16 Must-Have Malta Packing List Travel Gadgets For The Perfect Trip In 2021

17 Must-Have Malta Packing List Travel Gadgets For The Perfect Trip In 2021

South of Sicily there is the small beautiful island state of Malta, which includes the islands of Malta, Gozo, Comino, and several smaller islands. While Gozo and Comino are known as oases of tranquility, there is plenty to experience on the main island. The archipelago is absolutely perfect as a vacation destination and offers everything your travel heart desires: breathtaking sights, impressive landscapes, gorgeous beaches, picturesque bays, wild parties, and historic cities. And best of all, Malta is considered an ideal year-round destination due to its Mediterranean climate with dry summers and mild winters.

By the way, since the Republic of Malta has only been independent of Great Britain since 1974, English is one of the official languages in addition to Maltese, making the island a very popular destination for language students. Combine your vacation on the Mediterranean Sea with a language study trip and improve your English language skills.

Before you go, you should pack a few useful things in your bag for Malta. We’ll tell you exactly what they are in this article about our 17 must-have travel gadgets for your Malta packing list. You’ll also get a lot more helpful information and tips about the four seasons, special accommodations, landmarks, and attractions of the islands. A few interesting and funny facts about Malta are also included. As a special highlight, we also introduce you to a few film locations. To let you know in advance: Malta is mini Hollywood!

A little tip: read the section about the seasons and activities first to decide what you can best use from the packing list for your trip to Malta. As always, we’ve tested the travel gadgets in Malta beforehand and would love to hear your feedback on the packing list in the comments 🙂

Regardless of your next destination, we also have some general information and tips for you in this article: 

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16 Travel Gadgets you need on your Malta Packing List!

Sunscreen Lotion

Let’s start with the most important gadget for your Malta packing list – sunscreen! I myself, unfortunately, forgot mine and bought it expensively at Golden Bay Beach 😀 Malta has over 3000 hours of sunshine a year! To provide your skin with enough protection so you can enjoy as many of those hours as possible. This lotion also has a seductive scent 🙂

SPF 30 Lip Balm Image

SPF 30 Lip Balm

When putting on lotion, the lips are usually forgotten. Therefore, we also recommend this sun protection factor 30 lip balm. It is also very good for your lips after you have been in the sea because they dry out faster due to the saltwater. We have never had a sunburn on our lips ourselves…. but would also not like to in the future 😀

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera

If you do forget to protect yourself, you need to act fast! We don’t want a sunburn to keep you from enjoying the sun for several hours or even days during your precious vacation time. That’s why we always have some Aloe Vera with us 🙂 If you rub yourself with it, your skin can recover much faster. A clear recommendation for your Malta packing list.

Flip Flops

Flip Flops with bottle opener

Now we get to a very practical beach gadget 🙂 These flip flops are not normal flip flops, but they have a bottle opener integrated in the bottom of the sole! So just turn them around and you can open a cool drink and enjoy it in the sun. 

mikrofaser handtuch

Microfiber Towel

When you’re at the beach, there’s one thing you can’t be without – a towel! This quick-drying microfiber towel is our absolute favorite. It not only dries you in seconds (and hardly gets wet itself), but is also super light and takes up little space. We now have it with us on almost every trip. 


Now only one thing is missing for your perfect beach day. Your swimwear! You surely have your own favorite bikini or trunks. But we would like to remind you again to pack them 🙂 If you are looking for a new beach outfit, we have also linked a recommendation.

