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Did you know that?…

The serum or cure against scorpion belongs to Durango and was discovered by Dr. Isauro Venzor.

The city of Durango

In honor of Guadalupe Victoria, the first president of Mexico. It was founded on July 8, 1563, by Francisco de Ibarra who named it Villa de Durango, an identical name that refers to a town in the Spanish province of Vizcaya, where Ibarra was originally.

The city of Durango has a diversity of really unique sites, museums, theaters with exquisite culture. In this post I will recommend only those that I photographed:

I will not show you the most famous buildings, I will show you a little frequented and charming places!

“the giant of prehistory”

National Institute of Anthropology and History, the State Institute of Culture (ICED)

They have publications and offer guided tours by appointment.

-Free admission.

-Schedule Monday to Sunday from 9:00 to 18:00 hours.

On this visit he was lucky to find the complete skeleton of a Columbian mammoth four meters high and 12 thousand years old, composed of 132 pieces 120 original and 12 recreated armed and assembled for display standing, accompanied by contents detailing its existence in the past. (The exhibition was only in 2019) excellent explanation and very interesting data of this extinct giant.

Centro Cultural de Artes Plásticas

Guillermo Ceniceros Art Museum

this fantastic museum exhibits various temporary exhibitions of artists from all over Mexico but especially Durangueños.


permanent collection of the renowned painter from Durango Guillermo Ceniceros…

Works worth admiring, questioning, and reflecting on…

a lot to explore and learn!

In Durango you will find a diversity of events, festivals of music, dance, theater; etc:

National Ballet of Hungary in Theater Ricardo Castro:


of the most beautiful and majestic theaters I’ve ever visited 💛

Theater Ricardo Castro

inaugurated on March 27, 1924, with the name of Theater in Construction, later the name is changed in honor of the successful composer and concert artist from Durango Ricardo Castro Herrera.

Victoria theater

This theatre has an Italian style architectural design with more than 200 years old…

enough to generate your curiosity to discover its history🤗

Lovely places…

Analco bridge

The view of the city is special and extraordinary, One of my favorite places in this city, for its peculiar urban construction with a touch of classic.

A lot of the population feels dissatisfied with this construction because it cost a lot of money, however, it makes me happy to go up to this place, I consider that it gives a plus to the city.


The Moreras and the Alamedas

The history of Las Alamedas was born in the late eighteenth century in the colonial era and arises from the need to have a place of leisure.

Works, photographs, paintings are frequently exhibited… In wintertime it is nice to be here as they expose the history of snowfalls that have existed for decades in the north of the country and state.



“The restaurant Mendoza”

📌museum-restaurant located on Hidalgo Street, near the corner with November 20

For fans of “golden cinema”, antiquity, or a good birria to taste. This splendid place is where the actress Dolores del Rio was born, you will find an exhibition with more than three thousand old pieces.

before entering you will find a figure commemorating the death of the actress…

a wide collection of watches and up to 200 radios…


many curiosities…

Rafael Mendoza is the owner of this restaurant, assures that in this singular space the visitor can enjoy in his five senses, to see and touch the various articles of the sight, smell and taste a delicious birria of sheep, among other Mexican dishes, without missing good music for the ear.

Mining Tunnel Museum, Durango

📌Location: Entrance in Plaza Juan Pablo II. Departure in Plaza de Armas.

created in 2011

The 280-meter long route, at a depth of between eight and nine meters, starts at John Paul II Square in front of the Aezobishopric. Equipped with a mining helmet and fluorescent vest.

You will find representations of the mouths and throws of mines; tools; hydraulic hammers, iron tank; drainage pumps; mineral samples: quartz, blue calcite, hematite; explosives; molds for ingots; lighting lamps.

…You’ll enter a semi-dark tunnel that looks like a real mine. Legends about the mine, mining company documents, and maps.

The city…

The city of Durango is beautiful at Christmas time, very cold and decorations that adorn every corner, you can even find skating rink with free entry!

the city at night from the viewpoint of the remedies

old railway station 

📌Location: Felipe Pescador Zona Centro, CP.

you must visit it before 3 p.m, it is not open all day.

raised in stone in an eclectic french style, with great English influence, began its construction in June 1918 and was put into service seven years later.

the railroad to Durango arrived thanks to Porfirio Diaz in 1892.

The railway station is a majestic sight for its architecture, currently used as SEDECO facilities.

Some places more…

I feel lucky to know this city and have traveled the necessary time its streets, feel its traditions, taste its dishes, and much more.

Expiatory Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Its construction began on April 12, 1891, the project was by the engineer Francisco Rodríguez, who is a replica of the Sacre Coeur in Paris. It is characterized by architectural details with Gothic predominance.

the expo fair Gomez palace


Guadiana park

The central library of the UJED and Cable car

Regional Museum of Durango or the Avocado

Avocados are not exactly on display😆😉

📌Location: Victoria No. 100 South Esq. with Achilles Serdán Historic Center


photographs of the past:

So far this post, I hope you visit and discover this beautiful city







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Since we are in the summer, it’s okay to talk a little bit about Agadir, one of Morocco’s most important tourist destinations, with many sights and clean beaches and a good atmosphere. Enjoy the sunshine on the beaches of Agadir, a city most visited in southern Morocco. The main roads surrounded by palm trees and beach-view nightclubs certainly add to the feeling that you’re in a western resort, where there are a huge number of Europeans flocking to it in the winter months. The most important thing about this charming city is its relaxing atmosphere, so you can ride camels, rent a beach cart.

