16 Must-Have Mexico Packing List Travel Gadgets For The Perfect Trip In 2021


A trip to Mexico is always a unique experience! 🙂 You are going to want to discover and explore so much more than you imagined. Your packing list should therefore contain some important items that will be very helpful to you in Mexico. With our 16 must-have Mexico packing list travel gadgets you are ready for the perfect trip in 2021 and beyond 🙂

On the one hand, this is because in Mexico it can be difficult to communicate and tell people what you need (if you don’t speak Spanish), on the other hand, when you are not in tourist areas, Mexicans live very simply. Family is very important in Mexico and also the solidarity among each other is great. We strongly recommend that you take some time to get to know the people and maybe celebrate together once or twice 😉

The packing list contains items that we have tested ourselves in Mexico and found to be very helpful. Besides items for your packing list, you will also find valuable information about activities in Mexico, the seasons in Mexico, and of course advice to assist you on your trip.

If you travel to Mexico, you will quickly see that the country has much more to offer than “Spring Break” parties. I have fallen in love with this great country – especially the unique underwater world.

Regardless of your next destination, we also have some general information and tips for you in this article: 

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16 Travel Gadgets you need on your Mexico Packing List!

Universal Travel Adapter

A Travel Adapter is a must-have on every journey! With it you don’t have to worry about the sockets at your destination and you can charge your devices quickly on your own. Especially handy are the USB ports, which allow you to charge several devices at the same time at one socket.

Anti-Nausea Acupressure Wristband for Travel or Morning Sickness

Anti-Nausea Acupressure Wristband for Travel or Morning Sickness

Nobody wants travel sickness while traveling. I experienced it for the first time in Mexico and therefore recommend this product for your packing list. However, I don’t know whether it was me or Mexico that caused it there 😛


Earth Pak Dry Bag

Above we already mentioned the unique underwater world. So of course activities like diving or snorkeling are a must-do! To protect your equipment a dry bag is obligatory. Especially the Earth Pak Dry Bag convinced us.

Rash Guards Surf Shirts

And speaking of equipment for water activities. Often you are first of all on a boat for a long time and therefore directly exposed to the sun. Even if you don’t really notice it because of the wind, we strongly recommend to wear rash guards to avoid sunburn or worse.

Insect Repelling Wrist Band

Insect Repelling Wrist Band

Admittedly, with this item, I also had to smile first. But for those who don’t like to use an insect spray, this item is a good alternative! It really worked and directed the mosquitoes more towards the people around me 😛 The bright colors also fit perfectly with the Mexican joy of life. Furthermore, it takes up less space in your luggage.

mikrofaser handtuch

Fast Drying Microfiber Travel Towel

These handy fast-drying microfiber travel towels should be on your Mexico packing list for every beach vacation. Not only do they take up very little space in your luggage and are ultra-lightweight. They also allow you to cool off for a short time anywhere, because you’ll be dry in seconds and can slip into your comfortable clothes again.

Shower Bag

Shower Bag

We have found the world’s first shower bag made of ocean plastic for you. It is the must-have for all water lovers. Protect your washing utensils & beauty essentials at all times. Especially worth supporting is also the campaign of GOT BAG. For every purchase, 0.8 kg of ocean plastic will be recycled as well.

Use code TRAXPLORIO10 to get 10% off your entire order 🙂


Ultra Lightweight Packable Backpack

If you have a big backpack or suitcase with you, of course, you don’t want to walk around with it all the time. This small practical ultra lightweight packable backpack is perfect for every trip! The daypack’s adjustable breathable straps ensure a proper fit and comfortable all-day use. We are really surprised by how comfortable and robust it is. A clear recommendation!


Full Face Snorkeling Mask – CO2 test pass

One of these day trips could be for example for snorkeling. In the meantime, many people know the Full Face Snorkeling Masks. However, many of them have a problem with CO2 and are harmful to health. This model has passed the CO2 test and is perfect for longer snorkeling sessions. So nothing stands in the way of your snorkeling adventure in Mexico.

