Why Montefiore Conca

  • To admire a wonderful view from the top of the castle
  • To know the legend of Costanza Malatesta
  • To visit the sanctuary of the Madonna di Bonora
  • Because Montefiore Conca is close to the most beautiful beaches of the Romagna Riviera
  • For its specialty, the Montefiore chestnut
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Montefiore Conca, in the province of Rimini, is an interesting medieval village that stands on a hill, at the top of which is the imposing castle, from which you can admire a spectacular view over the Valconca and the Adriatic coast, which on clear days embraces the coast from Fano to Ravenna.

Of medieval style, it retains its charm intact, Montefiore Conca is one of the places of the Malatesta Lordship. Its castle, as well as the village, owing to the dominant position and the fact that this locality is located on the Via Flaminia minor, which in ancient times was used to shorten the travel times to and from Rome.

The castle

Montefiore Conca, the castle

Montefiore Conca, the castle

We arrive here to admire the castle that stands on top of the hill. We climb to the top passing through the village, whose houses lean against the manor, preserving its medieval appearance. The huge building is hemispherical in shape and closed by high walls and features ancient towers.
The Malatesta fortress has been defined as the most powerful symbol of the power of this family in the entire Valconca and its use was not only for military purposes but as the case may be, it was also exploited by the Malatesta family as a place for holidays. In fact, the interior was also conceived as a luxury villa or city palace.

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Today several of these rooms can be visited such as the Throne Room and the great Emperor’s Room, while going up to the top floor terrace, the castle offers a beautiful view of Romagna and the Republic of San Marino. The current shape of the castle of Montefiore Conca is due to the improvements made in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries and is not very different from the original construction. If today we still admire this fortress in all its beauty it is due to two people in particular: Pandolfo Malatesta and Sigismondo, enlightened lord and lover of the arts. With him, the castle reached its maximum splendor.
Sigismondo Malatesta was a multifaceted character, but his audacity led him to ex-communication by Pope Pius I on February 12, 1463. From that moment on, the castle began to decline. The current appearance is due to restoration interventions carried out over time.

The legend of Constance

Montefiore Conca, the legend of Costanza

Montefiore Conca, the legend of Costanza

A legend tells that in the rooms of the castle wanders the ghost of Costanza, daughter of Malatesta Ungaro, who, being widowed in her early twenties, gave herself up to the good life, indeed she had such wildlife, so much so as to arouse the anger of her uncle Convict who decided to hire a hitman to have her killed. On 13 October 1378, this Foriuzzo da Forlì carried out the atrocious mandate. Since then, the ghost of the woman has wandered through the rooms of the castle, especially in those where she met her lovers.

The city churches

In addition to the stupendous Rocca, in the village, you can visit the parish church of San Paolo, a building of worship dating back to 1300 with a beautiful Gothic portal which preserves a wooden crucifix from the Rimini school, a Madonna with Child and an angel by Bernardino Dolci del 15th century and the altarpiece of the Madonna della Misericordia by Luzio Dolci dating back to the 16th century.
Also worth a visit is the small church of the Hospital, a building of worship dating back to around 1461, which preserves a cycle of frescoes attributed to Bernardino Dolci, a wooden crucifix, and the symbols of the Passion used in the Good Friday procession.


Sanctuary of the Madonna di Bonora

Another interesting sacred building in Montefiore Conca is the sanctuary of the Madonna di Bonora, which stands in a place surrounded by greenery just outside the village. It is one of the most important places of worship in the Rimini area.
It was built thanks to the testament of a lay hermit, a certain Ondidei di Bonora, who in 1409 left his possessions and the cell in which the image of the Madonna del latte was painted to the Franciscan tertiaries. an image that turned out to be miraculous and around which the sanctuary grew, restored at the beginning of 1900. The cult for this Marian image, very significant for the locals, dates back to the 15th century and they bring to her as a gift ex-voto, which is can see in the sacristy.

Montefiore Conca, view of the village

Montefiore Conca, view of the village

The kitchen

Finally, a look at the local cuisine that offers passatelli cooked in meat broth, and the specialty of the area, that is the Montefiore roasted chestnuts accompanied by new wine. We are in an area where the chestnut grows mainly in two large kinds of wood: the Faggeto and Monte Auro. In honor of this fruit, a festival is celebrated every year in October.

How do I get to Montefiore Conca?

Montefiore Conca can be reached from the A14 motorway, Riccione, and Cattolica exit, then continue in the direction of Morciano di Romagna, then for the final destination. From Rimini, instead, follow the SP 31 towards Coriano, then the SP 42 to the destination. By train the closest station is Riccione, then continue by bus. The closest airport is Rimini Miramare.

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