Why Dharamshala

  • Beautiful location
  • Tibetan culture
  • The Dalai Lama
  • St. John in the Wilderness
  • The Tsuglagkhang Complex
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Hey everyone, we are Hoomies back again with our new blog. Hope you all are doing good and are in great health.

In our previous blogs, we mentioned the basic tips and some of the amazing locations in Dharamshala. This blog will be all about the other and some of the very amazing places you can hang out in this gorgeous destination😉.

After a great time at Dal lake, the Shiva Temple, and the Triund Point, we decided to head over to the most sacred and beautiful church here. It was none other than:

St. John in the Wilderness

it is an Anglican Church dedicated to John the Baptist. It is a very old church located on the way to McLeod Ganj. This beautiful church was built in 1852 set across the deodar tree. This church is built in neo-gothic style architecture, known for its Belgian stained-glass windows. It attracts thousands of tourists all-round the year. The architecture is just so amazing. We were stunned by its beauty and calmness. It is a very quiet, peaceful, and serene area. It was a very nice stay walking around the church. Though it looks old from the outside, the inside architecture is very well kept intact and well maintained.


Best time to visit: March – June

After spending some 20 minutes here, it was time to move ahead and proceed towards Mcleod Ganj. We wanted to have a closer look at this very famous location. We decided to visit the Tibetan culture and their monastery.

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Namgyal Monastery

it is situated at a very distance from the church. It is around 8 km from the church. Situated in Dharamshala, it is a dwelling place for hundreds and thousands of Tibetan monks. It attracts thousands of tourists and visitors all throughout the year. It is also famous as “the Dalai Lama Temple”. Initially a home place to the palace of Lhasa, this is now a personal monastery to the 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso.

All the important events and the ceremonies are performed here with thousands of monks participating and attending from all around the world. It was such a calm place located at the hilltop. It was so amazing to walk around and visit the monastery, to know more about their culture, heritage, and their rich history. Looking and watching the monks performing their daily activities, trying to preserve their culture, performing rare skills, tantric practices is just a blessing. We walked around the monastery and loved the scenic view. Even the weather was just so amazing.

After spending some time here, we decided to visit the other monastery, the Tsuglagkhang complex.

The Tsuglagkhang Complex.

Also known as the Dalai Lama Temple, is a religious place located in Dharamshala. This is very close to Dalai Lama and it is said he often visits here and conducts prayer meetings. The beauty of this center was so peaceful.

You can hear them pray and them chanting prayers. The major attraction being the giant idol of Buddha sitting on an elevated pedestal. Apart from this, there is a giant wheel plated in gold and has chants of “OM MANI PADME HUM” written all around. It is believed when you walk around the pedestal and rotate the prayer wheel, the blessings are multiplied and you are blessed enormously.




  • Silence is preferred
  • Photography is not permitted
  • Have to wear decent clothes

After a blessed evening visiting the church and the monasteries, we walked around the place. As you walk by you can enjoying the local Tibetan market, lots of vendors sell some of the amazing handicraft items, beautiful pearls, keychains, cups, and lots more. Do check it out if you are here. The prices are also pretty decent.

We headed back thereafter, after having a nice lunch in here. On our way -back it was pretty much evening. We went back to our rooms directly. Do carry comfortable pair of shoes as you might have to walk a lot here. The walk is uphill so shoes are the best option. We enjoyed this amazing view from our balcony and enjoyed the evening tea.

Overall it was a tiring and yet peaceful day altogether. We loved our visit to this beautiful hill station.

Thank you for reading us. We will be back soon with our next chapter till then stay safe, stay home.

With lots of love


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