Why Cambridge

  • Cozy city centre
  • Beautiful universities and colleges
  • The river Cam
  • Perfect nature
  • Amazing houses
I was in Cambridge with my friend for one day in August. Thought it was summer season, it was raining all day. But we spent amazing time in this cozy little city!
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While staying in London we decided to visit Cambridge city as it was very close to London itself. We took a train and one day was enough for this beautiful, cozy, and little city.
But we made one big mistake! We didn’t watch the weather forecast and didn’t take any warm clothes with us. So coming to Cambridge, we saw that it was raining. And raining really hard. But it was funny for us so we didn’t become sad. We’ve decided to buy some warm clothes as soon as we would see any shop.
Arriving at the station we’ve decided to go to the center on a walk. We thought that it would be more interesting. But we didn’t think about the rain 😀 So it was like a challenge for us. Let’s make a little journey together and I will tell you all the interesting things that we did in Cambridge with my friend!😍

1. While walking by a walk to the city center we were a little bit lost.

We walked and didn’t know where we were walking. Our navigator didn’t show us the right way so we just had fun and enjoyed the view of amazing houses. We were in the area of country houses. We just walked and were amazed by the architecture of them. They were so cozy,  so beautiful. Everywhere was very clean and while watching them you just want to buy one of them, stay there or live. The houses look the same, they have similar designs and this point brings them this beauty. Each house has its own yard or garage. This is one of such houses 😍

One magical day in Cambridge

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One magical day in Cambridge

2. Finally reaching the city center we found the shop.

It was H&M and bought some warm clothes. After buying clothes we could walk easily and enjoyed our time. The city center is little but very cozy. Here you can find a lot of shops, restaurants. The streets are cozy and tiny. The architecture of all buildings is amazing. The city center consists of numerous colleges and little universities also. In the center there also a lot of bicycles. You can take and have a ride through the city. What else you can see? Many interesting book shops. As it is the city of students book shops are popular here. There is such a big variety of books that you want to buy all of them, as we don’t have much variety in our country. Then there are shops with clothes from different universities, like souvenir shops. There you can buy everything from clothes to different accessories. One magical day in CambridgeOne magical day in CambridgeOne magical day in CambridgeOne magical day in Cambridge

3. Cambridge city is fond of its best universities and colleges.

There are a lot of them. And each of them is like a big palace. They have their own territory, their own yard. The architecture of the buildings is amazing. We came into one of the colleges which I wanted to visit especially – Pembroke College. You’ll ask why Pembroke? Because my favorite poet Edmund Spenser finished it. And as it was in the city center we decided to visit it. While entering it you have access to its beautiful garden. It is all green with some old buildings inside. In the territory, there is also an old church. The building is also very beautiful. Then there are two gardens: the old and the new. Both are amazing. And also there is a big building library. What else? There is a little monument to William Pitt. You can walk there in the garden, take pictures, see the beauty of architecture, visit the church. So it’s one of the beautiful colleges of Cambridge.
One magical day in Cambridge One magical day in Cambridge One magical day in Cambridge One magical day in Cambridge One magical day in Cambridge

4. A very beautiful place in Cambridge where you can enjoy nature and view is the river Cam.

It’s a very calm and peaceful place. You can have a punt ride with very good guides. You can also walk along the river and enjoy the nature view. While having a punt ride you pass a lot of beautiful bridges and buildings of Cambridge city and guides tell you interesting stories about the city itself. But we had a problem. It was raining so the ride was so pleasant. But if you will be lucky and the weather will be good take a punt ride!
One magical day in Cambridge One magical day in Cambridge

5. Why Cambridge?

Most people choose it for its perfect nature. You know I’m happy that it was raining, the smell of the ground was very good. You can feel all smells of trees, flowers. The city itself is green. Each building has its own yard. The Cambridgeshire – is a green part of the city.  Here there are a lot of country houses and here you can enjoy nature the most! All houses here have beautiful gardens with a lot of flowers. So if you like calm places for living you can choose this city.
One magical day in Cambridge
So being in England visit this tiny and calm city!❤️
Thanks for reading me!

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