1. Soul El Ahad

It is one of the largest municipal markets in Morocco. It has various business activities and can be accessed from several doors.

2. Paradise Valley

It is a global site, where tourists come from America, Europe, and many countries, but few Moroccans from other cities, other than Agadir and its environs, have been privileged to visit a place known as the Valley of Paradise. Paradise Valley is a name given by the first hippies who spent many weeks in the area in the 1960s and 1970s, and with them began the story of this world-famous valley. The distance between him and Agadir is 37 kilometers.

3. Agadir Beach

Agadir is renowned for its beautiful stretch of sand with crystal clear waters, where you can enjoy a swim in a calm and attractive atmosphere, and Agadir Beach features rescuers on patrol during the summer months, making it an ideal destination for families traveling with young children.

4. Olho Park

If you’re looking for the perfect place to spend quality time in nature and greenery away from the hustle and bustle of cities, head to Olhao Park, a major resting and relaxing destination in Agadir, so visitors of all kinds can take a stroll and enjoy

5. Bird Valley Park

Located in the center of Agadir, the charming little bird park is a free entry destination and a great place to enjoy an incomparable family picnic, especially since the park has a children’s playground with opportunities to see parrots, flamingos, llamas, deer, and even kangaroos. The garden is well shaded, so you can visit even in the summer, and there are a few cafés that gather around the main gate where you can sit back and have a drink while your kids have fun.

6. Square El Amal

The square of El Amal is the beating heart of Agadir, so it’s no wonder it’s one of the city’s most important tourist destinations, home to important festivals and events, and a major hub for local celebrations throughout the year, making it a popular destination for tourists and visitors from all over the world.

7. The Kasbah

Located on a hilltop in the city’s oldest district, a collection of fortifications built in 1541, the Kasbah is a magnificent location in Agadir, a landmark worth exploring at least once in a lifetime, and the historic site of the kasbah, about 7 km (4.3 miles) from the city center, provides compelling stories and historical facts about this landmark’s past.

8. Crocodile Garden Agadir:

Opening hours:

Daily from 10:00 to 19:00

Entry rates:

AED 70 for adults

AED 40 for young people

The Crocodile Park Akadir, also known as Croco Park, is one of the most important and popular tourist sites in Agadir ever, and one of the most distinctive landmarks in the Kingdom of Morocco being the first of its kind, and represents its crocodiles and many plant species similar to the nature reserve, as it is characterized by its architectural features inspired by castles and Andalusian gardens.

Designed by a French designer born in Morocco, who had previously designed one very similar in Africa, the park was designed to create a landmark that distinguishes Morocco as an Arab country, and nearly 325 crocodiles and 3,000 plants were brought to it from different countries and continents of the world, becoming today one of the largest tourist destinations in Morocco and visited by thousands every day.

You will see in the crocodile park akader various types of crocodiles distributed on three huge lakes, the majority of which range in length between 50 and 90 cm, some of which are up to two and a half meters long, and you will find in the park 4 gardens are blue, water, tropical and exotic

You will see in each of them plants from their environment, and includes the most beautiful types of colorful flowers, while the exotic garden you will find many rare and exotic plants such as the perennial date tree, and you will be able to rest among these gardens on the stone benches and enjoy this amazing natural beauty.

The park also includes a wonderful natural waterfall, a small cave, streams, and sub-rivers, and offers its visitors wooden bridges over the charming pools for public views of the park’s landmarks, an amphitheater for the presentation of cartoons and documentaries on crocodiles and plants, and a garden for children’s games made of wood, and a lot of rain date trees that represent the icon of Agadir city, and lit at night with the most beautiful lights to become like a pearl.

9. Souss Massa Natio Park

Souss Massa National Park is one of the most spectacular tourist areas in Agadir, and one of the most famous mega parks converted into an animal nature reserve in the Kingdom of Morocco, with a total area of 33,800 square hectares, and is characterized by its dry climate away from high humidity.

The park was established in 1991 and declared as a nature reserve, with large collections of different species of mammals and birds, and has been equipped with all service facilities and parking spaces for a large number of cars, making it one of the biggest tourist attractions in Agar and visited by millions annually of foreign tourists and locals.

In Souss Massa National Park you will enjoy seeing many mammals such as deer, rare ones such as the oryx with the horns, and a large number of birds that date back to more than 300 species of colored ones, including song, rare and endangered, such as the northern pumpkin scythe, whose collection in this park is the last in the world.

You will also find various types of waterbirds in the natural lakes and ponds of the park, where some rivers pass through the park and a river flows from its northern side.

On the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean, you’ll see a lot of huge rock arches, magnificent rock carvings created by natural factors, and some artifacts and sculptures of extinct bird models in the park castle that have been transformed into a museum.

When you wander the stunning green landscape, which, with the nature of the mountain park and the seaside coasts, you will find a magnificent painting, and in the park you will find some of the distinctive cafés and restaurants serving drinks and cuisine from various Arabic cuisines.