Water Filter Bottle

Malta’s beaches are located in small bays. The great thing is that you can easily walk from one bay to the next and visit many beautiful beaches in one day. But you should drink enough! We recommend the WATER TO GO water bottle with an integrated filter. The filter removes a large part of the bacteria from the water, so you can drink normal water without hesitation 🙂 However, it does not work with saltwater 😀

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Pest Repeller

Depending on where your accommodation is located, it can come to an annoying insect plague in the evening. We have this insect protection with us for this case so that we can sit on the balcony or terrace relaxed, without having to cover ourselves with insect spray. In the meantime, however, we honestly use it more often at home than on vacation 😀 On vacation, we usually still have some spray with us, because not everywhere there is a power outlet.

bite away

However, if one or more mosquitoes have bitten you, this little gadget is a real magic tool. The bite away treats the affected area for a few seconds with intense heat. After that, the annoying itching stops, and you can relax again and enjoy your vacation. It not only belongs on your Malta packing list but should be on every trip you take 🙂

smartphone drybag

Waterproof Cell Phone Pouch

Malta also has a breathtaking underwater world to offer. If you want to take some underwater pictures with your smartphone, this Waterproof Cell Phone Pouch is just perfect for you. We have already tested it extensively and it has so far always kept tight 🙂 Only when snorkeling in the Silfra fissure in Iceland our smartphone switched off (that was probably due to the cold :D).

Merrell Hiking Boots Low Rise

We have already briefly mentioned – in Malta, there are also beautiful hiking trails! Be it a small hike between the bays or a more extensive inland. Hiking lovers will have a lot to discover in Malta 🙂 When hiking, a pair of good shoes is especially important. The hiking shoes from Merrell are of excellent quality and therefore our recommendation for your Malta packing list.

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Refillable Bottles with Hook (e.g. for hand sanitizer)

Too large quantities of hygiene products such as shower gel or similar can not only lead to the fact that you have to throw it away at the airport (if it is in the hand luggage), but also take up unnecessary space and weight. These small refillable travel bottles are the perfect solution! You can also fill in some aloe vera or disinfectant and attach it to your backpack using the carabiner. These little helpers definitely belong on your Malta packing list 🙂

Water Shoes

Malta also has some beautiful beaches that are a bit rockier. For example, on Gozo, you can find many of these spots. If you want to enjoy the beaches a little more, you should pack a pair of water shoes. If wearing them doesn’t bother you, they will also protect you from unexpected sharp objects that you can’t see under the water surface.


Full Face Snorkeling Mask – CO2 test pass

The parts that are a bit rockier are also particularly suitable for snorkeling. The Mediterranean has very clear and pleasantly warm water. So you can easily forget about the time when you explore the underwater world. Don’t forget to protect your neck as well! This full-face snorkeling mask is especially recommended as it has passed the CO2 test. When snorkeling in Malta, this mask should not be missing from your Malta packing list. 

Action Camera 4k WiFi

Action Camera 4K WiFi

To relive your adventures later, we recommend this action camera. It has an excellent resolution and even Wi-Fi. The price/performance ratio is unbeatable. Just test it yourself on your next trip and share your experiences with your friends and family 🙂


Ultra Lightweight Packable Backpack

To finish off your Malta packing list, we have one last highlight. This ultra lightweight foldable daypack fits in any handbag! When unfolded, it’s surprisingly robust and comfortable. Perfect for day trips or as a backup if you buy something in between. Have fun on your next Malta trip 🙂

More Malta Packing List Gadgets which may come in handy

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6 Things you DO NOT need in Malta


You’ll probably be out and about a lot in Malta, exploring the country. In the evening, you’ll either be exhausted from the day and preparing for another day of exploring, or immersed in the Maltese nightlife. Either way, you probably won’t get to read 😀


Better leave your valuables you don’t need at home. This has nothing to do with the crime rate in Malta (in fact, it is one of the lowest in Europe 🙂 ). But we recommend when traveling to take only what you need on your trip.

Learn a new language

In Malta, people also speak fluent English. So you should be able to communicate well everywhere and not have any problems 🙂 Besides English, Maltese and Italian are also spoken fluently there.

High Heels

These are not really practical in Malta. Unless you want to have a party vacation in St Julians 🙂 Then you can wear them out in the bars and clubs.

