Ravana Falls, a gem of a waterfall that will leave you breathless by its beauty. Like a maiden on her 1st try to attain her lover, the Ravana Ella Falls cascades down in as an alternative gushy rush which is unmatched. It depicts a dropping areca flower as it makes its way down the 40m plunge.

The picturesque cascades known as Ravana Ella, situated in Ella, are among the most photographed waterfalls in Sri Lanka, as they are located near the main road connecting the central highlands with the southern plains: Many travelers are leaving the hill country along this route.

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Touring to Ella might be incomplete if one misses out on experiencing the wonder of Ravana Falls. Renowned for being one of Sri Lanka’s widest waterfalls, this eighty-two ft. cascading body of water is nestled within the Ravana Ella Wildlife Sanctuary and a similarly Six km from the Ella Railway Station. While presenting awesome possibilities for a leisurely swim, adventurers will even locate that climbing some of the rocks located nearby affords awe-inspiring vistas of both the falls as well as some of Ella’s precious surroundings.

The falls were been named after the legendary character Ravana, which is related to the well-known Indian epic, the Ramayana. The history of Sri Lanka dates back to over 2000 years and it unearths itself in the iconic Ramayana. According to legend, it is said that Ravana, who was the king of Sri Lanka at the time, had abducted princess Sita, and had hidden her in the cave’s backside this waterfall, now simply known as the Ravana Ella Cave. At the time, the cave was surrounded by thick forests amid the wilderness. It is also believed that Sita bathed in a pool that accumulated the water falling from this waterfall.

During the dry season, it turns into an arid waterfall, but during the rainy season it simply overflows and gushes down at an astonishing speed. However, tourists have been warned not to venture up the sides of the waterfall due to its slippery nature, which can be harmful. A little-known fact is, a part of the waterfall flows beneath the bridge and it also creates a beautiful waterfall.

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The falls are beautiful; there is vegetation in the form of greenery, tall deciduous trees, and branches growing from cracks in the rocks. The walls of the waterfall are uneven, but at the same time relaxed, giving the impression of polished and tanned stone. The water pours down at high velocity and makes a sweet thud as it hits the pools of water. The breeze is another factor that makes it prettier. In the evenings the breeze is in full swing, that the roar of the wind competes with the sound of the gushing waters.

How to reach your destination

From Colombo

Get on the Katunayake Expressway from Darley Road. Take Southern Expressway. Follow Colombo – Galle – Hambantota – Wellawaya Highway to Wellawaya-Ella-Kumbalwela Highway and drive to your destination in Uva Province.

From Bandarawela

Take Bandarawela-Poonagala-Koslanda Road. Drive to Wellawaya-Ella-Kumbalwela Highway and drive to your destination.

Best Time to Visit

The climate is pleasant from January to May; the temperature range varies between 20°C and 25°C. April is the warmest, February is the coolest, and October is the wettest month. However, the conditions are always favorable to welcome tourists; the ambiance is dewy and foggy during the more significant part of the day. The altitude makes for a comfortable stay in Ella and a remarkable trek to Ella rock. Ravana cave and falls.

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Fauna and Flora of Ravana Falls

In the mountainous regions of Ella, forests are dense enough to form green clouds, rain forests and grasslands. There are also tea plantations on the way from Ella Falls to Ravana. The total fauna of Sri Lanka includes 86 species of mammals, 83 species of snakes, 54 species of fish and five endangered species. sea ​​turtles. The green belts are home to a large number of insects and plants that specialize in Ella. Flora includes orchids, ebony, teak and silk, medicinal plants used in Ayurveda.

Tips to Travel

Local buses run regularly to Ella and cost only 25 LKR. Due to the high altitude of the city, the fog lasted until 10 am. Rocky trails are great for trekking; Please wear comfortable shoes and bring water because there is no shopping in the middle of the forest. It is recommended to start the trek at 5 AM as the weather is peaceful and you will also get a chance to have a Trekkie overlooking the sunrise. The route of the trek will include a 1.5 km long railway track, Buddhist statues, Kithaella Train Station, tea plantations, and the Little Adam’s peak.

Things to know before you go

Better to bring a change of clothes

The stones and surface can be very slippery; be cautious

Keep an eye on Monkeys around, they sometimes try to steal your food. But not harmful at all

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