Why Udaipur

  • Enjoy the scenic beauty of mountains
  • Amaze with some village activities on your way
  • Enjoy the view of big Jaisamand Lake
  • Feel the peace in woods
  • Eat some famous highway food
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Writing this time about my road trip to Udaipur India, which is famously known as Lake City.

Situated at the south of Rajasthan (Indian State), Udaipur is famous for its historic beauty of Maharana Prataap – A famous Brave emperor in the Indian History, who had died in for their mother land❤️

Not just that Udaipur is famous for its lake beauty around the city which gives you mesmerising views…well shortly gonna write a separate post about its beauty soon😍…

Not deviating from the title, I had taken a recent trip to Udaipur in some emergency case but explorer in me couldn’t resist taking pictures on my way to the City…

I started my Journey….and to my amaze, the way was not at all like why Rajasthan is famous for…..Rajasthan, the western state of India is famous for desert but looking at the beauty of these southern districts of the state you will definitely change your opinion about it…

While travelling amid Covid-19 situation, I encountered some village people who were busy in their day to day activities. Sitting in front of a laptop, you won’t realise how these people sweat in hot weather for their livelihoods. But all I can see is a smiling face waiving traveller who is passing by. I was overwhelmed with the gesture and realise that life is all about happiness ❤️

A cowboy, taking his goats rob home


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While continuing my ride, I saw some beautiful combinations of trees at both the side of the corners…trust me they gonna give the feeling of wallpaper. Beautifully aligned to each other like trees on the plane surface of the beach💕

Road Trip to Lake City Udaipur

It was a second of difference and I saw a farmer passing by in his tractor and I captured him with my moving car only

Road Trip to Lake City Udaipur

On my way I saw many mountains which have turned in to green in rainy seasondifferent shapes, greenery and depth will give you some beautiful scenic view of the road. This along with tree-covered road will give your eyes a feeling of immense peace❤️

While continuing the drive we stopped by Jaisamand Lake. It is the biggest sweet water lake in Rajasthan. Shadow of clouds in the water along with the trees on the bank of the lake will give a heavenly view that you just want to capture in your eyes.

Road Trip to Lake City Udaipur

Well, I must tell you after crossing this lake there is roadside Tapri of Pakodas. Pakodas are famous Indian dish which adds extra spice to your monsoon mood. 

Pakodas based on onion, potatoes and corn will give a flavour of Indian Spice and despite being strict diet person you will end up eating taking it 2-3 times. 


Pakodas are generally eaten with Tea. A proper boiled ginger tea. Which not only awakes your body but your mood too🤓

Road Trip to Lake City Udaipur Road Trip to Lake City Udaipur

This place is the last stop before we entered into Udaipur city….but there are lots to see and feel during the travel.

Posting a video for you to take a feel of this beautiful journey

Hope you like it…

Udaipur trip- my favourite city

With this ending my today’s blog. Hope you enjoy reading this❤️ Share your feedback.


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