Rain Jacket

Malta has over 3000 hours of sunshine a year! It really rarely rains here. And if it does, it is usually only a short shower. Alternatively, we recommend a softshell jacket, with which you are then also well protected from the wind when hiking on the coast 🙂

A watch

You are on vacation! So you don’t have to keep any appointments 🙂 Besides, the Maltese don’t always take it so exactly with the time 😛 So don’t be annoyed if a bus comes a few minutes later 😛.

3 Special Accommodations to stay in Malta

palazzo jean parisot boutique suites

Palazzo Jean Parisot Boutique Suites, Valletta

Let’s start with an exceptional accommodation in Malta’s capital (and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site ) – Valletta! Palazzo Jean Parisot Boutique Suites has a great location and an incredible roof terrace. Within a minute, you’ll also be in the beautiful Upper Barraka Gardens. Grab a cool drink and just enjoy the moment here. In your accommodation you will find a fully equipped kitchenette with everything you need 🙂

hotel valentina

Hotel Valentina, St Julian’s

We continue towards St Julians. It is especially known for its numerous bars and clubs. It attracts especially younger people from all over the world. The Hotel Valentina is a great choice for your stay and from our point of view unbeatable in terms of price/performance ratio in St. Julians. The rooftop pool is a real highlight. Within 5 minutes you are at Portomaso Marina or Spinola Bay.

corinthia palace malta

Corinthia Palace Malta, Attard

In the heart of Malta lies this little oasis of well-being. It really has everything you need to completely switch off and take some well-deserved time out. A great outdoor pool, wellness center, gym, and much more! The Corinthia Palace is one of Malta’s leading 5-star hotels and is very reasonably priced for the service it offers. In the vicinity of the hotel, you will find the famous city of Mdina and St. Julians is also not far away if you want a bit more action 🙂

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4 seasons in Malta. What to experience and what to be aware of

Spring in Malta (March – May)
malta spring

In the mood for good weather? Malta and its little sisters, the islands of Gozo and Comino, are among the warmest islands in the Mediterranean and therefore attract many sun lovers every year. Due to its central location in the Mediterranean Sea between Sicily and North Africa, Malta has a subtropical, Mediterranean climate. This climate is characterized by hot and rainy summers and mild and humid winters. So basically you can travel to Malta all year round and don’t have to freeze. A special feature of the Maltese climate is the Scirocco or Xklokk, as the Maltese call it. It is a hot wind that blows from Africa over the Mediterranean regions and also Malta. Mostly in summer, but also sometimes in spring or autumn, it sweeps over the islands, bringing with it a humid heat. If you want to visit the charming archipelago, you can find out here about the different seasons, climatic influences, and your favorite travel time for Malta. We will not only provide you with information on the climate but also with tips on what activities you should not miss and when.

Let’s start with the Maltese spring. You can look forward to pleasant temperatures of 18° to 25°C in spring. Even the water temperatures are with 16° to 19°C relatively mild and optimal to explore the underwater world while diving. Maybe you even dare to swim in the sea at these temperatures. If this is still too cold for you, you can cool down your feet with a walk on the beach.

Since Malta attracts many tourists in summer, there are two big advantages of a trip to Malta in spring: there are far fewer visitors on the islands at this time of year, so you can discover the highlights for yourself, and the prices are much cheaper in the off-season. You will save a lot of money compared to the summer. And one thing is for sure: you won’t get bored!

Which activities are most recommended in spring?

After the rainy days of winter, the flora truly blossoms in spring and invites you to botanical explorations, bike tours, and hikes. In addition, this time of year is perfect for cultural and historical visits and to marvel at Malta’s unique sights, as it is not yet as hot as in summer. We have a special recommendation for you: visit the many movie locations in Malta that you know from world-famous movies. Malta has a lot to offer and is considered the Hollywood of the Mediterranean. Below you will find our top 3 movie locations (Warning: Spoiler Alert!).

