Why Pisa

  • Leaning Tower
  • A walk along Arno
  • Borgo Stretto
  • Pisa Botanical Garden
  • Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta
I was in Pisa with my friends in summer. We spent there one beautiful day. It always was my dream to see in real life a leaning tower, so dreams come true!
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We were living in Florence that summer for study reasons. Every weekend we went to other cities to spend our time there. I always wanted to visit Pisa before coming to Italy, it was my dream to see in real life the leaning tower. So we bought tickets and went to Pisa by train.
Pisa is a very little city, and you can see it in one day, so don’t worry if you don’t have more than one day to see it all. Even from the station, you can reach the main square and streets in 10-15 minutes by a walk. So it’s very comfortable for tourists.
Many people think that Pisa is only well-known for the leaning tower, and I thought so. But coming here, I realized that there are other beautiful places here. So let’s see what you can see in Pisa for one day😊

1. The first and main place is of course the Leaning Tower.

The building is really beautiful. But when I saw it in the pictures before I always thought that it is enormous. But when I saw it in real life I realized that it is not as big as I imagined. It was constructed in the 12th century and after some time people realized that the construction was unstable, and the tower began to lean. But it didn’t bring any problems. People began to take funny pictures of the tower and so measures were taken to ensure that it doesn’t fall or collapse. The tower is made from white stone and it’s amazing. You can also reach the top of the tower and see Pisa from there. Moreover, there is a big square around, where people lay on the grass, walk around, have picnics. So there you can spend an amazing time, especially in summer. Around there are also some open-air restaurants and souvenir shops.
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2. Second interesting and relaxing place is a walkway along the river Arno.

River Arno is the most famous river in Italy. It is an amazing place to walk and enjoy the view. Along the river, you will find many restaurants, shops, souvenir shops. You can take also a bicycle if the weather is beautiful and ride along the river. Many people have here picnics, play music, sing songs, have fun. We decided to walk along the river, we were taking many pictures. Near the river, there are many tasty restaurants ( gelateria ) where you will find the tastiest gelato ( ice-cream). You will also admire the building that is all colored and very beautiful.

3. Third very beautiful and must be visited place in Pisa – is Borgo Stretto.

It is the main street where you can spend your time doing shopping and eating the tastiest Italian food. Borgo Stretto is easy reachable from the station and it is the heart of Pisa. It is all made from arches and here you will admire the architecture of old and beautiful houses and buildings. The atmosphere here is really beautiful, especially if you love doing shopping. Here you will find all brands you wish, even luxury. Moreover, here is a local market, so you will be lucky to find local fruits and vegetables. Inside the arches there are open-air restaurants, so you can spend your time there eating something tasty or drinking coffee or eating gelato.
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4. Next place is Orto Botanico ( Botanical Garden) that is located at the University of Pisa.

It is the most beautiful place where you can relax and admire nature. Here you will find amazing trees, flowers, and other fauna. The Garden itself is separated into different parts: greenhouses. You just shocked by a variety of plants and their beauty. It is must be visited place especially for nature lovers, who knows a lot about different kinds of flowers and trees. Here you can walk, have a picnic and relax. From the garden, there is also a view of the leaning tower. The garden is in the center and very easy reachable as all other interesting places in Pisa.
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5. And the last place that I want to suggest you visit in Pisa is its main Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta.

It is located in the same square as the leaning tower, that’s why many people forget about it first seeing the tower. But the church is really beautiful and worth visiting. The facade is made from stones, and it is decorated with marble arches and bronze doors. Inside the church, you will see an amazing golden ceiling and wonderful frescos and ornaments on the wall. So inside there is a magical atmosphere because everything inside is really beautiful. There is also a courtyard of the church where you can walk and see the building in all its beauty.

So being in Italy don’t miss a chance to visit this little and interesting city!

Thanks for reading me!❤️

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  1. Great post! Piazza dei Miracoli is our fav place 🙂

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