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  • Red Square
  • Gorky Park
  • Tverskaya Street
  • Crocus City Hall
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I love going to Moscow very much! Moscow is beautiful in every season!
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I have been a lot times in Moscow. Moreover, I always chose different seasons to see Moscow in another form. To tell you the truth I like Moscow the most in winter. That snow, calm weather, all city is colored and bright and you just feel the atmosphere of the winter season and have New Year mood.
Moscow is enormous and places to visit there are numerous. You must come to Moscow 3 or 4 times to see all these places. Moreover, Moscow is popular for its luxurious and tasty restaurants so be ready to eat here every day! Though it is always snowing in winter and the temperature is low, you don’t feel cold, because there is no wind.
That New Year’s eve we decided to spend in Moscow and that was the best choice! Now I’ll share with you all my experiences and emotions!🤩

1. First well-known and famous place is, of course, Red Square.

It is the main square of Moscow. It is a huge pedestrian space paved in stone right next to the Kremlin. The term ‘red’ doesn’t refer to the color, as you perhaps would first guess – it refers to its beauty. ‘Red’ used to mean ‘beautiful’.this place has been a market square and a place for coronations and decapitations. It has hosted a wide range of events – from military parades to rock concerts. In winter there is always a rink where you can spend a beautiful time and moreover, there is a good new year atmosphere. There some food court where you can eat snacks and music playing around due to the holiday. So the atmosphere here is magical. If you hanging there at night it is more interesting because all this place shines at night!
Shines in lights and with people!

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2. Another interesting place in winter is Gorky Park.

To tell you the truth it is enormous, you walk and don’t know when it ends. There is also in winter a big ice rink there so people have fun here. Moreover, there is a big walkway, so many people come here to spend their time. There are a lot of restaurants on the territory but I don’t suggest eating there. Furthermore here there are always some dances or another event so it is interesting to watch. The rink is the longest so people who can do good on the rink feel happy. This is not about me because I can’t and I’m afraid😂🤦‍♀️

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3. Another popular street in Moscow is Tverskaya street.

It is the most well-known streets full of shops and restaurants. Street plays host to an array of cozy coffee shops, cool clubs, restaurants of every color and flavor imaginable, along with many famous museums. In winter it is all decorated in bright lights and shines! The view is very beautiful! You just want to walk and admire this beauty! Be sure that in every corner of this wonderful street you will find something interesting for yourself!

4. Now I’ll tell you the most interesting part! Where we spent our New Year party!

It was Crocus City Hall! It is an event hall where are held a lot of parties and concerts were sing and play Russian artists. We bought tickets before ( the tickets are too much expensive) and reserved one table for our family! It was an amazing show! There were a lot of famous Russian singers. We played and danced till the morning! The concert hall was all decorated in lights, so the view was amazing! So if you want to spend somewhere your New Year’s party choose a place with music and a program with dances and other interesting things!


5. And the last place which I want to suggest you visit in winter is Gum.

It is located next to Red Square. It is a shopping center. One interesting feature about it that in every season it is decorated originally. In winter it is all in lights and shines. People here do shopping, sit in the restaurants. Here you will find all brands you want. Moreover here you can buy many souvenirs for your relatives and find interesting accessories. Furthermore, there is a cinema on the top, so if you wish you can watch a film. So the atmosphere there is amazing. It is always crowded. In winter before New Year’s eve you feel that atmosphere when people are in a hurry and want to buy presents, so it’s something magical!

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So if you want to feel the magic of the Christmas holidays then come to Moscow ❤️
Thanks for reading me!

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