Located on the Atlantic coast, Souss Massa National Park is close to Agadir’s most beautiful waterfront.

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Santa Cruz Island is one of the Galápagos Islands with an area of 986 km2 (381 sq mi) and a maximum altitude of 864 metres (2,835 ft). Situated in the center of the archipelago, Santa Cruz is the second largest island after Isabela. Its capital is Puerto Ayora, the most populated urban centre in the islands..

One of the most beautiful beaches that we can meet in Santa Cruz is Tortuga Bay.

Tortuga Bay

Tortuga Bay is a beautiful white sand beach, is named for being a nesting site for the black turtle.

It can be reached by boat or walking from Puerto Ayora (2.5 km from Baltra Avenue to the end of the brava beach). The Estimated walking time is 50 minutes.

Before arriving at the control booth, there is a bicycle parking; once in the booth, you should proceed to register with the park ranger.

The access to this place is from 08h:00 until 17h:00. It is an ideal place for surfing and Snorkel practice site.

Special indications. This site does not require a guide to accompany visitors

The walk starts in the city. It is very easy to follow the indicative signs from the main street of Puerto Ayora. The trail is well marked. You have to calculate that the hike takes about an hour. Remember to bring water.

After 50 minutes of walking you arrive to Brava beach. You need to walk 5 minutes more and you can see sand dunes and a rocky point divides the beach, creating a protected and good area for swimming. This place is called “Playa Mansa”. It is one of the most beautiful beaches of Santa Cruz. If you want to see the beach with a few people try to go early in the morning and enjoy it.


German Beach and Las Grietas

Las Grietas

This place is very close to Puerto Ayora, to west of Academy Bay. To get there you need to take a boat, from the municipal pier to the pier Hotel Dolphin.

It is one of the most recommended places on this island, where you can get to know this Germans Beach. A peaceful, quiet, precise place for family walks. On this site you can also snorkel and rent kayaks.

Hence you must follow the path that goes through the lagoons, the beach and the residential area to reach the ravine of the largest crack. The trail is marked with stakes.

It is important to collect trash around and do not carry organic food that has seed. All waste must be brought back to town.

The lagoons that are on the road are of salt water and they are an ideal place for migratory and shorebirds site. The giant cactus that can be seen on the road, have evolved for light and do not to be covered by dense shrubbery or to protect land iguanas and giant tortoises that inhabited the place before and ate cactus.

In Las Grietas, you can see two layers of very clear water. The surface water is fresh water coming down from the top of the hill and reaches the crack by filtration and the bottom water is salt water entering from the sea. The mixture of these two waters is called brackish water, which is used as tap water in the town of Puerto Ayora.

You can jump from there into the cold water below, or you can follow the wooden staircase to the water, It is very exciting to  swim, or jump from the different rocky platforms.


Lonesome George

From the center of Santa Cruz, you can easily walk to the scientific station, this site is where the research and projects for the conservation of marine ecosystems of Galapagos are made. Here I could observe the different animals in the islands that are in sexual reproduction and it also has an Interpretation Centre of Natural History and it also carries out educational projects in support of the conservation of the Galapagos Islands.

In my way I could know the Lonesome George the last tortoise of its species in Galapagos, unfortunately he had died.

Santa Cruz Fish Market.

After visiting the Charles Darwin Research Station, I was walking back when I saw on the boardwalk in Santa Cruz this seafood market, I am a big fan of markets because they show us the culture of the people and that essence of a city that we always need to know.

I come from a city closely linked to fishing, I used to see birds flying over the fishermen to take fish, but what the principal thing that caught my attention in this market was how fishermen, pelicans and frigate birds coexist so close to the fishermen expect some of that fishing, It is very appealing to tourists in my case to remember the city where I grew up between the sea, fish and birds.



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How fortunate I am to live just 4 hours away from one of the largest waterfalls in the world, The Niagara Falls. I had been there 3 to 4 times, but never had enough of it. We been to the one in the New York State, as we live in the US. Niagara Falls forms on the Niagara River which drains Lake Erie into Lake Ontario and is nestled on the border of New York State and Canada. It comprises of three waterfalls, the largest among them is Horseshoe Falls, also known as Canadian Falls which is on the Canada Side. The other two, American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls which are slightly smaller is in the United States. It is known for its amazing beauty and volume of water😊. I heard that its also helpful in hydroelectric power supply for commercial and industrial purposes👍.

When you enter inside the Niagara Falls State Park, the first thing what you witness is the American Falls and I swear you will get stunned by its beauty💕. You can click here as many pictures as you want of this beauty and yourself with the falls on the background, but most important is mind capture it, it’s very peaceful. The Falls Park offers so many great attractions, which includes Cave of the Winds, Maid of  the Mist, Aquarium and Discovery Centre. To have this experience which is full of fun, I would recommend you to buy the Discovery Pass which is really helpful and convenient. This pass also include unlimited trolley service which runs throughout the park which is really great. Now, let me give you a little information about each attraction👇.

Cave of the Winds: At this attraction, first they will provide you ponchos and sandals which will try to keep you dry and then you have to enter the elevator which will take you some feet down, there you will come across this wooden walkways that takes you to this popular spot called Hurricane Deck. This deck gives you a life time experience of getting so close to the Bridal Veil Falls that you can even feel the water on you and take a picture standing just right beside the falls😍. Cave of the Winds is beyond imagination, you have to experience it to feel it❤️. There is also this place called The World Changed Here Pavilion which is located upstairs and gives you insight about the history of the falls.

