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  • the hill of the chair
  • Roads and highways
  • Adventure
The Sierra Madre Occidental begins in the state of Jalisco in the Barranca de Huentitán -It is 1500 km long and unites with the amazing and fearsome Transversal Volcanic Axis -Length of 289,000 km -Its Width is approximately 150 km, with heights of 3000 meters above sea level
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This journey was a desire of mine to enter the roads of the north of the country, to travel so many little-known corners, to marvel at nature, the strong winds, the intense heat, suddenly storms that would cover the landscapes and mountains.

This trip tries to travel all roads closer to the Sierra Madre Occidental, you can stay in rustic places see the sunrises on the great mountains, the incredible sunsets, eat what you find on the roads, know the country in detail, Find wild animals like coyotes, lynx, snakes and everything that brings adventure.

Sierra Madre Occidental

The adventure began from the town of Canatlán de las Manzanas in Durango, as we advance we still see people on the road, houses, cars pass, during this stretch you can stop to consume the typical food such as the Durango broth (very spicy but rich), or you can opt for quesadillas, sweet enchiladas, sopes, gorditas (my favorites), etc. We all know that traveling by car allows you to stop and taste a considerable variety in beautiful places.

before arriving  of Canatlán de las Manzanas you find these incredible and extensive apple crops

Sierra Madre Occidental

You can’t actually freely access these beautiful fields, but you had to go in! And we got wet with the sprinklers.🤗💦

Sierra Madre Occidental Sierra Madre Occidental

After 1 hour on the way you will pass through the Mennonite fields in Nuevo Ideal, very serious people, but very friendly and hardworking, you will find restaurants where you can eat hamburgers, pizzas all produced by them (cheeses are a delicacy).

Sierra Madre Occidental

Sierra Madre Occidental

The Mennonites arrived in Mexico, very close to the city of Chihuahua, in the 20th century and have preserved their culture, it is curious that you find children with a totally different look but in the end they are Mexican children, I’m a naughty human when I tell the kids something in German and they look at me like I’m crazy.

Sierra Madre Occidental

saddle saw

You will also find in Canatlan The famous Sierra de la Silla, is simply spectacular, to arrive will take about 1 hour approximately and once you know how to resume the road will be about 20 minutes in your favor, so I recommend you consider visiting it closely. The road signs are guiding you, in any case ask in the nearby towns so that you do not delay in arriving.

Sierra Madre Occidental

You can still admire her from afar!

The weather is getting more intense, the heat is strong on the steering wheel, the important thing is that you can stop to photograph, without worrying that cars can pass as soon as possible…

You shouldn’t question where I first change clothes during the trip, that Mennonite bath was a great ally.

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Sierra Madre Occidental

Here we end our first day, we spend it in the car on the edge of a path, we had the wonderful experience of seeing the starry sky in all its splendor until we fell asleep, it was an arduous but unforgettable night.

Sierra Madre Occidental

Wake up! , we can’t waste time

The next day we continue the road with the same clothes and wait until we reach the next destination (no way)🙄

Sierra Madre Occidental

The wonderful sunset was already upon us:

Ojuela Bridge, Mapimí:

We stopped at Mapimi destination that you should add in your list, you will find a huge suspension bridge and an amazing mine, I wish I had good pictures, but the solar batteries were exhausted and I could only take these with my 4 pixel camera watch (Thank you, Clock).

Sierra Madre Occidental

In this part of the territory it becomes a little semi-arid since there are rocks to the intemperie and sandy plains, surprising landscapes and views.

We stayed in a small hotel in Mapimì, we were very tired and needed to shower and change (rewarding rest).

Sierra Madre Occidental

Our 3rd day: After a long time we had already reached the middle of the road, desolate roads, silence, wild animals on the road, vegetation, and an interesting contrast of rocky mountains and leafy grasses with flowers, It was September and in any other month the atmosphere and it would manifest very different.

Sierra Madre Occidental

The further we got into the storms were coming abruptly, before one of them, we stopped for a picnic, lay a blanket in the middle of a real paradise, it was a relaxing day, to rest, sleep a few minutes, eat, then came the rain then it was time to put everything away and play in the rain, delight in the smell of wet soil and flowers.

Sierra Madre Occidental

We are a little further along this nice road that leads to other places

Sierra Madre Occidental


but we could not tackle it as we would lose the target, however we advanced a little and found some pleasant surprises.

Sierra Madre Occidental


The stunning afternoon storms continued, but did not last long.

Sierra Madre Occidental

They could not miss good binoculars to browse the curves of the plains, to study deeply the capricious forms of the mountains.

Sierra Madre Occidental

The Flowers rose and surrounded you, the wind moved your hair, the breeze caught you in its eternal peace and calm, the mountains always with those colors, looking fantastic and magical (I wish to live here).

Sierra Madre Occidental

After hours of walking and stopping to take photographs and videos, the road feels more and more lonely, it is sometimes difficult to explain that you are in Durango but if you go back 3 meters you will be in chihuahua, large hills and semi-arid mountains, a lot of cattle, horses running in the pastures, the vegetation is decreasing, and the heat is intense at noon.

Then we return to the corresponding road and continue the crossing for chihuahua, I think that later we will continue. I recommend you to risk living the experience and above all I advise and I beg you not to forget your mosquito repellent.

Sierra Madre Occidental

I know it is difficult to make these trips that last days and more if it is by road (it is very exhausting), but I consider it the most surprising and incomparable way in which you can fill yourself with experiences that you will never forget, it is curious how we can summarize a long journey, where we spend adventures of which we cannot write, besides not having more material due to time and complications, it would be a very extensive post if it had much more evidence, but I know that the essence remains.






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