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In this article I will tell you where you can eat tasty and chill in Fethiye area.
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As we all love to eat tasty and to chill I want to share with you some restaurants that I loved in Fethiye area! Fethiye is a very little city with lots of restaurants around. Not all of them are good, so I can help you with choosing some of them.
We didn’t know where to chill and eat, but we were lucky to meet Russian tourists that suggested us some cool places around. So we decided to go to all of them and were very very pleased!
So let’s see them together!

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1. First famous and popular restaurant in that area is Bono. It’s an Italian restaurant and it’s always crowded. You will ask why? Because it’s very tasty there, the service is very good and moreover, the atmosphere is cool. If u come in the evening it’s playing light music, all people sit and chill. It’s more for youngsters rather than for old people. In Fethiye area, there are several of this restaurant so it’s very popular among locals. The prices are also very affordable there, so you can go and I’m sure you will be very pleased by the atmosphere and taste!

2. the Second one is Queen’s Steakhouse. It’s located in the Gocek area in Fethiye. It’s very big and consisted of two floors. In the evening there is live music there. The prices are high but the quality is on the top. You can eat there both steaks and fish. Everything is very good and tasty. The service is very good and the atmosphere is also very lovely.  It’s always crowded in the evenings and full of tourists. It’s located near the marina and there is a beautiful view of the boats and ships, so sit on the terrace to enjoy this beautiful view. Moreover, they help you with cutting fish and meat so it’s very easy to eat after they cut it.

3. Another cool place in the Gocek area is the Q lounge. It’s a lounge where you can both eat and chill in the evening. It’s better to come here in the evening because at this time it’s more interesting there. Dj is playing and the atmosphere is very nice. All dishes are very tasty and after dinner, you can order drinks and enjoy your night. There is a beautiful view of the sea from there. The prices are very affordable. They have three sessions for visit: one is in the afternoon, the in the evening for dinner and then for the night at the bar. So you choose when you want to come. We went twice: for drinking and dancing and for dinner and like both times!
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4. Another interesting place for the evening is Del Marinn lounge. It’s located actually in the marina and some of the tables are in the water. It’s very funny and interesting to sit like this. The atmosphere is very relaxing and calm. Here you can just talk with friends and enjoy the view. You can also come here for a romantic evening and enjoy your time with your partner. The prices are very affordable so u can just order something to drink and sit the whole evening there. But to sit in the water sometimes you have to wait because such tables are only two.

5. And the last one is for parties is Bamboo. It’s a little and cozy pub where you can come and chill in the evening and at night. Every evening DJ is playing there. The design is very cool and modern and it’s very nice to chill there. There is a little terrace and it’s not so crowded as other pubs. So you can spend there very good evening dancing and drinking something. The terrace is filled with sand so it brings to the atmosphere a very romantic view.

So hope you liked my post!


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