3 Stunning film locations in Malta

Game of Thrones, Mdina & Azure Window

You are also absolutely addicted to the successful series Game of Thrones and want to spend a vacation in Westeros? You can easily visit many of the GoT filming locations in Malta. King’s Landing, for example, was filmed almost entirely in Malta in the first season, in the former capital Mdina.

Do you recognize the imposing Fort Manoel? That’s right, it is known in the series as the execution site of Ned Stark. In addition, some scenes with Daenerys Targaryen and Drogo were also filmed in the beautiful gardens of Verdala Palace and at the Azure Window on Gozo. As a Game of Thrones fan, there are really many filming locations to discover on the island. Either way, these places are absolutely worth seeing, even if you’re not a GoT fan.

Where to buy it: Game of Thrones

game of thrones

Gladiator, Ricasoli & Vittoriosa

Not Rome, but Malta is where the most important scenes of the 2000 monumental film Gladiator were shot. Most of the famous gladiator fights, which Russell Crowe took part in, were filmed in the Fort Rinella Film Park, which was also the main setting for the film. A small Colosseum was also specially recreated in the park, which is open to visitors every day. By the way, a pub in Archbishop Street became sadly famous, because the actor Oliver Reed alias Antonius Proximo suffered a heart attack there during the filming. Today it is a pilgrimage site for fans.

Where to buy it: Gladiator


By the Sea, Gozo

In 2015, Brad Pitt and his ex-wife Angelina Jolie were shooting the film Bye the Sea in the small bay of Mgarr ix-Xini on Gozo. The film is set in Marseille, but since there were too many tourists there, the location was unceremoniously moved to Malta. The café and the facade of the hotel, which can be seen in the film above the picturesque harbor, were only built for the film and you can still reach them today via a narrow bumpy road.

Where to buy it: By the Sea

by the sea

Summer in Malta (June – August)
malta summer

Summer, sun, beach, and sea – in summer the temperatures rise up to 35°C and there are up to 12 hours of sun every day. July and August are the hottest months and there is a maximum of 3 rainy days in these months. Perfect conditions to lie on the beach and refresh yourself in the 21°C cool seas in between. Moreover, different winds can sometimes lead to a welcome cooling. In the evening, the minimum temperature is 21° to 23°C, so you can still sit on the outdoor terraces of the many bars and restaurants. You can leave your jacket at home and pack sunglasses and sunscreen.

Which activities are most recommended in summer?

Malta is not necessarily one of the countries known for its endless fine sandy beaches. Mostly, they are rather short beaches that stand out for their scenic diversity. But to be honest, that’s enough, isn’t it? Absolutely! We have listed the 3 most beautiful and recommended beaches of Malta for you.

3 Amazing Beaches in Malta

17 Must-Have Malta Packing List Travel Gadgets For The Perfect Trip In 2021

Paradise Bay Beach

As the name suggests, Paradise Bay Beach is a paradise beach in the north of the island of Malta. You will find natural caves, turquoise water and fine sandy beach. This beach can be visited, for example, if you want to take a ferry to Gozo or Comino, as it is located nearby. You can rent canoes and inflatable boats for a small tour in the nearby complex.

golden bay

Golden Bay Beach

Bright sun, golden sand, blue sea surrounded by vegetated rocks, and untouched nature – the panorama at Golden Bay Beach in the northwest of Malta is absolutely fascinating! The sand is extremely fine and the beach is wide, unlike the rest of the Maltese coast. There is a nice bar right at the beach, from where you can enjoy the view of the sea with a cold beer. In the high season, you should be at the beach early because it can get crowded. You can easily reach the wonderful beach by bus or rental car.

ghajn tuffieha

Għajn Tuffieħa

Right next to Golden Bay there is the beautiful Ghajn Tuffieha Bay. You can walk from Golden Bay via the stairs to the neighboring beach, which is why there are significantly fewer tourists there. The view above the rocks between the cacti is breathtakingly beautiful. You can even see the bay behind. Our tip: look at the red sky and the setting sun in the evening!