Maid of the Mist: This attraction is one of my favorite. Maid of the Mist is a boat tour which takes you into the basin of very popular and great Horseshoe Falls and that gives you an amazing and closer view of the Falls👍. They will provide you Ponchos and sandals which helps you keep yourself dry. If you’re in Niagara Falls Park, this ride is an absolute must-do.

Aquarium of Niagara: Apart from Niagara Falls, the park has to offer so many other things and one of them is this magical place. To have a look on some of the great aquatic species, you have to see this place. You will get to see some activities like Sea lion shows and Penguin feeding here. This place is accessible by a trolley😊.

The Discovery Centre: Here, you will get to see so many amazing exhibits which tells you so much about the history of the Niagara Falls. This place is educational and if you’re a history buff, you have to go see this attraction.

Apart from these attractions, if you have a good amount of time, there are also some of the best hiking trails which takes you close to nature👍. We wanted to spend most our time on actually witnessing the fall and mind capturing it, so, didn’t get a chance to hike, but I heard that it is great. If you’re staying overnight, don’t miss the Niagara Falls Light show in the night. It’s breathtaking and you will get a lot of amazing pictures😍. If you’re looking for accommodation, I would recommend Rainbow House Bed and Breakfast. They have these romantic and cozy rooms, beautiful garden, delicious breakfast, cute cats and last but not the least it is at a walkable distance from Niagara Falls🥰. Our overall experience was exceptional and still craving to go there while writing this blog. If you have any questions, please comment below.


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Ramnagar is a gateway for one of the most famous national park- “Corbett National Park”. Apart from the National Park, Ramangar is also known for its amazing weather and resorts. If you love nature, you must put this place in your bucketlist.

After the exams of 2nd year me and my friends planned to visit my hometown Haldwani for a five day trip to places near by like Nainital, bhimtal and much more.

Ramnagar was the last destination of our trip. It was the month of july and before the begining of the trip we knew that the weather forecast is showing rain for next 10 days but we still went on ignoring the weather forecast. Nainital, bhimtal and other few hill stations went smooth without witnessing much rain(I will write another blog for these hill stations). But when it comes to Ramnagar, it is totally a different kind of place.

So, we woke up around 10:00 at my home and packed our rucksags, although Ramnagar is just 60 kms from haldwani we still wanted to stay for a night and also wanted to click some photographs wearing a rucksag. So we packed our rucksags with waffers and cold drinks.

We departed from Haldwani around 11:30 am and we estimated that it will take 2 hours for us to reach if we will stop at the Corbett museum.

It was a sunny day we drove to Corbett museum which is on the halfway of Ramnagar. We stayed there for 30 minutes as a group of 3 people we were only interested in photographs not the history.


Trip to ramnagar, visit to corbett museum

Corbett Museum is in a heritage bungalow of Edward James Jim Corbett, the renowned environmentalist, hunter as well as a front runner in the tiger conservation.


Corbett museum consists of various images and belongings of Sir Jim Corbett you can see that belongings in the pictures below. After musuem we left for the corbett falls.

Corbett museum

Some photographs of Edward James Jim Corbett

We reached Corbett falls within no time but the entry for Corbett falls was closed due to heavy rain. We although tried to enter without the people at the gate noticing us but they caught us and aksed us not to go ahead as it is not safe at this moment.

We rode our scooty through forest towards our resort and it was just a perfect day blue sky, trees shinning bright, smell of mud all over the place, trees joining together forming an enterance gate, everything was perfect. I could ride on that road for whole day. As I said in my previous blog Journey is better than the destination.

Trip to ramnagar

While travelling towards Ramnagar

We reached Ramnagar around 2:00pm and we decided to stay in resort for sometime before we go out and explore. Resort in which we stayed Corbett Aroma park Resort, had a swimming pool, TT table and ambience was lovely. So, we had a rucksag full of waffers we decided to eat few and jumped straight in the pool, we played in the pool took weird pics for about an hour and then went to explore the city as we have already booked the jungle safari for next morning.

Resort in RamnagarResort in ramnagar

We first went towards the town to eat something and what we got a maggie point in our way I always recommend Bhimtal’s maggie to everyone, but this Maggie point can match my love for Bhimtal’s maggie. Uncle at the Maggie corner made a double masala maggie and we loved it so much that whenever I visit Ramnagar I make sure to visit that maggie point.

Maggie point on the footsteps on resort lane in ramnagar

After filling our tummy with tasty Maggie and a cup of tea we went towards the Kosi river bridge. The view from that bridge was amazing. It is well said, “One can find peace in nature’s beauty.” This quote sets well for the current scenario. It is hard to describe how I was feeling birds flying over the bridge, a beautiful river view and you just want to sit there as long as you can.

Kosi river bridge
Then we went to the river side and clicked few pics and sat there for some time just enjoying the beauty of nature. Every moment of this trip created a lot of memories. We saw a man fishing nearby, we touched the water and threw pebbles in river competiting against each other to throw as fas as possible. Everything seems perfect, right? But as mentioned in the begining Ramnagar was different it started to rain after some time and we have to ride back to the resort and spend some time in the resort playing TT.

