Why Tibau do Sul

  • For the beauty of the landscapes: desert beaches, forest, breathtaking sunsets...
  • Pipa: a place for partying ! (Pipa is a city near Tibau do Sul where you can find a lot of restaurants/bars to party).
  • For the warmth of the locals.
  • For the excursions.
  • For the weather: always sunny and hot!
Tibau do Sul is a small village which has a lot to offer. Initially a fishing village, its beaches suitable for surfing (and kitesurfing) boosted the economy by making the village more touristy. You can surf with the dolphins, go horse riding in the heart of the jungle, go on boat trips, party in the center of Pipa (very very festive!)...and so much more!
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Tibau do Sul is located in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Norte. Even if it is close (1h30 car drive) to Natal known for its dangerousness, Tibau is a totally safe city!


Seaside vacation: in the heart of nature, desert beaches, tourist beaches. If you like discovering new landscapes, tranquility (but also partying) surfing/kite surfing, relaxing… this is the perfect place!


A year-round destination: sunny and hot most of the time!

Average temperature: 27,5°C


High season (busiest months for tourism): October, January, and February.

Low season (quieter time, lower hotels price): May and September.


Lover of water sports ? You must go to Tibau do Sul – Brazil

Here is a little map of Tibau and its and its surroundings. 

→ WHERE TO SURF? 🏄(also KiteSurf)

As you can see on the map above there are many spots for surfing.

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♦ Advanced surfer? Go to “Praia do Amor”, the waves are bigs, there is a lot of currents, and also many incredibly talented surfers!

♦ Good surfer? You can go to “Praia Principal” or “Baia do Golfinhos”. Praia Principal is the main beach of the city, it might be crowded, also there are some rocks hidden in the water, so please be careful. In Baia dos Golfinhos you will be able to surf with dolphins, for sure you will have an unforgettable lesson.

♦ Apprentice surfer (or not sure of your skills)? Go to “Praia do Madeiro”. It’s the perfect spot to learn how to surf or to increase your skills. Also, it is a very beautiful beach, and you might be able to surf with dolphins as well. If you don’t want to be disturbed (by swimmers or surfers) you should go to this beach early in the morning (like 6 am).


Horseback riding:

One of the excursions I highly recommend is horseback riding with Haras Água Boa. Even if you not a fan of horses you should definitely do it just for the beautiful landscapes you’ll see. The walk can be in the beach, or in the “jungle”. The one that I did was at first in the jungle, and then the monitor brought us over a hill to admire the sunset over the jungle and the river (see pictures above!).

Lover of water sports ? You must go to Tibau do Sul – Brazil

♦ A boat trip or boat party (or both!)

There are many boat companies that offer a boat trip in order to discover the surroundings of the city and its history. Generally, it takes a day, and many activities are planned: swim in the river (warm and soft water), admire the dolphins, try the oysters of the region, have a little class of the types of crabs you can meet in Tibau, fish cockles, little stop in a small island (where kittens are living), admire the sunset from the river, and so on… And guess what! There is a bartender in the boat that can prepare you the greatest cocktails or mocktails with fresh fruits! Also, the food will be prepared in front of you, on a basis of fishes! Lover of water sports ? You must go to Tibau do Sul – Brazil

A lot more: 


You can learn how to dance the Samba, how to do Capoeira with the local clubs of the city. You can also do paddle or kayaking, biking,… indeed there are a lot of things to do. You can go to Sossego Surfcamp to have more information!

Also wherever you are in Tibau you’ll be amazed by the beauty of the landscape nature has to offer you and the beaches are incredible.



Yes, Brazil is a so-called “dangerous” country. You should know that the locals there are very nice, warm (they really know how to welcome and take care of you), endowed with a lot of humor, and who love to party. They are very laid back people. However, poverty means that there are some people who are neglected.

The only thing you can do is be careful, but that does not mean being paranoid! Here are some tips of things you should / should not do :

  • At the beach don’t leave your stuff without any supervision while bathing
  • Don’t leave your phone ‘in sight’ in crowded places, leave it in your bag.
  • Don’t leave a seller with your credit card without you being able to see what he’s doing with it (he will hack it)
  • In big cities, late at night, do not store all your money in one place, plan a small sum that you will give if you are harassed.
  • If you get harassed don’t try to defend yourself, give what people are asking for (money, phone…)

It may seem a lot and scary, but know that I never had any worries in Brazil, even in the most “dangerous” cities. There are even cities where all this does not need to be applied, it is really just in case.


At the beach don’t buy water from the small sellers, it could be that the bottles are filled with “non-potable” water and I’m sure you don’t want to be sick during your vacation! For this, I recommend asking for sparkling water.


Please protect your skin from the sun, always!


The official language is Portuguese, it is (sadly) not everywhere in Brazil that people speak English, but I’m sure you’ll find a way to make you understand.

I hope this article was helpful and give you the desire to explore Tibau do Sul. It is an incredible and awesome place if there is one place I want to go to do some sports and party it is Tibau do Sul. I really had the best times in Tibau do Sul and Pipa, if I could go back I definitely would! 

Do not hesitate to contact me 😉🌺

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