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Around 60 km long and 20 km wide, the island of Menorca has been declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. Here, tourist activity and nature conservation go hand in hand. And this is perceptible as soon as we set foot on this small Mediterranean island. You can see that it retains all its naturalness and beauty.
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Menorca offers a great diversity of landscapes, and you will certainly realize this when you start touring it from north to south.  It is a very popular island during the summer season due to its reference climate. In addition to beaches and calas and traces of the Talaiotic Culture, Menorca has several other very important attractions and cultural options. Discover all the attractions of this paradise Balearic island.

Visit the capital city – MAÓ

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As the capital of Menorca, Maó is worth at least one visit. The town has over 28,000 inhabitants and has one of the best natural ports in the World. It is worth stopping by to get to know the capital of the island of Menorca. As is natural, the towns are not very big. So take a leisurely walk through the streets of Maó and enjoy the surroundings. You’ll get to know this small region in no time.  You can take advantage and see the following sights:

Talatí de Dalt – is an archaeological site consisting of a talayotic settlement, caves, and hypogeum.

Museum of Menorca – in the museum you will find a series of exhibits that tell a little bit of the history of the island of Menorca. It is very interesting to understand the history of the island!

Town Hall – it’s a building with beautiful architecture.

Fortaleza de la Mola – this 19th-century fortress is one of the most interesting visits you can make here in Maó.

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Fort of Marlborough – built by the British, it is located south of the mouth of Maó. It is one of the historical references to the small island.

Take a walk in Es Castell, you won’t regret it!

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The charming village – Binibeca

Binibeca is a very nice and pretty little fishing village, located 11 km from Maó and 4 km from Punta Prima. Enjoy all this warmth, calm and Mediterranean sun. You’ll get more and more excited as you get to know each of these spots on the island of Menorca. And here in Binibeca, you will see more series of small magical coves with transparent waters! It’s pure nature. With its narrow streets and whitewashed houses, the area is one of the island’s attractions. Don’t forget to visit:  Cala BinibecaBinisafuller beach, Es Caló Blanc beach, Cala de Biniparratx, and Cala Binidalí.

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The largest city of Menorca – Ciutadella

Ciutadella also has over 28,000 inhabitants and is the largest city on the island. This city has a charm of its own. The streets are charming and very characteristic. It is, without doubt, a city to enjoy. Especially at night when the port is lit up.

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You can’t miss the following attractions of this city:

San Nicolás Castle tower – built between 1680-1682 to serve as a coastal defense and surveillance tower.


Town Hall – right on the edge of the town harbor is the town hall. It is one of the most beautiful buildings.

Municipal Museum – contains a number of prehistoric objects that also expose much of Menorca’s history.

Catedral de Menorca – is another beautiful and iconic architectural complex in the heart of the Ciutadella. The church of Santa Maria was built in 1795 and belongs to the Gothic style. In summer, the cathedral (to make the town more dynamic) offers organ recitals.

Port city – around here it is very worthwhile to stroll along the seafront. Have a drink and relax. If you can make it through in the evening, you’ll love it.

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Naveta des Tudons – these are the oldest funerary constructions in the World (1000 BC) and the most characteristic of the Balearic Islands.

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In the next post, I will talk about the best beaches and calas of the island, don’t miss it!

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