Action Camera 4k WiFi

Action Camera 4K WiFi

Mexico is a country with many facets. Whether you want to swim in the middle of the jungle in a cenote, zip-line through the trees, or of course use the beautiful beaches and the sea for all kinds of water sports. With this action camera, you can capture unique moments and relive all the excitement at home. This product convinces, especially in the price-performance ratio.

Mesh Beach Bag

Something that really everyone in Mexico is going to do is go to the beach! And for good reason – the beaches are gorgeous! So that you don’t miss anything at the beach, we recommend this practical beach bag. This way you are prepared for everything and can relax on the beach all day long 🙂

Sandfree Blanket

Sandfree Blanket

This gadget is a bit more expensive, but works amazingly well! It’s also the first part for your new beach bag 😛 If all the beach chairs are occupied, or you are on a more private beach, this blanket is perfect! So have fun on your beach day in Mexico.

SPF 30 Lip Balm Image

SPF 30 Lip Balm

The sun in Mexico can be especially strong around noon and early afternoon. If you want to stay outside during this time, we recommend this sun protection for your lips. And believe me when I tell you that sunburn on your lips is no fun.

Travel Security Belt

Travel Security Belt

A great item for your safety in Mexico is this practical Travel Security Belt. It protects you from pickpockets and you always have enough money with you. Compared to a chest pouch or similar, another big advantage is that you can even swim in the sea with the belt. This item should definitely be on your Mexico packing list as it does not even take up space in your luggage.

Water Filter Bottle

From safety to health 😉 The tap water in Mexico is not of drinking water quality. Nevertheless, you should definitely drink enough in this heat! If you want to avoid heavy lugging, we recommend the WATER TO GO Water Purifier Filter Bottle. It filters the bacteria out of the water and allows you to always have access to freshwater 🙂 Of course, it is also more sustainable than buying plastic bottles on-site!

Sunscreen Lotion

We have only listed this item here to make sure that you don’t forget to put it on your packing list! This is really essential and should be packed first because it is very expensive to buy sunscreen lotion in Mexico. Of course, it is very important from a health point of view, because your skin has to enjoy many more hours of sunshine 🙂

More Mexico Packing List Gadgets which may come in handy

Bonus Tip: Travel Insurance

Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic has shown us how quickly something unexpected can happen. However, in order for you to worry as little as possible during your well-deserved vacation, we have fought our way through the insurance jungle for you and looked for a reliable partner. Thereby we have stumbled upon WorldNomads.com. Insurance is always a very sensitive topic and honestly, we would rather do without it and spend the money on vacation for other nice things. But if something should happen, you are more than happy to have a partner like WorldNomads on your side!

Why WorldNomads has impressed us so much?

  1. Backed by specialized insurance providers and global assistance partners
  2. You can always buy the insurance online, even if you are already traveling
  3. You can adjust your insurance coverage during the trip and claim online
  4. They cover a range of adventure sports and activities
  5. Very high availability worldwide

6 Things you DO NOT need in Mexico

Warm Clothes

You can leave warm clothes at home in Mexico all year round. As long as you are prepared for wind and rain, you are well equipped. Of course it can get a little cooler from time to time, but nobody should have to freeze in Mexico 😛


The import of many fruits and other foods is illegal and should therefore be avoided. You are threatened with heavy fines if you try to do so. But why would you want to do it at all? The fresh fruits in Mexico taste great!

