Riviera del Conero

Riviera del Conero

Welcome to the Conero Park where land and sea meet in a perfect union 🤗

To characterize the Conero Riviera, a surprising nature, green and sometimes wild, a crystal clear sea, unforgettable, and many beaches, some easily accessible, others more solitary and hidden.

Among these, there are that of Due Sorelle, so-called for the presence of the two great stacks (Two Sister precisely), accessible only by sea, and that of Mezzavalle.

Day 1 – Numana Alta e Bassa

Also here in Conero, we chose to stay in a camping, beautiful camping, Camping Numana Blue with bungalows, pitches, and villas, and a water park, a mini club, and a private beach ⛺

We dedicated our first day to Numana, which is divided into Numana Alta, in the hill, and Numana Bassa, along with the port.
The coast has achieved the recognition of Blue Flag for the cleanliness and livability of its fine pebble beaches 💙.
Ancient fishing village with a center collected in the upper part (Numana Alta) between alleys and colorful houses.
Riched by many local crafts shops and not only, it is very pleasant and relaxing to walk in this street by night overlooking the Numana Alta’s beach.
The street continues until Piazza Della Torre where there is the Fisherman’s Tower, a bronze made by Johannes Genemans that he wanted to gather in this monument the spirit of the seafarers of the last century, their values, and their culture.
Not to be missed:
1. Spiaggiola Beach, perfect for snorkeling lovers, seems a natural swimming pool because tanks to the protection of the rocks the sea is always very calm.
2. Del Frate Beach, beautiful cove, private, and really lovely.
Numana is also the “country of the turtles” since 2001 when between Spiaggiola and Frati’s beach was born the Caletta of Turtles, an area dedicated to the rehabilitation of these wonderful animals 🐢.

Day 2 – Recanati e Porto Recanati

Continue our tour towards Porto Recanati, an ideal place to spend a serene and relaxing day with its clean and crystal sea and its 8km of quiet beaches.
There are many locals, from the most elegant along the center’s streets to the music on the beach.
In the afternoon, we moved to the village of Recanati.
Recanati is one of those places where the memory of a big Man will always remain indissoluble.
The hills, the squares, the streets, and even the silence speaks of him, the great poet Giacomo Leopardi. And when you visit Recanati, you cannot walk its streets without thinking about his verses ✍.
… e che pensieri immensi, che dolci sogni mi ispirò la vista da quel lontano mar, quei monti azzurri, che di qua scopro, e che varcare un giorno io mi pensava, arcani mondi, arcana felicità fingendo al viver mio!
Leopardi – Le Ricordanze
A village lived by the poetry that we can meet at every corner of the country: we meet them in the verses of the Passero Solitario, skirting the old bell tower of Saint Augustine, in the lively square of the Sabato del Villaggio, or also in the isolated hill of Infinito.
But Recanati is not only poetry. In there also inhabits art, history, music, and much more. Recanati is, as defined, “City of Good Living” (“Città del Buon Vivere”).

Day 3 – Porto-Novo e Loreto

New day new beach.
The third day at Portonovo, a bay completely immersed in the green of Conero Park set in the solid rock of the mountain and covered by the typical local vegetation.
These beaches are easy to reach by car and bus, which starts from the parking located on top of the road leading to the bay.
For those who love unspoiled nature, in the far north of the Bay of Portonovo is located the Mezzavalle Beach, accessible from the sea or from two paths that depart from the provincial road of Conero.

Another village to visit, near Portonovo is Loreto, immersed in the Marche countryside, owes its fame to the sanctuary where the Holy House is preserved and venerated. A sacred place, defined by Giovanni Paolo II as the “true Marian heart of Christianity” ⛪.

Inside the Holy, House has also preserved the statue of the “Black Madonna” (dark-faced as used in the oldest icons), protector of aviators and at the center of Marian devotion.
It is not only one of the main pilgrimage destinations in the world, but also a country with an incredible view of the entire Riviera.
All around the basilica you can discover 9 large chapels, all of the different painting schools.

Day 4 – Trekking

18 are the paths that develop within the park dominated by typical Mediterranean vegetation as pines, holm oaks, brooms, lavender fields.
Walking, horseback riding, or mountain biking can be done with the map for hikers and signage present on the territory or accompanied by park guides.
One of the simplest but most fascinating paths of Monte Conero is the one that leads to the Belvedere of Passo del Lupo 🐺, from which you can admire the beach of the Due Sotelle, one of the most beautiful in Italy.
View from Belvedere of Passo del Lupo
View from Belvedere of Passo del Lupo

To reach the Belvedere of Passo del Lupo we started from the Belvedere Bar located in Via Monte Conero 20, Sirolo. The Belvedere can also be reached from the cemetery of Sirolo.
Then you just have to get on the road, first following the indications of path 301 and then those of the Passo del Lupo’s path 302.
The first part of the path is on a rather wide road while in the final part it becomes a narrower road.
Walking time: around 45minutes round-trip.

