenerife


There is really an abundance of options; you can go from budget living up to 5-star all-inclusive hotels. Book in advance is always advisable but even if it is a last-minute call, there will be something definitely for you. In general, if you are looking for something lively, popular, and, perhaps, luxurious, focus on West- SouthWest of the island; otherwise, for something less touristic and more authentic get to the North.

Long Weekend in Tenerife

Moving around

I will strongly suggest renting a car; plenty of affordable options in the airports, an impeccable road network, and extremely cheap gas (there is a special tax status!). Alternatively, if you are fit and not time-pressured, rent a bike.

Long Weekend in Tenerife

Things I missed…

There are no excuses but for the first time visitor 4 days are simply not enough. What I desperately wanted to do?  surfing (any kind), more hiking in Teide, visit Santa Cruz and San Cristobal de la Laguna, go scuba diving and visit the Siam Park I guess are only a few of them…

To me, definitely a place not only to visit again but to spend some time as a regular resident in the future!!!

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