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Delhi famous for its street foods, availability of all kind of stuff and another attraction is monuments, people usually visits Delhi to know about Indian history, tourists find these monuments very attractive. Make sure you get a glimpse of these places before a visit and one should have a list of places to cover them all, so here is a list of must-visit monuments in Delhi

1. Red fort

One of the most popular tourist location a fort made of red bricks, as the name suggests, it totally looks red. And it is a big fort covering a lot of areas. It is near Chandni chowk. One of the most popular ancient buildings of old Delhi, you can see parades at the time of independence day, republic day at this location.

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2. Lotus temple

One more tourist attraction in Delhi. Looks like a lotus from the outside which looks like a beautiful white lotus shaled building from a distance also, it is beautiful inside. It is located near Kalkaji and Nehru place area. You always find a quiet, decent crowd at this place, it is a must-visit if you want some peace and would like to explore Indian monuments.

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3. Humayun’s tomb

The old building on Lodhi road looks like a mosque, Humayun’s tomb is the building where Humayun used to live it is beautifully made, the old architecture looks amazing, additionally, you find a lot of tombs in that area, the entry ticket is as low as INR 20, you can walk in garden click some pictures and enjoy with your group. The place is very attractive and beautiful

4. Agrasen ki baoli

This one is also located in old Delhi, all the monuments are nearby not at much far distance. Agrasen ki baoli is a stair-like structure of old architecture. There are a total of 108 steps in baoli and ends up at a well.

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So here is an interesting story about baoli, it is said it was built at the time of mahabharta, but there is no strong evidence about it and it is said t was rebuilt in the 14th century. It is said that the black water was present in the stepwell which hypnotizes the people to commit suicide, now, it is dry and there is no water, and no suicide update so far, but people say the baoli is haunted. This could be a theory because a lot of people died at this place. There are stories of hearing voices. This is the reason no one can enter baoli after 5:30 in the evening at the day time it is mostly crowded by the tourist. But like all the other haunted stories, this one is also different for everyone, does who have heard the voices believe in this, and those who didn’t do not believe in this.

5. Gurudwara Shri Bangla Sahib

Moving on to Gurudwara Shri Bangla Sahib. It is open all 24 hours, this is not considered as a monument, as this place is still active and Sangat is regularly active with angar being served the whole day long, but the place is so attractive that, I cannot complete the list without mentioning Bangla sahib in this list as this is the attraction for most of the tourists.

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6. Qutub Minar

Qutub Minar which looks like a 5-floor tall pillar kind of structure, which was earlier 7 and was at a great height but at the night time a plane crashed on it and it was reduced to 5 floored building it is yet a tall pillar kind of building. Most people love to visit this place.

There are many more stories and monuments in Delhi you can explore but these are the ones that you must include!

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