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The main reason why I love London is the number of beautiful parks around!
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That summer was my first time when I visited London. And I fell in love with this amazing bright city! There are numerous reasons to love London. It is big and very interesting. Coming here you will be amazed by a lot of interesting and beautiful places. London is so various. It is mixed with historic places and beautiful parks, with clubs and beautiful restaurants. It is the city where you can feel freedom and happiness.
Today I want to speak about parks. Why parks, you would ask? Because it is one of the main attractions of the city. They are numerous in London and each of them is special and beautiful. I gathered here the most special ones and will tell you all interesting things about them! Let’s go!🤩

1. First main and big park in London is Hyde Park.

It is the biggest one. It is so big that you don’t know where to go. One of the most popular memorials to visit in Hyde Park is the Diana Memorial Fountain, dedicated to the memory of the late Princess Diana. Within Hyde Park, you’ll find a number of lovely landscaped gardens and areas, each skilfully designed and maintained throughout the year. One of them is the Rose Garden. You will find here also a beautiful lake with boats and catamarans. You can take one and ride through the lake. Moreover, near the lake, there is a big walkway. People take snacks and sit here and enjoy the view. In Hyde Park, you will find also a variety of animals: swans, songbirds. They are very beautiful and attractive. On the territory of the park there also open chairs that you can pay for, sit and relax. People come here to spend the whole day, taking with them books, snacks and other useful things with them.

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2. Second park in London is Green Park.

It is the smallest one. It is located near Buckingham Palace and easily reachable. It is big and all green. Here you can walk around, relax, come with friends to play games and to have picnics. This park is more peaceful and relaxing. People here just sit on open chairs and read books. Coming here you will find more adults rather than teenagers. There is a range of tree species and common birds such as blackbirds and starling and migrant birds. Here you can do yoga, and you will feel happy and relaxed.

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3. The third one is the most bright and crowded – St James’s Park.

Whether you’re a photographer or an animal lover, or even if you’re just looking for a peaceful walk in London surrounded by nature, St. James’s Park offers a little something for everyone. Not only does St. James’s Park have stunning flowerbeds and wide open green spaces, but it’s also home to 15 different species of birds, with the most famous being the resident colony of pelicans. There are also two islands (West Island and Duck Island) within St. James’s Park, and on the south side of Duck Island, you will see a Tiffany fountain perched on a Pelican Rock, with picturesque views of the London Eye and Big Ben in the distance. If you plan on visiting St. James’s Park with your family, there is a children’s playground with an enormous sandpit and another smaller, separate sand area. For the best views, head to the Blue Bridge on a sunny day to take some great photos of the London Eye, the Horse Guards Parade, and Big Ben. There you will find also a little restaraunt with interesting snacks and drinks.

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4. Next very interesting and beautiful place is Greenwich Park.

It is not in the center of London but it is easily reachable by tube. It the territory of the famous Greenwich Observatory ( about it I will tell in another article). Greenwich Observatory has its beautiful Greenwich Park. From there opens a beautiful view of the city. On the top of the hill, you will see the river Thames and central London. It is the oldest park in London. In summer, a bandstand plays host to concerts and the children’s playground offers entertainment. Cricket and tennis can be played. They’re also three little restaurants around.


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5. And the last interesting park- is the territory of Buckingham Palace.

It’s a garden. About Buckingham Palace, I’ll talk in another article. Here I will tell you about the royal garden where you enter at the end of the tour of visiting the palace. The atmosphere is very peaceful and relaxing. There are numerous trees. You can walk here and relax and take pictures of the garden where relax royal family. So it is a lovely place to visit!❤️

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That’s it! Hope you liked my article! Thanks for reading me!❤️

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