Murrieta Hot Springs: a Vibrant Past and a Promising Future

The rich and diverse history of Murrieta Hot Springs has always been a contributing factor when it comes to its popularity. Turns out, while we’re all enjoying other must-see hot springs in California, the history of Murrieta Hot Springs is being written and doesn’t stop with the CCCM (Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa). 

Murrieta is headed in a direction that a lot of people have been longing to see and soon enough, visitors will be able to enjoy Murrieta Hot Spring in a contemporary yet traditional light.

What does that mean?!

We shall find out.

Address39405 Murrieta Hot Springs Road, Murrieta, California 92563
LocationMurrieta, CA
DirectionsTake the I-15 Exit 1 for Murrieta Hot Springs Road. Continue on this path until you have reached the resort, approximately 1.5 miles from the exit

A Little Bit About the History of Murrieta Hot Springs

Murrieta Hot Springs Poster from 1900s, from Fitz Guenther’s days / Flickr

The Murrieta Hot Springs’ back-and-forth in terms of ownership is nothing new to anyone who lives in this area of California, nor anyone who used to frequent the former Christian retreat center. 

Throughout its long history, Murrieta Hot Springs went from being a healing and cleaning property for Luiseno Indigenous Tribes of California, to a health and wellness spa resort  1902 under Fitz Guenther’s management, to an Alive Polarity commune, to a cancer clinic before finally being turned into a Christian College and Conference center. And these are just a few of many.

Murrieta Hot Springs in 1900s, during Fitz Guenther’s management / Flickr

In 1995, Murrieta Hot Springs was bought by Calvary Chapel who essentially turned the territory into a Christian spiritual retreat facility and added some new features to match clientele expectations.

The Latest Face of Murrieta Hot Springs

The previously commercalized area of Murrieta Hot Springs consisted of a Roman Spa, numerous sitting pools, one large swimming pool and a hot springs bath that was furnished with rocks in order to give it a more natural-like feel. They were all spread across the expansive territory that was adorned by palm trees and beautiful Spanish architecture. This was a site for Tennis, Volleyball and Basketball courts as well as Bible College and its educational activities.

Former look of Murrieta Hot Springs. Photo source: Calihotsprings

The all-inclusive facility was only available to those who took part in their Christian training and retreat program. 
The temperature of the hot spring is 102℉ (39℃). At least, that’s how it was during the CCCM management.

This site is already fully equipped with almost 40 buildings, including restaurant facilities, auditoriums, guest lodges and approximately 200 rooms, which is extremely convenient for the recent developments.

Former look of the Christian Retreat Center. Photo source: Calihotsprings

For 26 years, this place was a spiritual retreat and home to Bible College. 

What is it going to be now?

The Future of Murrieta Hot Springs

As of 2021, Olympus Real Estate Group has been in possession of Murrieta Hot Springs. Their plan is to make Murrieta Hot Springs one of the biggest tourist destinations of Southern California and turn it back into the spa and wellness resort that it once was. And this is where the ‘old light’ comes in.

Turns out, COVID-19 was the reason the Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa reached the decision to sell the facility. 

“They did not need a large resort to conduct their activities,” said Scott Agajanian, Murrieta’s deputy director of economic development.

Based on reviews, this place used to be dear to a great deal of the relatively older generation and touched a lot of hearts, with many associating their childhood memories with this place. We would be correct to assume that this is precisely the reason why many locals – and even tourists – are on board with the idea of restoring Murrieta Hot Springs back to its original purpose.

Visitors enjoying their time in Guenther’s Murrieta Mineral Hot Springs, 1900s / Flickr

“It is an extraordinary property with a long and deep-rooted history in the community,” said Justin Esayian, the seller’s representative of The Hoffman Company. “To see it going back to its origins as a major destination for wellness and rejuvenation is a boon for the entire Temecula Valley. It has the potential to transform the wine region’s tourism market and generate significant tax revenue for the city.”

Soon enough, Murrieta Hot Springs will be known as Murrieta Hot Springs Resort, and will look every inch the luxury destination that it was always building up to be. If this project succeeds, its endgame will attract tourists not only from neighboring states, but also from Mexico. 

“Murrieta Hot Springs has the potential to be the number one tourist attraction in southwest Riverside County,” stated Scott Agajanian. “It could transform the entire market. I think it’s impossible to predict how much of an impact this project could have.”

