Why Nuwara Eliya

  • Picturesque cascades
  • Lush Tea Plantations
  • Breath taking views
  • Kandyan dance performance
  • The city of Dawn
“The city of dawn” is located at the highest elevation. This place is setup against beautiful backdrops of Valleys, Mountains, waterfalls and Tea plantations. Also known as “Little England” of Sri Lanka.
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After a wonderful stay at Kandy and a visit to one of the most sacred temples in the world, it was time to experience another wonder in Sri Lanka. We got up had a great amazing breakfast and proceeded in our cars and drove towards Nuwara Eliya.

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Along the route, we stopped at this beautiful place in the central province to enjoy one of the very famous cultural programs. This was just a cultural program known as the Kandyan Dance performance. The traditional dance includes the mask dance, the cobra dance followed by the spectacular Fire Walking Finale. The dancers and the performers were in elaborate costumes including a headdress, with chests being covered by beautiful decorative beaded nets. This dance is traditionally performed to percussion only, the most famous drum being “Geta Beraya”. To assist the dancers in keeping the rhythm the cymbals are used.

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The entire show lasts for 1 hour. Cameras are allowed for the finale act but as far as I remember we were not allowed to film the performance. Suitable for both children and adults.

The show was really good and you would enjoy yourself a lot. The finale firewalk was just amazing and we were left stunned by their spectacular performances.

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“The city of dawn” is located at the highest elevation. This place is set up against beautiful backdrops of Valleys, Mountains, waterfalls, and Tea plantations. Also known as “Little England” of Sri Lanka. As we drove towards this beautiful location the drive was breathtaking with amazing landscape, very pleasant climate.

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This is one of the coolest places with the temperature dropping further in the nights. The entire place was surrounded by beautiful tea gardens, lush green serenity. All-round is beautiful cottages or Queen style mansions. This place has got a British influence on it.

It is the hill country in Sri Lanka located at an altitude of around 1860 meters. One of the famous places for tea production in the country. Surrounding this city is the beautiful mountain range known as Pidurutalagala. The place has got a quaint colonial feel with beautiful bungalows surrounded by Hedgerows. This is considered the heart of the Tea Country.

This city comes to life around April for the Sinhalese and Tamil New year and receives a lot of tourists during this month. The ceremony mainly has a band show performed by local school bands.  One of the distinctive features of Nuwara Eliya’s countryside is the widespread growing of vegetables, fruit, and flowers usually associated with temperate Europe. This “Little England” is covered with terraces growing potatoes, carrots, leeks, and roses, interspersed with tea bushes on the steeper slopes.Post Creator

The tea bushes of this region produce one of the finest orange pekoe tea and thus offers various guided tours and opportunity to taste their tea samples. Even the tea is available for purchase.

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This city was located at a distance of around 75 km from Kandy around two and half hour drive. If you are interested trains can be taken from Kandy railway station to “Nanu Oya Train station” which takes around 4 hours. This place is a worth visit for its stunning scenery and for mainly tea plantations.

The tea factory was just amazing. You will get to see the entire manufacturing and processing of the tea. The tea was quite nice with a nice flavor and good taste. We even bought some for ourselves. The prices were a bit high. They have 6 different variety of tea depending on your choice.

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The six varieties are – white, yellow, green, black, Pu-erh and oolong. The most famous being white, green, black, oolong. All these are made from the same bushes but what differs is the processing. The Pu-erh tea has got medicinal value to it.


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The rest of the day was just enjoying the view and relaxing. This was most definitely the place you don’t wanna miss in Sri Lanka.

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Even if you don’t have the Sri Lankan currency, dollars are widely accepted. Various options for money exchange available.


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Thanks for reading us. Hope you like it. We will be back with a new location in Sri Lanka. To be continued …..!

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