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  • Breathtaking view
  • Hidden gem
  • Nature love
  • Good for beginners
  • Budget
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Nam Xay, Vang Vieng – view from 400m above


If you have not been to Laos but you are planning to visit one day, include Vang Vieng in itinarary! This place is very beautiful! Talking about Vang Vieng, activities like climbing, swimming, kayaking, buggy driving and the infamous tubing, are not to be missed.

Well, I can skip doing the rest except hiking 😁


Nam Xay Viewpoint is a hidden gem so you won’t find a massive crowd of tourists here. If you want to enjoy the beautiful landscape, I suggest of not joining any guided tour. As I always believe that it doesn’t allow me to take the journey completely at my own pace in order to enjoy.


So here I am going to share my hiking experience and offer you some tips.


Nam Xay, Vang Vieng – view from 400m above


Nam Xay is easy to hike, which is also a much cheaper option compare to the others.

The only fees you need to pay are:


  • Nam Song River Toll bridge – 4,000 kip  by foot / 6,000 kip with a bicycle
  • Trail entry – 10,000 kip ($1 USD)
  • Car or motorcycle renting fees and petrol


We actually skipped the toll bridge fee while we passed through it at late night because the guard was soundly asleep. 😜


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Nam Xay, Vang Vieng – view from 400m above


The path is tough, especially when the stairs gets steeper and steeper, but luckily there are handrails to hold onto.

It takes about 30 mins to 45 mins to reach to the viewpoint where you will be rewarded with incredible panorama landscape of Vang Vieng.


You will also find some bamboo huts and platforms at the top where it provides easy access to the picture spot as the stone is too sharp to climb.


Nam Xay, Vang Vieng – view from 400m above


There are few things I would like to suggest before you go:


  • Bring sufficient water or you can buy it at the trailhead. But it can be very expensive.


  • Wear proper sporty attire, especially a decent pair of footwear. This is extremely important. You do not want to end up stressing yourself too much on every single steps that you take. It is far more dangerous and tricky than you can imagine it.


  • Go to the toilet before you start hiking as there is no facility along the trail.


  • Hike with a partner if you don’t take a guided tour. It is possible to hike alone, but it may not be a very good idea if you accidentally injured yourself.


I guess I really stressed my boyfriend out because I carried too many unnecessary stuffs. Moreover, I was feeling quite uncomfortable as my knee was injured before. But I insisted to hike so he had to take care of me all the way up and down.


He rarely hikes! So I am glad that he is willing to stick around. Hence, it proves that Nam Xay Viewpoint is definitely suitable for beginners! 😂



Nam Xay, Vang Vieng – view from 400m above


Nam Xay Viewpoint is perfect to visit if you want to get a better look at the amazing landscape of Vang Vieng.


Take a look at the countless stone cliffs, lush green forests and rice fields!

It was one of the memorable spot in our trip, therefore we will definitely recommend this place😎!


Nam Xay, Vang Vieng – view from 400m above Nam Xay, Vang Vieng – view from 400m above

– Nam Xay Viewpoint, Vang Vieng, Laos, December 2019 –



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