Kosi river
Rain stopped after some time and it was dinner time so we decided not to eat at resort rather go to a near by dhaba. Three people on single scooty went to the nearby dhaba (1 km away from the resort). By the time the owner was packing our food, we talked to the local people about the most famous animal of that region ‘Tiger’. One person told me that they have seen Tiger on the same road around 2 years ago and it is not advisable to go out after 7 in the evening. These local people have some amazing stories about tigers, make sure to get in touch with localites to know new stories and post it in the comment section!

We took our packed food to the resort while returning we heard a voice from the other side of the road which and my friend started shouting – tiger!, tiger! And I increased the speed of scooty and reached the resort in no time. That is why I prefer travelling with friends as we create such memories that we can remember together and just smile.

After Dinner we sat by the side of pool at night absolutely doing nothing just sitting there and enjoying the weather before rain could spoil it all again.

Resort night view

We talked all night, excitement was on another level. We all were excited for Jungle Safari. It was late at night and we were supposed to wake up by 6am as the jeep was going to arrive by 6:30 am. So, I slept for about 3 hours and rest two decided not to sleep, using their phones.

I was excited in the morning until I opened the door and found out it has been raining all night. The driver arrived at 7:30 with jeep covered and it was still raining. We went to the Jim Corbett National Park and guess what, it was still raining. We were disappointed as we cannot see animals in rain as very few come out in open while it is raining but yet we could get a feel of off-roading on the roads of jungle and offcourse the endless rumoured story of the guides like ‘we saw a tiger right at the enterace gate of the park’ , “look that’s the foot step of a tiger we will follow these and might see a tiger.”

Jim corbett national park

Many people saw a tiger in the park but chances are very less, you can only get a sight of tiger if you are lucky, we were not as it was raining. So, first half of our Jungle safari was spoiled by rain. But in second half while returning we got a sight of sun and asked the driver to take off the covering of the jeep and then we saw a few breeds of deer, monkeys, birds and also ogt a sight of very rare animal as told by our guide told us.  The animal was “Jackal”. That I used to see in Haldwani in the outskirts of the city. We got sight of few peacocks as well as it was raining.

Jim corbett national park

I won’t say that it was best of Jungle Safari but we had fun while talking to the guide, off-roading experience was amazing. But I suggest you not to visit in the month of july and august. Also go for Jungle Safari with a group of 5 atleast so that it costs less. As you have to book whole jeep for INR 4000 for as many people as you can fit in it.

Jeep dropped us back at resort and we packed our bags and left the place by 12:00 pm  visiting the same maggie point we visit on the first day. After having a tasty breakfast, we left for my hometown but it doesn’t end here. Wherever we go rain follows, rain follwed us and we rode scooty in rain for around 30 minutes and then rain stopped. We took a pause at corbett museum and purchased some stuff from the shop at the corbett museum and then rode back to Haldwani.

Overall it was an amazing experience, although we regret wasting money for Jungle Safari, but we still enjoyed every moment of it. The most important ingredient of a perfect trip is a couple of friends with whom you can share anything, then you can visit any place, any time and still enjoy every moment of it.

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Until our visit to Frankfurt, I admittedly only connected the many high-rise buildings with the German financial metropolis. However, after our two trips to beautiful Toronto, which really captivated me, I took a closer look at the city on the Main River, hoping that it would have a very similar feeling. And what can I say? In the end, I can assure you that a short trip to Frankfurt is definitely worthwhile and that the city has much more to offer than just skyscrapers. 😍 I have compiled my Top 10 of our weekend for you. And the best thing is: you can reach almost everything within walking distance.🚶

1. Frankfurt’s banking district 🏙

The skyscrapers of the financial world are probably THE figurehead of Frankfurt. A large number of banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions are located here.💰Take a short walk through the giants of the city and take a closer look at the architectural styles and houses. From time to time you will find the contrasts between skyscrapers and old buildings which still stand between the skyscrapers today – somehow exciting and fascinating. If you want to look over the whole city, a visit to such a skyscraper is of course a good idea. The Main-Tower offers this possibility. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 we were standing in front of closed doors. 😞 Therefore this item is still on our bucket list for our next visit.

2. Mainhattan Skyline from the Eisernen Steg 🌇

My biggest highlight in Frankfurt is the skyline with its many skyscrapers, which reminded me of our trips to Toronto. 💗 Not for nothing Frankfurt is called Mainhattan. During our visit we could spot the skyline again and again at different places. Especially beautiful is the view from the Iron Bridge “Eiserner Steg”, a pedestrian bridge that leads from the district Sachsenhausen to the old town of Frankfurt. 🌉 There you can enjoy a direct view of the skyline and the Main – breathtaking!

3. Sleeping in seventh heaven ⛅

Matching the beautiful skyline in Frankfurt, we stayed overnight in a high-rise building, the Lindner Hotel & Residence Main Plaza. 🏨 The hotel has a great location in the iconic Sachsenhausen directly on the banks of the river Main, so you have a fantastic view of the river and part of the skyline. It is built in a New York style and is only 15 minutes walk from downtown and the Ebbelwoi quarter.