Its thick woods, natural tunnels, and caves, night noises, rustling… are all elements that contributed to the birth of legends.
There are so many legends, and telling them all in this space would have been impossible.
Here you can read two, chosen for their particularity.
Origin of the name: Conero Mountain 
It is said of an expert fisherman named Conero while sailing on the Adriatic Sea, saw a beautiful dolphin. In spite of his contrary opinion, being the dolphins considered sacred, his companions hoisted on board the splendid specimen, causing the wrath of the gods, who unleashed a violent storm.
Only when Conero freed the fish, the forces of nature calm down, but the boat could not find any landing place.
Then Conero and his companions cried out to the gods for help and forgiveness: so, in the suddenly calm sea appeared the freed dolphin, who led the navigators to a large inlet to shelter in the mountain, where they found refuge. Since then that Mount was called Conero”.
Rock of the Due Sorelle 
A beautiful Siren appeared off Mount Conero and showed herself to sailors in her splendid beauty and bewitched them with his sweet song.
The sailors, fatally attracted, followed that seductive appearance and ended up chained in the bottom of the Slave Cave, where the evil creature tortured them on stormy nights.
The Mermaid’s ally was an evil spirit, a sea demon who helped her in her misdeeds.
But one day this horrific being, because of its wickedness, was turned to stone and split in two.
This also served as a warning to the Siren, who went to other shores.
So, by divine justice, there remained the two magnificent pointed stacks, called The Two Sisters”

Day 5 – Ancona e Sirolo

Ancona has a lot to offer: jewels of art and architecture, some exceptional churches, views and green spaces, excellent cuisine, and the traditional and sincere hospitality of the Marche.
Then Ancona has a peculiarity: it is the only Italian city from which you can admire both the sunrise and sunset.
The main attraction is the Cathedral of San Ciriaco, a beautiful Romanesque-Byzantine cathedral overlooking the sea.
From this, which is the highest point in the city, descending towards the port meet the harmonious Piazza del Plebiscito, the park of the Passetto, the Church of Santa Maria Della Piazza, and then reach the Arch of Traiano and the Mole Vanvitelliana. Today the Mole is above all a place of cultural events.
Church of Santa Maria della Piazza
Church of Santa Maria Della Piazza
Another unmissable place is Sirolo, a splendid medieval village, nestled between the green of the mountain and the blue of the sea, is considered “the Pearl of the Adriatic“: a precious treasure chest of art inserted in a breathtaking landscape.
The balcony-shaped square overlooks the Adriatic, just behind the “alleys” of the renovated old town which still bears the mark of an ancient city from medieval history.
From the square of Sirolo, you can enjoy a fabulous view of the Conero and you can see the beaches within walking distance from the Park (Sassi Neri e San Michele) or from the square itself (Urbani).

Day 6 -Canoa e Offagna

Canoeing is a sport as simple as tiring and beautiful.
It allows you to have a personalized view of the coast and the open sea and stay in close contact with the water.
You must rent a canoe and reach the wildest and most uncontaminated beaches of Conero.
The rental activity Canoe – Kayak is currently available at the headquarters of Portonovo, Sirolo, and Sottovento in Marcelli (Numana).
Path length: 7km
It includes 4 step Itinerary:
  • Cava Davanzali
  • Spiaggia Gabbiani
  • Spiaggia Due Sorelle
  • Scoglio della Vela
It is a tour very nice, but it’s better to go early (or late) to avoid the crowds brought by the boats that bring tourists for a few hours on the beach. Better early than late because all the beaches of this tour go in the shade in the afternoon 🚣.
On the top of the castle, a panoramic terrace dominates the countryside, from the Adriatic to the Umbria-Marche Apennines.
The view from the Belvedere that stretches around the Rocca is really worthy of note and sweeps up to Monte Conero while inside the fortress are present today the Museum of Arms, the Museum of the Liberation of Ancona and the Paolucci Museum, rich faunal collection of Professor Luigi Paolucci.
In other words, the Conero Riviera is a spectacle: a beautiful sea with beautiful views, wonderful landscape, and territory that allows excursions of all kinds. Here, in a short time, you can go from the sea to the mountain. There are cultural and artistic itineraries, also it is possible to practice sports and taste the typical good Marche cuisine, all united by friendliness and hospitality.  But above all, we recommend seeing the sunrise from the most beautiful beaches in the Marche region, such ad that of San Michele or Urbani 🌅!
Sunrise in Urbani Beach 🙂

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