Traxplorio Roadmap

  • Q3 2021

    Gadget Lottery - DONE

    The Gadget Lottery will go live very soon! 

    We are already talking to several interesting partners!

    But we need your support! So tell all your friends about Traxplorio und help us grow! 🙂


    Great News! 

    You will now be able to earn special badges (e.g. for Posts, Comments, Followers, Donations... and much more!).

    But don't worry. All your actions up to this point will be taken into account!

  • Q3 2021

    Tutorials - WORKING ON IT

    A new section will be added! 

    Traxplorers will have the opportunity to share their knowledge with you in certain areas (e.g. Drones, Photography... and much more!).

    Of course, these tutorials will be rewarded!

    Top Bloggers of the week - DONE

    We are going to identify the most successful bloggers every week! 

    More information will be available later.

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