Autumn in Malta (September – November)
malta autumn

From September on, the temperatures in Malta start to drop slightly. Nevertheless, you can still expect temperatures around 28°C even in early autumn. In October and November, it is still 21° to 25°C, although the number of rainy days increases significantly during these months. With an average of 15 rainy days, you should definitely expect one or two rainy days. Most of the time these are short showers. Nevertheless, due to the very warm temperatures (also in the sea), autumn is considered one of the best times to travel to Malta. You can explore the numerous cultural treasures of the country at this time of year without getting hot flashes. You should pack a jacket or sweater for the evenings, as it is often windy and chilly.

Which activities are most recommended in autumn?

In autumn you should definitely visit the beautiful places, cities, and sights of the country because you hardly have to share them with other tourists at this time of the year. Stroll through the streets in pleasantly warm temperatures and enjoy the cultural diversity of Malta. Do you want to know which cities you should visit?

These are 3 of our favourite cities in Malta


You can think of Europe’s smallest capital, Valletta, as one big open-air museum with many beautiful winding streets, landmarks, and pretty gardens. From the Upper Barrakka Gardens, for example, you have a good view of the harbor and the fortresses of St. Angelo and Ricasoli. In the heart of the city, behind the city gate, is the ornate St. John’s Co-Cathedral. After your successful sightseeing tour, you can end the evening at the Valletta Waterfront with a delicious cocktail.


St. Julian’s (San Giljan)

St. Julian’s or San Giljan, as the Maltese call the party capital of the country, is located on the east coast and is considered a very diverse place. St. Julian’s is certainly one of the liveliest and youngest cities on the island, but it has much more to offer than just bars and clubs. The former fishing village offers you the opportunity to swim, go shopping, go out to eat and to learn English because it is home to several language schools. In addition, there is a luxurious marina in the immediate vicinity and some old buildings such as the Spinola Palace, which is absolutely worth seeing.


Mdina and Rabat (Victoria)

The former capital of Malta, Mdina, is located in the west of the island inside a fortress, which is now surrounded by the city of Rabat. The charming towns attract many tourists every day – which is not surprising, because they are absolutely beautiful! You can expect narrow streets, many historical buildings and small churches. The beautiful city gate Main Gate and the Vilhena Palace are popular photo motifs. Best you just stroll through the streets and enjoy the atmosphere!

Winter in Malta (December – February)
malta winter

Even in winter, temperatures in Malta are often around 20°C in the sun. Otherwise, it is slightly cooler than in the rest of the year at about 15°C. January is the coldest month. The probability that you will get some rain is relatively high in winter. Most of the time, however, these are short heavy rain showers that clear up quickly, so don’t be put off if you read somewhere that there are 21 rainy days in winter. However, with water temperatures of 15°C and below, it could get quite chilly in the sea, so it’s probably not the best time to travel for a beach vacation. Instead, winter is great for hiking and sightseeing tours.

As you can see, there is something to see and discover on the beautiful islands of Malta at any time of the year. Malta is always worth visiting, it just depends on what you want for your trip!

Which activities are most recommended in winter?

The Maltese winter attracts you with spring-like temperatures and it is just the right weather for an active vacation. We have listed the 3 most beautiful landmarks and attractions in Malta for you.

3 landmarks and attractions you should not miss

Popeye Village

Have you ever heard of Popeye Village? This pretty little bay with colorful houses was used as a film set for the movie “Popeye – the sailor with the hard punch” in 1980. At that time the set was supposed to be demolished after the filming, but they decided against it and you can still see the village today on a free boat tour. Actors go to great lengths to entertain visitors to Popeye Village with song and dance. The picturesque place is absolutely recommended! After your visit, you will also have the opportunity to swim and sunbathe in the turquoise bay. If you can’t get enough of sightseeing and boat tours, Malta offers you a whole range of great deals – how about an exciting tour of Valletta, for example?

