Paradise That is Visible – Nusa Penida (Part 1)

Paradise That is Visible – Nusa Penida (Part 1)

Who does not know Bali?

It is a very famous tourist destination in Indonesia. Bali is a beautiful island, and do not forget about the capital – Denpasar. This trip is an expensive trip for me because I had to use planes. The first time I went to Bali has been with my family. But because my family just loves shopping I couldn’t see so many other things. For now, I am looking forward to the boat ride across to Nusa Penida.

On my first day, I went to Nusa Penida. You have to cross the ocean from the island of Bali with a boat to Nusa Penida. You can also enjoy an amazing sea view while boating.

Angel’s Billabong

Let us go to Angel’s Billabong  – a place where heaven is hidden in Nusa Penida. Angel’s Billabong Nusa Penida offers a natural pool of coral overdrafts and a mouth of the reservoir touch before the seawater. Mixed with the seawater is carrying billows, which is leaving clear water and be accommodated in the pool, the coral’s vegetation sea moss green and yellow. Furthermore, the water is crystal clear so you can see the bottom very clearly. It is a magical place that looks very pretty and charming and is tempting every visitor to swim and enjoy fresh seawater mixed with springs. Angel’s Billabong certainly offers exotic nature which you can’t find anywhere on Bali island. When I was there it was not possible to swim for me… because of fear of getting carried away by the waves.

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Pasih Uug

Second place on our tour is the Broken Beach ( Pasih Uug ). The disturbance act particularly beautifully at this destination in the tunnels and cliffs that made the seawater flowing into the pond. When you are brave you can go to the edge of a cliff at Broken Beach and you will see a very unique and beautiful bay. The cliffs have shaped a big circle. There is a hole below the large cliff walls, where you can see the sea enter and leave the circle cliff broken beach. The Broken Beach has a coastline with white sand. But, there is no access way down towards the shore. Most tourists who are visiting the Broken Beach in Nusa Penida are going for a walk around the Broken Beach. You can walk around it in less than 10 minutes. But please be careful on your way around because there are no boundary lines on the edges of a cliff.

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Kelingking Beach

Let us continue this journey to pinkie finger beach. What does it look like? Is that a pinkie finger or T-Rex? There are not only fascinating white sand beaches here but also the area you can see on top is beautiful. Beautiful blue sea and big waves from the pinkie finger beach. It is very exotic here. The pinkie finger beach is one of the countless beautiful beaches on Nusa Penida. In the categories “coastal” and “wild”, I think it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Bali. Even if you are afraid of falling, you should overcome yourself and go at least a few meters down the cliff. This tourist destination is impressive and the sharp cliffs can cut your hands. You will feel small here and be in awe of the nature created by God. We only marveled at it from the top, because the access via a path down is very difficult. You still won’t be able to stop marveling at the sight of this fabulous seashore. On the white coastline are many corals, limestones, and caves.

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Next time I am going to tell you something about Bali 🙂

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  1. I also went to Bali and the only thing I should say is to run away from Kuta Beach. There is only tourists and what I appreciate in Bali was to rent a scooter and visit the countryside.
    There is some nice trekking spot to go.

  2. for this time I was more on tour to the beach, but maybe after things get better I will go to the mountains, try go to nusa penida

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