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Here I'll share with you some tips for London!
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I love London too much. I stayed there for one month and I went there for study reasons. That summer we wanted to find a good summer school with my friend and to improve our language skills. The bezt choise was London. We found good courses and went to London for one month.

During that one month, I realized how beautiful London is. Living there I learned some tips that will help me in the future when I come there again.

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Let’s start with my summer school

We found a good course in Colindale and stayed also there on their campus. We had really good lessons. But we took only 4 hours a day because we wanted to walk all day through the city. There were students from all countries: Italy, France, Uzbekistan, China. We made friends with them and walked together. The campus itself is good and quite affordable in price. We had a nice flat with two rooms. Actually, we spent time there only in the morning and at night. The only problem was that Colindale is almost the last metro station and it takes about an hour or even more to reach famous places in London. That was annoying and we spent time only on the road. But thanks to the metro. We always went by metro in London. It is very comfortable, because metro stations are everywhere, near every famous place. You can buy tickets for one month, you will save money and time. Moreover, they have special discounts if you show your student card. So after lessons, we left campus and reached it back at night. That was also a problem. You will ask why? Because the weather in London is changing every hour. If one hour it is sunny, then after an hour it is cold and is raining. So you must take clothes with you. That is not comfortable.
Talking about lessons in summer school, we had a very good experience. We improved our language skills and made new friends. The teachers, there were really good and funny. So we had a great time while educating!
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Then I want to talk about one interesting place called Thorpe Park

This is the place where you will have fun and can spend all your day! Not everyone knows this place and it is better to go there in summer because it is in the open air. It is a theme park with a lot of attractions inside. It is like a Disneyland. There are different attractions for each age. We spent there the whole day and I liked the park a lot. There are roller coasters for adults and they are scary but really good. Moreover, there are water attractions, so on summer hot days, it is quite good! In the territory of the park, there is a food court and also several restaurants. So if you are tired you can eat and relax. You can eat their very tasty hot dog! While coming to the park you get a map and can navigate through the park with the help of the map. So if you already have seen everything in London and have nothing to do, then I suggest going there and have fun!


And one more thing that I want to talk about is shopping in a special village called Bicester Village

You can do shopping in Oxford Street, Covent Garden or Bond Street. But if you want to visit a good outlet with affordable prices then Bicester Village is for you! There are gathered all luxury brands and there is a good choise of clothes. The stores are located in the open-air and it is always full of tourists. If you are planning coming here be ready to spend all your day! It is very big but comfortable and cozy! On the territory of the village, you can find good restaurants and coffee shops where you can sit and relax while getting tired of shopping. Moreover, they have a special option for the guest: you can take a guy who will carry all your bags and you can take everything in the end. So it is very easy and you can walk not tired! The atmosphere there is very cozy and beautiful. You don’t get tired of plenty of stores, because everything is amazing! So don’t miss a chanse of going to that village!
So London is a nice opportunity to improve your language skills. Lodnon is bright and interesting. London is different. I wrote too much articles about London and with this article I want to end with London😀 hope you liked all my articles about this city and you will use some of my tips and my information would be useful for you!
Thanks for reading me guys!❤️

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