Blue Grotto

A visit to the Blue Grotto should not be missed on your Malta trip! With small antique fishing boats you will be guided to various rock formations and caves on the coast to the 40m deep Blue Grotto. We start at the bay Wied iz-Zurrieq. The water shimmers beautifully blue at the two cave entrances. This phenomenon is caused by the sun and the blue-green algae – it is simply enchanting! Even more blue and turquoise sea awaits you in the Blue Lagoon. You can also go swimming there.

Azure Window ( Gone 🙁 )

Until 2017, the Azure Window was one of the world-famous highlights of Malta and Gozo. It was a unique rock formation in the sea, which was brought down by a violent storm in 2017. Today, unfortunately, nothing can be seen of the unique rock unless you watch the series Game of Thrones, in which Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo get married in front of the Azure Window. Nevertheless, there is a lot to discover on the coast. For example, you can take a diving trip to the Blue Hole. The 10m wide blue pool leads through a tunnel into the open sea and has unique wildlife. Or how about a boat trip along the coasts of Gozo and Comino?

10 Interesting Facts about Malta!

There are 365 churches in Malta – one for every day of the year!

One of the most famous is the Mosta Dome. It is located in the village of Mosta. It is especially famous for the fact that it miraculously survived the Second World War without any damage. A 500kg bomb was dropped directly through the ceiling, but fortunately, it did not detonate. 

In Malta there are more than 3000 hours of sunshine every year

Sounds dreamlike, doesn’t it? Many English people noticed this early on, which is why many emigrated to Malta. The hectic rainy everyday life in London versus the beautiful relaxed days on the beaches of Malta. A good deal! 😛 

10th smallest country in the world but ranked 5th in “most densely populated”.

As mentioned above, Malta is truly a little gem. Many people have discovered the benefits of the beautiful island, which is why it is also a popular emigration destination. By the way, in first place in terms of population density is Macau, closely followed by Monaco. After that comes Singapore with a long margin. The smallest country in the world is Vatican City 🙂 

There are 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Malta

One of them is the beautiful capital – Valletta. There are also the Megalithic Temples and the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum. Since Malta is not that big, you can visit all three of them during your Malta trip 🙂

Almost everyone in Malta has a car

There are over 397,000 cars in Malta! This number may not sound so big to you, but Malta also has only 493,000 inhabitants. So there are 0.8 cars for every inhabitant 😀 Of course, not all of these cars are evenly distributed among the inhabitants – but still an impressive amount for such a small country 🙂

Malta used to be part of mainland Europe

Okay admittedly… it’s been a while 😀 About 17,000 years ago, today’s islands were the mountain peaks on the land that connected Malta to Sicily and mainland Italy. It’s incredible how our planet changes over time. 

Most Maltese speak 3 languages fluently

In Malta, there are many influences from other nations. Therefore, many different languages have always been spoken in everyday life. Another reason is that until the 90s, for example, there was only Maltese and Italian television. Therefore, many Maltese have learned Italian 😛 

The 3 languages are: 

  • Italian
  • Maltese
  • English

There is no forest in Malta

Unfortunately, forests are (almost) completely missing on Malta. Otherwise, this small island would be really perfect 🙂 But there is one tiny forest called Buskett. Buskett (Boschetto) even means small forest in Italian. 

Malta is home to some of the best diving locations in the world

Malta is known for its crystal clear water that is perfect for diving. The Mediterranean Sea is pleasantly warm and thus offers optimal conditions to dive for several hours and explore the unique underwater world. Especially popular are dives to the shipwrecks that lie off the beautiful coasts.

The language of Malta is also spoken far beyond the borders of Malta

If you think that Maltese is just a small language spoken in Malta, you are wrong. Over a million people worldwide speak Maltese. Malta has less than half a million inhabitants. So Maltese is even spoken by more people outside Malta!

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