Romantic Getaway at Buhl Mansion

If you are craving for a romantic getaway or have a wedding anniversary coming then head to this place called Buhl Mansion Guesthouse and Spa which is nestled in a town of Sharon, Pennsylvania. Before giving you details about the package that the Mansion offers, I am going to share an amazing history about this place. Frank H. Buhl who owned iron works with his father and later founded the Buhl Steel Company is known as the “Father of the industrial town of Sharon” which is located on the Shenango Valley. The Mansion was designed and built by Charles Owsley in 1891 and it was said to be a wedding present from Frank Buhl to his wife Julia, which now operates as a Guesthouse or B&B and I heard it also serves as a wedding venue💕. This place oozes out a old world charm and the interior of the Mansion has so much intrinsic details, amazing artifacts and beautiful chandeliers😍.

Romantic Getaway at Buhl Mansion❤

Romantic Getaway at Buhl Mansion❤

When it comes to accommodation, this place has some 10 rooms which is unique in its own way. You can find the details of all the rooms on their website. The room in which we stayed is called the Grand Turret and it was brilliant👍. The room has a king sized bed, hardwood flooring, round jacuzzi to relax yourself, fireplace and beautiful paintings. Rate of the room is $350 for weekends and $250 for weekdays. The package includes welcome tray which has some snacks and bottle of Champagne to boost you up after a drive😍, later they serve you afternoon tea with some special cookies and snacks, they also give you good night note at night with sweet treats🥰, next morning they serves you delicious breakfast. They have also have an amazing spa service, but for that you have to make a prior appointment and it’s not included in the package. We loved the food served by them, it was delicious and presentation was exceptional👍.

Romantic Getaway at Buhl Mansion❤ Romantic Getaway at Buhl Mansion❤ Romantic Getaway at Buhl Mansion❤ Romantic Getaway at Buhl Mansion❤

You can spend a good quality time in your room, apart from that the Mansion has a beautiful garden surrounding it where you can take a walk with your sweetheart and exchange some romantic words❤️. The garden has a different varieties of flowers which makes up a perfect spot to click a picture of you and your partner. We clicked a pretty good pictures of ourselves and of the Mansion. After clicking pictures, you can head to the Art Gallery Room which has a collection of some wonderful paintings to check out. The Mansion also has a cute library where you can relax and go through some amazing books if you’re a book lover. The library also has a wide collection of DVDs. We think it was the study room of Mr. Buhl. We had a great time exploring the Mansion, knowing about its history, wandering in the garden and last but not the least spending some quality time together.

Romantic Getaway at Buhl Mansion❤ Romantic Getaway at Buhl Mansion❤ Romantic Getaway at Buhl Mansion❤ Romantic Getaway at Buhl Mansion❤

Nearby attractions:

Famous locally owned Daffins Candies where you can buy some delicious candies and chocolates for your loved ones. It is a very big shop and they have different flavors of candies.

Another popular spot is Shenango River Lake which offers activities like Camping, fishing and water ski or else simply just walk by the lake and relax.

You can also explore the Sharon downtown which is great. The downtown has so many shops and restaurants to hang out.


We didn’t get a chance to explore the nearby attractions as we were on a short trip and wanted to spend our time in exploring the Mansion. But, next time we will take out more time for other activities. Buhl Mansion is only 1 hour away from our place, so we can plan anytime we feel like. Our overall experience was amazing and satisfactory.



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