Why Otavalo

  • You can visit waterfalls.
  • A great trekking
  • Enjoy the nature.
  • A great place to take photographs
  • Enjoy the culture.
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I was in Baños de Ambato when I decided to go further north and continue my journey, my next destination Otavalo. I took a bus from Baños to go to Quito named Baños, with a value of $ 4.25 and 3 h 30 min. of travel I arrive at the Terrestrial Terminal of Quitumbe. Here in Quitumbe, I took a bus to go to Otavalo for $ 4.75 after a 3-hours trip from Quitumbe and 2 hours from the Carcelén terminal.

The bus left me outside of Otavalo, after that I took a taxi until Otavalo terminal for a value of $ 1.25. I searched a hotel and found Mashy’s Hostal.

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Nice hostel near the center of Otavalo, the land terminal, and the Plaza of Ponchos. If you want to see it, check the link.

In the evening I went for a walk for a while and I reached the Plaza Simon Bolivar where I found a cafe called Daily Grind. A nice place where you can order your favorite coffee or the drink of your preference. In my case, I drank coca tea and after that some craft beers.  A great treatment of the cafeteria’s owner that attended me so I decided to return later.

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Very early in the morning, I decided to go to the market and they indicated that there were two markets, so I decide to go to the new one called May 24, it is a modern market as big as a shopping center. I went in search of breakfast and the value of the breakfast was at $ 1.75 the cheapest I have eaten in all my travels around Ecuador.

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I left the market heading to my first stop called the Peguche waterfalls, to get to this site I had to pay a taxi for a value of $ 2.

Once on this site, to enter you have to give a contribution to enter, this helps the maintenance of the reservation, they explain what you can do and you enter without any problem. All the way is marked as the first point we find the Bath of the Inca and a suspension bridge.

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I kept walking until I reached the waterfall of Peguche, when I was climbing the road the breeze gets to get a little wet. A beautiful well-kept site worth visiting, you can find camping sites and campfires places.

The next point of my trip was the Lechero, it is a tree that is on a hill and that makes of viewpoint, you have a beautiful view of Otavalo from this place, you can go with friends or with your family and eat at this place. At 5 minutes from the Lechero, we find the San Pablo lake

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Here on Lake San Pablo you can take boat rides and enjoy the site. To return to Otavalo you can take a bus or a taxi, in my case I took a taxi for $ 3 to get to Otavalo because the bus did not pass.

Upon arriving in Otavalo I went to eat directly at the market, for $ 2 I ate a typical dish made from pork, a $ 2 for a lunch. I kept walking around Otavalo and I arrived again at Daily Grind and I drank a craft beer called Fortaleza Ale Pale, made in Otavalo very good flavor that I enjoyed a lot so I started to write about this tour.

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On Saturday I woke up early in the morning to breakfast and go to the Plaza de Los Ponchos to buy some souvenirs, you will find all kinds of clothing, such as coats, hats, clothes, shoes, always remember that you can bargain.

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I finished my stay in Otavalo and I went to the hotel to finish fixing my backpack and leave for Quito, the little face of God.

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