Unnecessary Valuables

As on any vacation, you should avoid unnecessary valuables in Mexico. Whether jewelry or electronic devices, what you do not need, you should leave at home. This has nothing to do with security in Mexico – all over the world people steal when the opportunity arises 😉

A lot of cash

There are ATMs almost everywhere. Also, the local currency is the most reasonable everywhere, so you should not pay with dollars or other currencies. The only thing you get with a lot of cash is that the prices of the vendors go up when they see it 😀

A Watch

One thing Mexico is known for is that people there consider the time to be a concept that can be interpreted in a flexible way 😉 So put aside your need to plan everything out and enjoy your new freedoms. After a few days, you will learn to love the new concept more and more 🙂


Before my trip to Mexico, many people have already asked about security. I myself was absolutely not afraid and thought that it might be due to the people around me. But when I was in Mexico, I learned from many people there that they were asked exactly the same thing before they flew to Mexico. To be clear, Mexico is absolutely safe! You will not have any problems whatsoever if you don’t behave accordingly.

3 Special Accommodations to stay in Mexico

mexiko stadt 3

Villa Alfonsina

You have just landed in Mexico City and are looking for accommodation to start your Mexico adventure? Then we recommend this one. The location is really perfect. You are only a few minutes away from the famous Frida Kahlo House Museum and you are in a very safe residential area. In Mexico City the sights are a bit apart, so it is recommended to use public transportation anyway. The price/performance is very good with this accommodation!

Mexico Hotel

Valentin Imperial Riviera Maya All Inclusive – Adults Only

Would you like to let yourself be really pampered for once? This all-inclusive resort is by far one of the best I have ever been to. Here I had the feeling for the first time that the price is really justified and you experience something very special. Be it the excellent wines from all over the world, which you can taste in one of the 7! Specialty Restaurants or the wonderful staff with whom you can have a great time. I especially liked the many efforts of this resort to also pay attention to sustainability and environmental awareness.

Mexico Nature

Tepoztlan Casa en La Montaña

Are you looking for a unique accommodation? A night in the Mexican jungle, with your own pool from where you can admire the sunrise and sunset – does that sound good? Here you can really spend a unique time and create memories that you will never forget. Unfortunately, the accommodation is also very desirable, so you need to book quickly and plan ahead. But it is 100% worth the wait!

Budget flights to Mexico

4 seasons in Mexico. What to experience and what to be aware of

Spring in Mexico (March – May)

The change from winter to spring usually takes place very fluently in Mexico. Temperatures vary between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius from March and the rainy season does not start until May.

For many tourists, this is the perfect temperature for a stay at the beach of Mexico. But also the Mexicans themselves often spend their vacations in their own country thanks to the Easter vacations. The water is already 24 degrees and rising at this time of year.

Who likes it a little bit colder can also explore the snow-covered mountains of Mexico at this time of the year. These usually melt away towards the end of spring.

Which activities are most recommended in spring?

The good weather and the few showers of rain attract many tourists to the beaches of Mexico’s coasts. Here you can snorkel, surf, or just relax a little. A tip from us: If you don’t feel like crowded beaches, rent a car relatively cheaply and just drive a few miles out of the big cities. You will quickly find remote and more quiet beaches.

In this season of the year, Mexico invites you to explore the country. The little rain and the very pleasant temperatures are ideal for bicycle tours or hiking. Camping is also popular at this time of year. If you want to level up your camping equipment you will find a good checklist for your next camping trip here.

The most famous places that probably are already on your bucket list are Chichen Itza, Valladolid, and Tulum. Here Mexico shows its centuries-old past. Really magical places that you can visit perfectly in spring.

If you always wanted to walk on a pyramid you definitely have to visit Coba. One of the biggest pyramids in the world and one of the few you are still allowed to climb. The view from the top over the jungle of Mexico is absolutely unique. And Coba is usually not as crowded as Chichen Itza, Valladolid, or Tulum.

For all of you who like to party, March offers an absolute spectacle. Every year hundreds of thousands of people gather in Cancun to celebrate Spring Break. Not only people from America and Mexico but from all over the world come together to celebrate over several days. If you want to stand out from the crowd we have some cool party gadgets for you.