4. Ebbelwoi in Sachsenhausen 🍎

Ebbelwoi (in the Frankfurt dialect) or apple wine? Then you should pay a visit to the Ebbelwoi pub in the Sachsenhausen district, because there is one apple wine pub after the other. The classic way to order the Frankfurt national drink is in a “Bembel”, a painted stone jug.🏺Since we were already at noon in Sachsenhausen, we drank the wine in a “Gerippte”, a glass with a diamond pattern – somehow funny. 😁

5. Strolling through the old town: Römer & Römerberg🚶

Yes, Frankfurt also has an old town! The Römer, Frankfurt’s town hall with its characteristic stepped gable façade, is particularly beautiful to look at. The adjoining large square with the beautiful half-timbered houses is called Römerberg and is a real attraction for tourists. If you walk from the Römer towards the cathedral, you will discover the new old town. This quarter was almost completely destroyed in the war and has now been rebuilt in every detail.

6. Walk along the Main 🌊

In summer, you meet many Frankfurters on the Main who enjoy their after-work sunshine there. If you would like to share the Frankfurt way of life, you can simply sit on the shore with your own drinks or move into a cosy bar and watch the ships and standup paddlers – a wonderful way to switch off. 🍻

7. Burger in the station district 🍔

Frankfurt’s railway station district is considered the largest drug and prostitution scene in Germany, but is currently undergoing a transformation into a hip multi-cultural district. 🚉 Here you will find cool pubs, music shops and fancy international restaurants. Since we were totally hungry for burgers in the evening, we chose the restaurant “Der Fette Bulle”. The burger creations were fancy and very tasty.We also recommend the Chili-Cheese-Fries (Attention! Be sure to share, because the portion is huge 😅).

8. Summer feeling at the City Beach 🏖

Absolute holiday feeling comes up in the City Beach! Above the roofs of Frankfurt you can stretch your feet in the sand and refresh yourself in the pool, accompanied by delicious homemade lemonade.🍋 The Beach Bar is located on a parking garage in a side street of the Zeil, the famous shopping street in Frankfurt, and is therefore right in the middle of the city centre.I love Beach Bars and this one in particular! 😍

9. Oasis of piece: palm garden 🌴

Tropical Vibes are also spread by the palm garden, which is located a little outside the city. Since we were on the way by car, this was no problem for us. Parking lots are available directly at the garden. 🚘 Moreover, the park costs 7€ entrance fee, but in my eyes this is completely ok. The complex is very big and you can stay there for several hours. The garden consists on beautiful paths that lead past big greenhouses with tropical plants, flowering beds, ponds, exotic landscapes and, as the name suggests, palms. 🌺 There is also a small waterfall, turtles, geese and a pedal boat facility. 🐢 In the hustle and bustle of the city, the garden is truly an oasis of peace to relax in. 🌾

10. A detour to Beijing: Chinese garden 🐲

Another place of peace and quiet is the Garden of Heavenly Peace, the Chinese Garden, which you reach after a 10-minute walk from the city centre. ⛩ The garden is built with a lot of love and shows typical Chinese dragon figures, stone bridges and a beautiful water pavilion. 🐉 The Kois in the water must not be missing there in any case.🐟The garden is small, but a side trip is worthwhile in any case.

Summary Frankfurt 👋

In conclusion, I have to say that at second glance we liked Frankfurt very much and we will certainly make another trip there. The city on the Main is (at least in Germany) really underestimated. It is equally diverse and contradictory, but that’s what makes it so unique. And by the way: for enthusiastic photographers like Tristan, there is a lot to discover in the city. 📸 So if you don’t have enough money for the real Manhattan, you might like Mainhattan for a start! 😏


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Sanctuary of Truth


Pattaya Floating Market


Pattaya Beach


Central Festival Mall


The red light district

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Location: Yallingup – Continue along small road past Smiths Beach carpark to the end and follow Cape to Cape track to the left
Distance: roughly 2km return along the beach
Difficulty: Guesstimating that it’s about a Grade 3 – Suitable for most ages and fitness levels. Some bush walking experience recommended. Tracks may have short steep hill sections and rough surfaces.
When: I’ve heard it can get busy so maybe head down early during the warmer days
What to bring: I wish I’d brought my snorkel!
Cost: $0 (got to love a freebie!)

Whenever I drop my little brother back at his mums in Margaret River, I tend to stay a couple of nights for a change of scenery. The weather was pretty terrible this time when I dropped him back but I didn’t want that to stop me from exploring. The Aquarium has been one of those places that’s been saved in my South West WA folder on Instagram forever so I took the opportunity and set off on a mini adventure. By the way, does anyone else use the saved button on Instagram?! It’s literally how I plan every trip! Maps informed me that The Aquarium was only a half hour drive from Margaret River along Caves Road (a must-do drive if you get the chance! So many kangaroos, wineries and beautiful bush scenery). The maps lead me to a blocked off road so I continued down and parked at Smith’s beach carpark. If you keep going to the left of the main carpark you can drive down a small road along the coast that leads to another little carpark and the Cape to Cape track. I could see where The Aquarium actually was on the map so I began walking along the Cape to Cape track. The walk alone was scenic in itself so I highly recommend!

