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Hey everyone i hope you all are doing great. We are hoomies back again with the last blog on Andaman and Nicobar Islands. In the previous two posts we mentioned about our visit to Port Blair and to the amazing Havelock Island. If you haven’t do read it and let us know in the comment section below
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NEIL ISLAND 🏝 Following our visit to the Radhanagar beach and the elephant beach we got really tired and had a good night’s sleep. The next morning we had booked ourselves to the ferry to take us to Neil Island.

But just before going to the port/harbor we took an excursion. Though we tried snorkeling in the elephant Beach on enquiring further with the local people we realized scuba diving is usually done on the way to the harbor for Neil Island. So here we were ready to do our very first thrilling scuba diving.

I really don’t remember much about the site we went on to do scuba diving, but it was some beautiful turtle beach (as far as I remember) next to a very famous resort (Sea Shell resort mostly). The beach was just amazing, very clean, with nice beautiful scenery and amazing blue water.

The view was just astonishing. Some guides help to get adjusted to the place and help you put on the scuba dress according to your size. Along with that, they give you an oxygen mask, a cylinder attached to it, fins to help you swim.


You don’t have to know how to swim to experience these activities. If you are interested you need to prebook your time slot and even various zones are available according to your interest. we had booked through scubalov. They conduct pool training exercises across the country.

You can even choose to dive on Neil Island but Havelock Island is one of the best places for scuba diving in not just the Andamans but across the world, with very exquisite unexplored dive sites exploding with marine life. Lots of diving sites are available at both places. The prices were reasonable and depend completely on your interest.


Prices for scuba diving depends on:

  • Whether you want to take back photographs or not
  • Beginner and advanced divers


  • Carry id proof
  • Extra clothes
  • Sunscreen
  • Drinking-Water

After briefing up about the scuba dive we wore the swimsuit given by them. They took us to the site and helped us learn about how to breathe while inside the water using the oxygen masks 😷. The entire procedure takes around an hour.

Don’t worry they literally help you learn how to breathe with the oxygen mask before taking you in the deep water for the dive. They help you learn the basic signs to communicate while inside the water. It may sometimes be difficult to understand but don’t panic you will learn quickly. Instructers accompany you to the dive so you are not left all alone.


  • Avoid if suffering from cardiac conditions
  • Hypertensive patients
  • Pregnancy 🤰
  • Ear, nose, and throat problems
  • Avoid holding the breath 🧘‍♀️, do breathe continuously while diving

After learning and understanding their instructions we were finally ready to take the dive which we can never forget in our lives. As we walked through the water 💦 from shallow to deep it was just amazing. Our hearts were racing not skipping any beat. Was just very thrilling. The dive was just outstanding, beautiful, can I guess can not be described in words. It’s just a feeling that you get when you watch beautiful marine lives, running all around you. The feel of fishes on your hand’s face was insane. Loved it such an unforgettable journey.

The entire dive took us around 1 hour. From there we headed to the changing rooms quickly got ready for the next adventure that is our ferry to Neil island.

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About the Neil island 🏝

  • Is a part of the Indian union territory
  • Around 36 km away from Port Blair
  • Located in the Bay of Bengal.
  • The only access point to this island is the jetty at Neill Kendra.
  • Neil island is known for its organic cultivation and provides much of the organic produce to the remaining part of the islands.
  • Known as the vegetable bowl of Andaman due to the rich produce from the vast agriculture in the area.
  • Only a few options for food and basic reach hotels are available
  • Some people are curious to know as they can’t decide between Havelock and Neil island 🏝 but after being at both the islands we discovered both are equally beautiful 🤩 and have their own charm to them.

The boat 🚣‍♀️ ride took us around 1 hour to reach Neil Island. The ferry / boat was not that great as compared to the other ferry rides we have had in the Andaman. Very limited seats 💺 and limited food options were available. Even the ride was very disappointing as the sea was very rough throughout.

What we recommend for the travelers is to avoid doing scuba diving or any other water activities on the same day of traveling to Neil island as after the dive you feel really tired 💤 and sleepy. Some people experience nausea and a bad headache.

And when we asked the instructions on the ferry ride told us the ocean between havelock and Neil usually remains this rough and people do suffer nausea, headaches.

But on reaching the island the whole idea changes as you feel too good. The island is just so beautiful 🤩 and gorgeous.


We checked into our hotels and were really tired to walk around. Very limited food options if you are looking for restaurants out there. The resort areas are located at a safe distance from the jetty most of them facing the sea 🌊. You can enjoy a beautiful, lovely walk if you are interested but the beaches close by sunset 🌅.


The air was so fresh that we felt so close to nature. After a good night’s sleep, 🛌 we got up in the morning and had an amazing breakfast served at our resort. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options are available for tourists. The connectivity is not that great. Don’t expect to get any signals or any internet connections there.


The next day we got into our cabs 🚕 and headed over for some beautiful beaches like Bharatpur beach and the very famous Natural Bridge at Laxmanpur Beach 🏖.


The Natural Bridge or Howrah bridge is the major tourist attraction on Neil Island. It is a natural bridge formation made from the two living natural corals.

The best seen is during the low tide.


You need to walk all the way up and then down towards the beach to see the Howrah bridge formation. Along the route are various shops selling beautiful pearls, jewelry, wooden handicrafts. Must buy if you are looking for souvenirs. You will get to see beautiful fishes and coral reefs as you walk along the beach. The view is breathtaking. We were amazed by the beauty of this place.



  • Bharatpur Beach,
  • Laxmanpur Beach,
  • Sitapur Beach, and
  • Natural Bridge.
  • Ramnagar Beach, also known as Sunset Beach. Water Sports Activities are only available in Bharatpur Beach. The rest of the attractions are only for sightseeing



Bharatpur Beach has coral reefs teeming with tropical fish. Laxmanpur Beach is known for its sunset views. Howrah Bridge is a natural rock formation accessible at low tide.





  • Rent cars
  • Boats
  • Cycle
  • Walking
  • Glass bottom boats
  • Self-drive cars are not available on the island


OCTOBER TO FEBRUARY with the Temperatures ranging from 15 degrees to 34 degrees.


  • HAT
  • COMFY CLOTHES which can be worn at the beach
  • EXTRA PAIR OF CLOTHES (if planning for sports activities)


Only limited options available for you to stay depending on your budget. But it is advisable to prebook in case you are planning to travel during the peak season.


Indian Rupee

Amenities are very limited on the Island like no ATMs.
Do bring cash, as there are no available moneychangers on the island.


  • Hindi
  • Tamil
  • Bengali
  • English


  • HATS

Thank you guys for reading and spending your precious time. We will be back with new adventures and new destinations 💜.

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