Summer in Mexico (June – August)
mexico summer

Summer in Mexico is not for those who do not like heat or very high humidity. It averages between 30 and 40 degrees Celsius and we are at the peak of the rainy season. And it is exactly this rainy season that often brings hurricanes. Therefore you should definitely study the weather forecast extensively before your trip, otherwise your vacation will fall through quickly.

Rainy season in Mexico however does not mean that it rains every day. Nevertheless, the rain can surprise you at any time and last for days. The opposite is also the case and it stays dry for days. So it is a gamble and the reason why the opinions of the tourists about the summer in Mexico are so different.

But the advantage is obvious. Many tourists avoid this time and therefore many accommodations are much cheaper than in the rest of the year and tourist hot spots like the rest of Mexico are less crowded.

Which activities are most recommended in summer?

One of the biggest spectacles in the oceans takes place at this time. In late June the migration of the whale sharks starts. These move from the Gulf of Mexico to the Caribbean. A phenomenon that attracts thousands of divers and snorkelers every year. One of the best places to enjoy this migration is the Yucatan Peninsula.

You can also use this time of the year for sightseeing as the cities are less crowded. Especially Mexico City is a good starting point for explorations. Besides the numerous museums you will find the Teotihuacan Pyramids, also called Pyramid of the Sun, only an hour drive away. A place you should definitely visit. But remember to be prepared for the heat. Some useful gadgets for your trip can also be found on our sightseeing checklist.

Since water sports and exploring the seas are especially popular at this season, surfing is something you shouldn’t miss. Our recommendation here is definitely the island Cozumel. Beginners as well as professionals are welcome here. Especially for beginners we have gathered a helpful list of surfing tools here. The island is surrounded by beautiful reefs and invites you with its big waves to surf. And if you want to explore the warm water of Mexico in a more relaxed way you will find a lot of exotic fishes to swim with while snorkeling

Another insider tip for all those who like the weather to be more moderate and also want to hike a little through the beautiful nature of Mexico. In the Highlands (and Mexico has some of them) the weather is much more pleasant at this time and it rains less. Here you can take the chance of the cheap accommodation and make a rather inexpensive trip to the unique landscape of Mexico.

Autumn in Mexico (September – November)
Mexiko Autumn

In autumn the rainy season slowly ends and the weather becomes much more moderate again. Especially people who are used to the European climate should feel most comfortable at this time of year. Towards mid-October it rarely rains and temperatures fluctuate around 20 degrees. The only exception is the south of Mexico which is still around 30 degrees.

Exactly this climate makes Mexico in autumn so interesting for Europeans and tourists in general. Therefore you can expect more tourists at this time of year.

If your destination is more in the highlands of Mexico you should bring some warm clothes to wear in autumn because it can get a bit chilly in the evening.

Which activities are most recommended in autumn?

From mid-October on you can explore the country on foot and walk along one of the many beautiful hiking trails. For the right equipment you can have a look at our hiking checklist. Especially the mountain regions I can highly recommend. But then you definitely shouldn’t forget warm clothes.

The conditions are also ideal for sightseeing. Like before, I can only recommend the insider tip Coba. A beautiful view over the jungle of Mexico with relatively few tourists.

Autumn is also the perfect time for photographers to lie in wait for the perfect snapshot. The sky is mostly very clear and the little rain does not endanger your gear that much. To be on the safe side and make sure that everything stays in one piece we have put together some useful gadgets in our photographer’s checklist.

If you want to celebrate with Mexicans you should mark September 15th in your calendar. Every year the Independence Day in Mexico is celebrated here. Especially in the metropolis Mexico City you won’t get much sleep that night. Here the flag of Mexico is hanging from the balconies and there are big firework shows. You can completely lose yourself in the Mexican culture here, “Viva Mexico!

Winter in Mexico (December – February)
Mexico Winter

Let’s come to the most popular travel season for Mexico – winter. Many want to escape the cold at home and are looking forward to the sun and the lively nature of the Mexicans.

