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Let’s talk about Lampung. Lampung is still in Indonesia on Sumatra island. Since Lampung also covers a vast area to Kiluan bay, Kiluan bay is a beach attraction located on the earth sari of nature, encamus of Lampung province with a potential Marine tour, and is famous for the number of dolphins, whales around Kiluan bay. Kiluan bay is also renowned for its natural and heavenly beauty for the expert fishermen. Because each year there are amazing fishing RACES taking place by experienced fishermen throughout Indonesia. It is located 73 km from Lampung airport and can be reached in three hours by car. But don’t think we’re gonna get in the car because it’s impossible for us. My motorcycle friends and I met at my motorcycle club CLBC and started from there.

Our departure from Jakarta to Kiluan bay at night was tense for this was a new experience for me, and we were about to cross the island. We left from the point of departure at 9:00 p.m. and we got to the Peacock 2 or 3 hours later when it was already midnight. Our next route was from Peacock harbor to the Bakauheni crossing, onboard we all fall asleep from exhaustion until we got some rest at the pump because there was a jumping squirrel.

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Our journey from port Bakauheni crossing into the gulf of Kiluan took about 5-6 hours. Is using a motorcycle run smoothly? Oh no, Kiluan is the way to the gulf of laborious, because if you know those twisty roads access Kiluan… many of them are damaged and going up and down. But don’t worry, they are not as dangerous if you are driving in a normal car. And when you arrive everything will be good with this view. Who says we do not will have gardens in a place, no we know.

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Well the next day we left to see a dolphin, we got up in the morning at about 5:00 a.m., and then we woke up in a terrible but amusing incident. As one of us was talking in his sleep, he told the men outside to enter our villa. Only my notes and my lady friend slept in one room at a time.

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After that, we hopped on a boat to chase dolphins. Sea dolphins were so black and crowded. But unfortunately for us, getting a picture of a dolphin on top of that little boat was kind of a mission impossible. It was hard enough just to use a mobile phone. That day I just swam in the ocean using a float to take off and then we were sent back to the inn.


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That very day we visited Lampung town for souvenirs and returned home to Jakarta. It was a very difficult trip as well for us and we were very tired when arriving back from our Lampung home directly to the Bakauheni river crossing port and after that back to the Peacock. My record reached my home at 1 a.m.

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And that’s the story of his trip.

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