I kept getting distracted by the incredible coastline and opportunities to climb rocks. There’s some seriously good cliff photo ops here if you come with a buddy! After walking through a little bush section of the track, I caught a first glance of my destination! The Aquarium is about the most real aquarium you can get! It’s a natural pool that’s protected by rocks from the waves so its covered in seaweed and corals and absolutely teeming with sea life! I noticed it immediately from photos I’d seen. I had to veer off-track a little (or maybe I didn’t? I might have just got a bit excited) down a gravelly, sand track which lead straight to it. As soon as climbed across the rocks and looked down into the water, I immediately spotted a bright red fish and a black and white one who quickly hid when they noticed me. I sat for about an hour just watching how the huge waves dissolved to nothing before they reached the pool and dreaming of snorkelling here on a warmer day! Or maybe I’ll just ask my friend to send over my wetsuit from Melbourne. I’ll surely get some use out of it. Seriously though, this is how much I loved this spot! On a sunny day I can just imagine how beautifully crystal clear the water would be! Also, the pool is deep enough to dive in from the rocks. SO much fun to be had here! Can’t wait to return!

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Galapagos is located at 1000 km from mainland Ecuador, the archipelago is made up of several islands and islets. On my first visit to Galapagos, my first island to visit was San Cristobal. After accepting the invitation from my friend Paola to Galapagos, I decided to buy my ticket and go to San Cristobal in Galapagos. It was a beautiful island with many attractions.

The price of the tickets can vary according to the time in my case it cost me $180.   At the airport, You have to pay $ 20 which is the rate of the governing council. All the tourists have to pay this rate.  After 1 hour 30 min  I arrived to San Cristobal.

To enter to the park, foreigners pay $ 100 and $ 6 national tourists. Once I get to San Cristobal, my friend Paola was expected to take me to her house and then we went to tour the island.

Interpretation center

The first point that we visited was the interpretation center, it’s a museum where they explain the origin of the island, the first settlers and everything about Galapagos and its islands.

Punta Carola

We walked and went to Punta Carola beach. This is a beach of white and thick sand where we found lots of rocks. It’s a beach for surfers because we can found good waves in this place.

Our tour continues to the Tijeretas’ hill, named after birds found in the place called frigate birds.

In one of the viewpoints we can see the rock Kicker and another viewpoint we can also see a cannon from World War II made by American.  In the third viewpoint we found a statue of Charles Darwin.

After approximately 3.5 km we reached playa Mann. A small beach located opposite the University of San Francisco, there are many exchange students from the United States coming out of the direct beach college, I found the best university in the world being so close to the beach and you can take your relaxing time and in my case, I took a few beers with my friend and enjoyed the scenery, sea lions that were in Playa Mann.

San Cristobal is an island that you can love, I found the sea lions sleeping and resting in the boardwalk is so hard to believe, You have to remember that the owners of the islands are the animals, and not the man so we have to always keep our distance and do not touch any animals.

The Loberia.

The beach is 10 minutes away from San Cristobal. It is a coral sand beach with sea lions.

Loberia is a piece of coast that has been named for the large number of sea lions resting on the rocks and sand. On the tour you will find a lot of plants that we must be very careful not to step on and not get out of the path where we walk, there are marine iguanas that make their nests, like birds. One can distinguish sea lions males from females by size. The male is usually bigger and stronger when they are adults. It is further distinguished by a bump on the head. Socially they are organized in colonies or harems. Each colony consists of a dominant male and about 30 females with their cubs. Sea lions are territorial animals with a marked sense. Adult males defend their boundaries with other males. They spend much of the day watching your space and emitting a series of sounds and movements reaffirming its territorial power. Sometimes they can be aggressive with humans. You have to keep a safe distance.

Kicker Rock.

One of the things that I loved of San Cristobal was the tour that I made to Kicker Rock, I hired this tour very early in the morning, We went out on our tour at 9 Am at the port of San Cristobal. First we headed Kicker Rock (time from the port to Kicker Rock 45 minutes) Leon Dormido or Kicker Rock is a rock formation, located on the coast of the island of San Cristobal, it is an island in the middle of the sea, it has the form of a giant sleeping lion, hence its name.

In the channel of Kicker rock we practiced snorkle and I could see hammerheads at the bottom of the channel, it has been one of the most incredible experiences that I had, you can never forget to swim with sharks

Then we went to a beach called Manglesito that consists of two visiting areas: the area of ​​mangrove and beach area. Mangle area is an ideal place for interpretation and observation of aquatic birds, however the beach area has been used as a place of recreation. Mangrove area constitutes of an ideal place to observe native species.

To get there it takes about 30 minutes from Kicker Rock where we were about an hour for lunch and then swimming

We returned to San Cristobal at 3 in the afternoon exhausted but with the greatest joy of being in places that I never thought to be, I enjoyed every moment with the nature.

Junco Lagoon.

In the village you can hire a car or taxi to take you to the Junco. Also one can reach El Progreso and there to walk from El Progreso can last from 1 1/2 to 2 hours depending of your speed and capability. From Puerto Baquerizo Moreno to El Progreso are about 30 minutes.

In the Laguna del Junco is a must to climb through a path that is made of wood, and on top there is a small crater filled with fresh water, It is the only source of fresh water on the island.

Chino Port Beach

It is located 24 km away from Puerto Baquerizo Moreno and a few kilometers from Breeding Center next to Cerro Colorado.