Many Mexican holidays are also in the winter months, so you will not lack alternatives. However, the prices are also much higher than in spring or summer. nevertheless, the winter has good arguments that speak for it. For one thing, there is the weather, for the Mexicans, these are the coldest months of the year – for us, with a pleasant 20°C, they offer everything we want. So please pack your swimsuits as well 😉

Which activities are most recommended in winter?

Like all year round, the great beaches are tempting! However, in winter we recommend even more to rent a car or organize another means of transport to get to more distant beaches and avoid the tourist crowds.

If you’re going to higher destinations (Mexico City or San Cristobal de las Cascas), we still recommend that you pack warmer clothes, such as a softshell jacket. These two destinations are also excellent for sightseeing and to get to know the Mexican culture.

As far as festivals are concerned, we would like to highlight the Día de la Virgen de Guadalupe and of course Carnival. So let yourself be infected by the good mood and celebrate life with the Mexicans and millions of other people from all over the world. 🙂

And last but not least there is the Whale Season. In winter you have a great chance to see these beautiful giants on a whale watching tour. But please make sure that you book a tour with a sustainable company that cares about the protection of species.

Of course there is much more to experience! However, keep in mind that Mexico is very crowded during the winter months, so make sure to book and plan not only your accommodation but also your activities in advance. Have fun in Mexico and feel free to tell us all about your adventure here on Traxplorio 🙂

10 Interesting Facts about Mexico!

We are only able to eat pizza today thanks to Mexico!

You do not believe it? But it is true! We owe a lot of food and other products only to the colonization of the New World. For example tomatoes, corn and vanilla. Not only pizza, but many of our favorite dishes would be unimaginable without these ingredients.

Mexican people are the second ‘biggest’ in the world

Unfortunately this refers to the health of Mexicans. Every 6 Mexicans suffer from diabetes. The reasons for this are complex. However, experts blame the continuing industrialization with fatty foods and sugary drinks. We hope that Mexicans will make more use of the nature of their beautiful country and live healthier lives in the future 🙂

Without Mexico we would still have black and white TV.

A little 17 year old boy from Mexico named Guillermo González Camarena has invented an early color TV transmission system. Thank you for making our world more colorful today 😛

One of the seven wonders of the world is located in Mexico

The Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza are a unique building and are on several lists of the “7 Wonders of the World”. A visit to these ruins is a great experience, because the whole complex is absolutely magnificent. But Tulum is also very close by and is definitely worth a visit.

Mexico has more coastline than land borders

As some of the fewer countries in the world, this fact applies to Mexico. The length of the coastline is an incredible 11,000 kilometers. So the basic requirements for your next beach vacation are definitely fulfilled 😛

Mexico City is the 8th wealthiest city in the world.

To be honest, that really surprised me a bit. Of course I was aware that there are many countries that are financially much worse off than Mexico… but I still didn’t expect that 😀 The economic growth of Mexico City is one of the highest in the world. In addition, there are over 150 official museums and more than 200 in total! (worldwide on place 2!) So let’s go to this impressive city 🙂

Mexicos public transport has so many superlatives worldwide!

Just to name a few

  • cheapest subway in the world (5 Pesos per trip)
  • most taxis worldwide (over 100,000 taxis driving each day)
  • ranked third in number of airports ( 1,714)

Mexicans are the hardest working people

Stop the rumor that Mexicans are lazy 😉 There is no country in the world whose inhabitants have a higher number of average working hours per year.

Mexicans work more than 43 hours per week. That makes 2246 hours per year!

Yucatan means “I don’t understand you”

An incredibly funny misunderstanding inspired the name of the Yucatan peninsula. At that time the Spanish asked for the name of the place and thought the answer “Yucatan” was the correct name. But in truth the locals only wanted to tell the Spaniards that they did not understand them.

World’s largest beer exporter

Here you might have expected America, Germany or Belgium. But it really is Mexico! Worldwide known is of course Corona. There are many other brands, such as Indio, Bohemia, Sol, Tecate and Victoria.

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