Oukaimden: The Cold Surface of Marrakech

Oukaimden: The Cold Surface of MarrakechNot far from the Red City, Marrakech, Morocco, the Oukaimeden Mountains, which overlook the plains of the city of Bab Al-Sahara, “Ouarzazate,” a tall building, receive its visitors and lovers of exploration and skiing, with the beauty and splendor of God, which contributed to the support of man.


Oukaimden is said to mean, in Tamazight, the “Valley of the Four Winds”, while some of its current visitors have chosen to add to it a second title: “the cold surface of Marrakech”. Between the Amazigh meaning and “coolness of the roof,” Okaimden is today a favorite haven for winter sports pioneers and snow-white lovers.


And there is in “Oukemden”, nature has a special charm, in which every visitor finds lost in self-entertainment, during these days and throughout the winter, Okaimden Mountains wears a bright white color and adorns it, as its trees and health and sports paths curl up with it throughout the days of this cold month, Wherever your face is turned, there is whiteness, on the branches of clear trees and on the ground, ponds and waterfalls, and everywhere in these high mountains.


Usually, the station was very popular during the weekends and holidays, as thousands of school and university students who come on group trips are added to the people of Marrakech, and many domestic tourists coming from various regions and cities of Morocco, as well as foreign tourists, who stand Amazed in front of this natural richness The fun of visiting Okaimden, begins before you arrive. Along the road separating Marrakech and the winter station, which can take ab

طOukaimden: The Cold Surface of MarrakechOukaimden: The Cold Surface of MarrakechOukaimden: The Cold Surface of MarrakechOukaimden: The Cold Surface of Marrakech

out an hour and a half, the visitor encounters a natural beauty, so we missed his greenery and buildings, and his inhabitants were warm.


What increases the beauty of going to Okaimden and enjoying the trip there, that way between the mountains and the Urika area. Along the way, the separation between them comes across stunning scenic landscapes that fascinate the eyes and captivate the minds, so they push you to stop more than once to enjoy these views before Continue the march towards the glamorous white. The road continues to twist, while your eyes drown in examining all those sleepy red floors in the far, stuck in mountains adorned with ruby ​​reds, to ask: How could the noise of the city exile some towards empty and rugged mountains?


The period of snow in the Okaimden Mountains lasts more than 120 days, extending from mid-December to mid-April, but the opportunity to ski, as required, is usually limited between January and February. Mount Oukaimeden is 3200 meters high, and this product is the highest ski station in North Africa, and Okeemden ski station, in addition to the Ifrane station over the Atlas Middle Mountains, the only two stations in the Kingdom of Morocco for winter sports, as well as Okaimden for skiers A thousand meters of slopes.


The station “Oukaimeden” ranks the most important ski station in Morocco, which makes it the most attractive to visitors, during the winter season, where visitors find at their reception coaches and ski equipment offered for rent, ranging from 100 dirhams ($ 12) to 170 dirhams ($ 20), Restaurants and cafes also provide them with the opportunity to bring some warmth into the stomach, before taking photographs of the memory, “sculpting” statues of highland snow, and exchanging snowballs, before engaging in the pleasure of “riding” the snow.


Station “Okaimden” provides various ski equipment that matches what is found in many western countries, which enables ski lovers to exercise their hobby, and it will be on top of “teleseej” (single-wire carriages) in Africa, so I tried this strange thing Because honestly، it was one of the best moments of my life, it was a feeling mixed between fear and happiness. As the height of this teleseej reaches 2,300 meters, and six “teleseej”, with a capacity of 4,000 people per hour, to enjoy the magic of nature and snow-white, from one of the highest regions of North Africa, and six “whiskey” for children and beginners, from a number of hotels, restaurants and mountain resorts.


Most of the hotels in the station are located in Okaimden station with high mountainous foothills, and it mixes the European engineering shape (Chalet) with the traditional Moroccan shape that characterizes the region’s homes, and where tourists spend the entire times. It is mentioned that the American CNN channel ranked Okaymeden slopes ranked 86th in the world earlier.


Pine trees and snow accumulated over their branches, as well as juniper and white plants, and the rocks that wore the white dress, constitute a picturesque natural painting that captures the hearts of visitors and foreign tourists who prefer, in particular, hiking, hunting, and exploration of rock inscriptions, dating back to about 2100 BC.


Among other tourism activities in the region, skydiving, especially when the temperatures in Marrakesh rise to more than 45 degrees and only the mountains soften the atmosphere.

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