You can take a taxi, about 45 minutes you get to a trail easily accessible, where you must walk about 15 minutes to be on the beach of fine white sand, and it is an excellent site for recreation and relaxation. It is also an ideal place to observe seabirds feeding place.

It is important to bring water, a hat and sunscreen, as well as an insect repellent because there are animals called horseflies that are very annoying and leave some big brands and sting too.  Puerto Chino one of the most crystalline beaches that I’ve ever seen in my life, it is a beautiful beach that makes you to love this place.

Tree House

In San Cristobal we found the tree house if you want to sleep in the house, it can be done only you have to pay a value per night.

My next island is Santa Cruz. This Island is located 96 km from San Cristobal Island, It is the island with the most population of Galapagos.


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Location: Stirling Range National Park just over an hours drive from Albany
Distance: 6.8 km return (it took us about 3 hours)
Difficulty: Grade 4 – Bush walking experience recommended. Tracks may be long, rough and very steep. Directional signage may be limited.
What to bring: Water is a necessity. Snacks are a bonus. Dress less for the walk up but it’s bloody freezing up there so don’t forget some warmer clothes!
Cost: There is an entry fee for the National Parks which is $15 for a day pass or you can get a cheaper deal if you will be heading to the parks for longer. Check it out here.

Apart from heading down to see family, this hike was one of the main reasons I was going to Albany. Our family friend, Mike, was keen to climb it with me so he drove down the night before. Being as obsessed with sunrises as I am, I thought we’d better try to catch one on the way up. Being over an hour away from the beginning of the trail, we left home at 5am in the pitch black. Sorry Mike! Driving into the Stirling Ranges as the sun began to light up the sky was pretty spectacular. The outlines of huge mountain ranges began to show themselves and the ombre sky put on a show.

We were surprised to see at least ten other cars in the carpark when we arrived. Lots of people must have had the same idea as us! After taking photos for a big group of tourists and using the amenities (WA seriously have the best facilities everywhere you go!), we set off just as the sun began to hit the top of the mountain peaks surrounding us.

The track had only just been reopened after four months of repair works. Multiple fires over the summer had burnt through about a third of the Stirling Ranges and many of the tracks were damaged. They had to be restored using only hand tools which is incredible to consider as you’re walking up the thousands of stairs. The surrounding forest was beginning to rejuvenate but Mike said it still looked very different from when he had completed the walk pre fires. A positive of this was that it was so clear and gave the best views of the surrounding mountain ranges.

The beginning of the track is lovely and flat and then the stairs start. They don’t stop. It’s just stair after stair after stair after stair. Mike was a large degree fitter than me so I kept making him stop and blamed it on my asthma. The view was my other go-to excuse. To be fair, it was pretty beautiful. Especially as the golden sunlight began to hit the land. I had put my jumper on before we started and it was off before we hit the tenth step. Mike, to my envy, had chosen to go jumper-less but that was quickly going to be the biggest regret of the hike.

When we looked up, clouds were cascading over the peak of Bluff Knoll. Once we reached cloud level, the track got a bit more slippery and the air got a whole lot more icy! It was a pleasant relief from the sweat we’d built up along the climb and we knew it meant we were close. Why is it that you get such a big burst of energy when you’re about to reach the end of a big climb? I had struggled the whole way up and then the last 200 metres felt like I was walking on clouds, maybe because I actually was?

It was hard to see a lot when we reached the summit as the clouds were creating a thick fog. To be honest, I was pretty grateful for the foggy veil as it hid the view of the drop below. I’m a bit of a sook with heights and this way I could stand right on the rocks near the edge! We were so lucky that the clouds were coming from the back of Bluff Knoll so we still got fleeting, stunning glimpses of the view at the front. We hung out at the top for a while sheltering from the wind behind a rock. It was SO cold at the top. A couple were up there with us and they were rugged up big time. We heard them laughing at us in our shorts and t-shirts and I don’t blame them! Being the highest peak in WA, its pretty obvious that it would get cold up the top. Will definitely bring some warmer clothes next time!

We enjoyed the sense of achievement and the views for a while as we had a snack and explored the summit. I had a fly of the drone which was all well and good until I tried to land it. It was pretty much hurricane Katrina up there. At one point Mike was about to fall off the cliff after I asked him to try and catch it. Instead, I had to do a seriously sketchy crash landing on the smallest section of rock ever in the highest winds I’d ever flown it in. The drone survived everyone, don’t worry.

After about half an hour, we started the descent back to the carpark. About a quarter of the way down, we passed the huge group of tourists we had taken photos for back at the start. Mike told them there was a coffee machine at the top to inspire them to keep going. They were stoked. Probably wouldn’t have been when they got there. The downhill is an absolute killer on the knees, just a warning if you have any issues you might want to reconsider. It’s definitely fun saying hello to everyone when you’re not out of breath though and they are. We were glad to have headed up when we did as there were now heaps of people hitting the track! Once we made it back to the car, we felt very proud of ourselves! To keep the adventure going, we drove home through the Red Gum Pass (a half hour drive through the Stirling Ranges) and stopped off at a few little lookouts along the way. Then we did absolutely NOTHING for the rest of the day. Well deserved I say!