Why Atlixco

  • floristic activity
  • The former Franciscan convent of Santa María de Jesús
  • magical town
  • hill of San Miguel
  • Danzantes del Atlixcáyotl
It is located 30 km from the city of Puebla, capital of the State and has two important access roads: the Federal Highway 190 and the Highway Via Atlixcáyotl. -spring climate throughout the year -17.1 °C. The rainy period runs from June to September, raining less in May and October
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Magical Town

In 2015 Atlixco was declared “Magical Town”.

Atlixco is considered one of the most important magical towns of Puebla, has a relevant historical wealth, interesting and special constructions to appreciate in each street.

400 years before the arrival of the conquerors, the territory of Atlixco was inhabited by Chichimecas and Xicalancas, ruled from Tenochtitlan. In 1579, the Spaniards founded the Villa de Carrión, the original name of Atlixco, which quickly became an important center of agricultural production due to the fertility of the soil and the good climate. The title of the city was granted in 1843 and in 1862 the Atlixquenses covered themselves with glory repelling the forces of Leonardo Marquez that were going towards Puebla to strengthen the French.

Floristic activity

Atlixco de las Flores offers an infinity of colorful and beautiful flowers are more than 50 thousand and more than 200 varieties of plants, according to different Viveristas each year at their Floral Festival.

Touring a magical village in a good company turns out to be very pleasant, to me, it seems a very alive place, in spite of the points against that I will not mention and that you can notice during your tour.

It received its title of “Heroica” due to the Battle of May 4, 1862, that would precede the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. Also called Atlixco de las Flores and Granero de la Nueva España, during the colonial period.

stop to taste somewhere in the portals…

Parish of Santa María de la Natividad

In the center of Atlixco, there is a two-story kiosk where it is possible to sit down for coffee. In one of the corners of the zocalo is the Parish of Santa Maria de la Natividad, This beautiful parish began to build at the beginning of 1644.

The temple stands out for its two altars in the Churrigueresque style that is dressed with works by the Poblano painter Luis Berrueco.

Unfortunately, we could not enter because of the contingency for coronavirus (the area was protected).

Former Franciscan convent of Santa María de Jesús

(It is the oldest building in Atlixco)

This former convent you will find right from the stairs of the Dancers of Atlixcáyotl…

Location: Exconvento de San Francisco, Circunvalación Tlaloc, Ricardo Treviño, Atlixco, Pue., México

Construction from the 16th century. Built-in two periods, the first covers from 1538 to 1550, the second from 1560 to 1620.

Dedicated to evangelizing the indigenous people of the region. The architectural complex is formed by a large atrium, the temple, and the convent. It has an atrial door with two arches and on the façade the niches of the Way of the Cross.

His main altarpiece is considered one of the most beautiful that was executed in New Spain during the seventeenth century.

The greatness of just walking

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It is very nice to walk through these streets, you will find many businesses with items and souvenirs to take away.

The houses and buildings are really unique with a totally classic style.

I am obsessed with flower pots, mosaics, doors, windows, and romantic balconies.

Temple of the Third Orden

Built in the late seventeenth and early seventeenth centuries, it is decorated with mortar, representing the will of the organization of the third-order (civil branch of the order of San Francisco).

Location: Avenida Hidalgo #106

It has lateral access to the Renaissance style that seems to be older. On the front, it has figures of angels and cherubim, trilobed frames, vegetal and geometric shapes, a mascaron.

It has in the niches the sculptures of San Pedro, San Pablo, San Antonio de Padua, and San Francisco de Asis these are outstanding elements in the facade.

statue of Miguel Hidalgo and Costilla

a fountain dedicated to the God Macuilxóchitl or God of the 5 Flowers:

Danzantes del Atlixcáyotl

represents part of the Atlixcayotl Festival, work done by the artists of the Tlacuilo Collective

There are 87 steps that make up the well-known “wide staircase”, a huge mural of La China and the standing charro, representatives of the folklore of the magical people, during their participation in September with the Atlixcáyotl and the Huey Atlixcáyotl.

Without a doubt, it is one of the most picturesque corners of this magical town and recently renovated with this creative mural.

The rest of the street where these fantastic stairs are located…

You must upload them to find the next point of interest…

the view is getting better

Work “Our Mural”, elaborated by the painter Abel Rueda and that captures the history of Atlixco since the arrival of the Spaniards.

The Virgin of Guadalupe appears as well as the Black Charro or the arches of the Chapulapa and the old railway. “It is dedicated to those who forged with their vision of life the city and the people they have”.

hill of San Miguel 

It has a chapel dedicated to the Archangel Michael and has 4 viewpoints that offer the best view of the village and an impressive view of the Popocatépetl volcano.

Chapel of San Miguel Arcángel

It is the natural emblem of Atlixco, being also called Popocatica or «small hill that smokes» and Macuilxochitpec, which means «hill of the five flowers». From its viewpoints you have splendid views of the town and the surrounding areas and at the top is the Chapel of San Miguel Arcángel, an 18th century construction painted in yellow and white, secured by two buttresses. Inside the chapel there is an ancient stone pulpit and a neoclassical altarpiece.

Panoramic swing

As a reward for climbing the hill, you get a fun swing, a simple but magnificent culmination of the adventure.

It was always true that there are children with mature bodies…

Let’s give real babies a chance:

See you soon!🤗

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