Why Vienna

  • City centre
  • Belvedere palace
  • Hundertwasserhaus
  • Vienna city hall (Rathaus)
  • Delicious food
I was in Vienna for one day last winter. To tell you the truth it is not enough for this magical and beautiful city. In winter it is even more magical and bright!
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We came to Vienna from Budapest without any plans. It was always my dream to visit this amazing city. And how lucky we were, that we had one free day and we chose to go to Austria. We took a car as I love car rides. It was about two hours by car to reach Vienna. While going by car I searched for some most interesting places in this city so we made a little plan. Let’s make a little journey through this magical city together!🥰😍

1. If you want to know where are beautiful places in Vienna?

I’ll answer you, that everywhere… Every street, every building, every museum, every restaraunt, every shop is beautiful. Architecture in this city is amazing. All buildings are in historic architectural style. You look at the building of the house and you think that this is a theatre or an opera house. As we were in winter we first went to the city center to the main street where are a lot of famous local restaurants, shops and of course winter decor. We were lucky, it was snowing so it was even more beautiful. In the city center, you can walk, enjoy your time, listen to the music that is playing on the streets, drink or eat something and enjoy the winter decorations in the center. The view is really amazing!

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2. Second interesting place is Belvedere Palace.

When you reach it you can’t believe your eyes… you think it is a dream. The building is in baroque style and it is a historic building complex.  The palace starts with garden and beautiful fountains. In the garden, there are big and beautiful columns and statues. It consists of some buildings. Inside every building, there are beautiful paintings, ornaments, galleries. But we didn’t enter as we had not so much time. We walked into the garden and took a lot of pictures. The entrance to the garden is free. As it was snowing it was all white and beautiful!

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3. Third is coming very very interesting place -Hundertwasserhaus!

What is it? It is actually an apartment block. It was designed by a painter Hundertwasser, so the house is named after his name. The building is colored in all bright colors and it is very funny and interesting. In the apartment live people who love art. Near you can enter Kunsthaus Wien. It is also a mix of apartments with a restaraunt and little shops where you can buy souvenirs. There you can find also tasty ice cream. The terrace was all decorated in winter style and it is very interesting to walk there, sit in the restaraunt or do shopping. So every who comes to Vienna must visit this place!

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4. Fourth place is also very famous and interesting – Vienna city hall -Rathaus.

We came there in the evening, so it was all in lights and even more beautiful. It is a building in neo-gothic style. Here is located local government of Vienna. On the top of a tower, there is a figure of Rathausmann- it is a present to the city from the master, who created the building itself. In winter in front of the building, there is a big rink where you can skate and enjoy the view of the city hall. In summer in the yard of the city hall, there are always numerous concerts, where people also have fun. So it is worth to visit in both seasons. As we had very little time we didn’t enter it but we had fun on a rink and took a lot of pictures.


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5. And of course I couldn’t miss local tasty food.

The most popular ones are Schnitzel, the Sachertorte, Strudel. Where to try it? The most delicious ones you can find in the city center. I liked the most Sachertorte. It is a famous and popular chocolate cake in Austria. You can find it in every restaraunt you wish. Everywhere it is very tasty, be sure! What about schnitzel, the most delicious one is in Central Restaraunt in the city center. We tried ours there and were very glad that we chose this restaraunt!

Post CreatorSo planning to go to Vienna, choose even more than 5 days to feel all this magical city!
Thanks for reading me!🥰

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