The conversion plan of the Bible College and Christian retreat facility to Murrieta Hot Springs Resort reportedly came into effect in June of 2022. It is estimated that the renovation process will take at least two years. 

Even though we’re already in 2023 – when it comes to renovating a 46-acre-territory that’s apparently worth $50 million – the project is still considered to be in the early stages of development. However, we do have the honor of having a glimpse of what the finished product will look like.

So don’t be surprised or upset when you come across a big PERMANENTLY CLOSED sign in your search about Murrieta Hot Springs. 

Over time, we’ll witness something bigger.

Activities That You Can Enjoy Near Murrieta

While we will not bore you with the details about the town, we will tell you about all the fun and exciting things that you can entertain yourself with in and near Murrieta. 

The best thing about the future Murrieta Hot Springs resort is its convenient location that offers the opportunity to have a good time both in and out of town. We’ll go over the best options one by one. 

Here’s what you can explore when you visit Murrieta Hot Springs Resort:

  • You can visit Copper Canyon Park! It’s one of the most favored destinations in Murrieta. It’s an open field full of greenery with a big playground for kids and some picnic tables. You can sit back, relax, sunbathe, and take in the town’s beautiful landscapes.
  • Visit Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve. It’s oak woodland, the preservation of which “could begin to provide a corridor for movements of deer and mountain lion.” Well, doesn’t it already sound exciting?
  • Going to Susie Q Ranch will give you the opportunity to take horseback riding lessons, and to test your abilities with a local steed if you do. The coolest thing about this experience is that you’ll get to ride as much as you want throughout Southern California.
  • Speaking of horseback riding, you can also ride to Tenaja Falls, which is one of the most stunning gems of Southern California. It’s a 5-tiered waterfall cascading down big pale boulders that makes for an incredible image to witness in real life. You can either ride a horse or hike to the destination.
  •  Art buffs can take a look at the Art by Inna Gallery 
  • Adrenaline junkies can have fun racing at Pole Position Raceway 
  • You can hike to Lake Elsinore. This freshwater lake is the perfect place for camping and also has great spots for RV travelers.
Lake Elsinore from Ortega Highway. Stunning picture by Andy Olesky
  • Enjoy Sunrise Air Balloon Tours over Temecula Wine Country where you’ll get a beautiful aerial view of the endless wine farms.
Temecula Wine Country by Manny Llanura
  • Only a few miles from Murrieta you can visit the coastal cities of Southern California – Oceanside, for example, which overlooks the Pacific Ocean and has an amazing beach – where you can go on scenic plane rides and experience whale and dolphin watching.

Murrieta is already full of so many things to explore, but it does not matter nearly as much as its character. It’s safe to say that with all these activities waiting to be ticked off of your bucket list, Murrieta requires a longer trip instead of a day visit. Even though Murrieta Hot Springs Resort is building up to be one big extravaganza that definitely should be on your bucket list, don’t stop there. Make the most of this town.

A capture from Murrieta Hot Springs resort teaser

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there actual Hot Springs in Murrieta?

Yes, there are natural hot springs in Murrieta, located in the currently-developing Murrieta Hot Springs Resort. However, considering that the resort project is new, it is yet unknown if the springs will be turned into semi-natural ones.

Is Murrieta Hot Springs Open?

Murrieta Hot Springs is permanently closed due to new ownership. Murrieta Hot Springs will soon be turned into Murrieta Hot Springs Resort, which will include hot springs usage, spa services as well as all the necessary accommodation suited for wellness retreats.

What happened to Murrieta Hot Springs?

Murrieta Hot Springs was bought by Olympus Real Estate Group in 2021 and they will soon be turned into Murrieta Hot Springs Resort.

What is being built on Murrieta Hot Springs?

Murrieta Hot Springs Resort is being built on the Murrieta Hot Springs territory, which previously served as a Christian Spiritual Retreat Center.


While we at Traxplorio do our very best to give you the latest information about these hot springs sites, life happens, weather happens, and property owners happen. We always recommend you go to the official hot springs’ web page and/or the relevant state authority page to check conditions, times, and prices (where relevant) before you head out. Thanks for understanding, and enjoy your soak!

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