Why Singapore

  • English speaking people
  • Transportation is reliable
  • The city is very clean
  • The architecture is amazing
  • It is a mixing pot of different races
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Are you a city person? Do you love beautiful architecture?  Then Singapore is the perfect place for your next trip! The picture above is the country’s symbol, the Merlion. So of course we cannot start a blog about singapore without it! It is one the most pictured sites in the world. So if you are going to Singapore, make sure to stop by and have the mandatory pose with the Merlion.

Singapore is a very modern asian city. And I also think this is the cleanest I have ever been to. There are literally thousands of high rise buildings in the city and the architecture is amazing. They also have preserved buildings in the city that wil take you back in time and have a glimpse of what Singapore looks like in the past.


I have been to singapore 3 times already. I am from the Philippines and it is only a few hours away so it is an easy escape from Manila which is very different from singapore. 😅

They have the most beautiful airport in the world! Like literally they have awards to show for it. And being there a few times, it is really not surprising. Singapore’s Changi airport simply has the best facilities. You can find lots of amenities and activites you may have never imagined being in an airport. To make it short, the airport itself is already a tourist attraction! So yes, take your time inside the airport and go around all terminals and do not forget to stop by Changi’s Jewel.


I should warn you. It is hot and humid in Singapore! That is why I only wear very comfortable clothes. And if you plan to visit many places in a day, make sure to wear comfortable shoes because there will be lots of walking! The city is small and everything is very accessible by trains or buses. They are also reliable and clean! I used ez link card for both bus and the train.

The language spoken is Singapore English so it is very easy for me to understand everything and to communicate well with the locals since english is like a second language to us Filipinos.

The picture above is of the Helix bridge and in the background is the Marina Bay Sands hotel and casino and the finger-like building is the Art Science Museum. There are lots of places to go around the Marina like the Merlion, Marina Bay Sands, Art Science museum and the Gardens by the bay where you will find the famous Super trees which are actually vertical gardens made to somehow look like trees!

Some of the Super trees are connected by a bridge and I swear you must go up and see the view! And at night there will be a light and music show and if you go there during the christmas season there will also be fake snow falling from the Super trees!


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The Cloud Forest is an indoor garden where you can find different species of plants. That artificial waterfall is so huge and please note that you can get wet here. 😅



This is on the backside of the waterfall.

The place is huge and high so if you are afraid of heights be ready to face your fear!

There will be lots of weird plants around so take your time to gaze upon them and take pictures.

The pictures above were taken inside the Flower dome. It is an indoor garden just next to Cloud Forest. It is a collection of different species of flowers from around the world and from different climate. They also feature cactus plants. The flower arrangements are amazing. That one above is arranged to look like a peacock’s tail.


So if you like flowers, plants and gardens, you should definitely visit gardens by the bay, Cloud Forest and Flower dome. There are aso lots of mini attractions within the area so definitely, a visit here is very satisfying and so worth it. And the price of admissions are not so expensive but as a solo traveller I refuse to say cheap! 😝


If you still have time to spare, try walking along the marina. There are lots of amazing views to find. The Singapore flyer is also around the marina so if you want to see the view of the city from the higher point of view, you better go there or go up to the observation deck of the Marina Bay Sands hotel and casino.

The Art Science museum. The exhibits here are interactive and fun. I tried one exhibit. I went in alone so I did not get the full experience haha. You better be wth someone when go here so because lots of the activities are for photo ops. I have to ask strangers to take my pictures which is fine but it is still better to go with company.

Now that we are done with the major attractions around the marina…. let us now see what it looks like at night!

And that will be the end of this blog. I hope you guys got a glimpse of what is in store for you if you go to singapore and visit places around the marina. You can actually do all this in a single day! You can walk from one attraction to the other in minutes. Walking around singapore is worth it and safe and cheap but of course it will be hot and humid so suit yourself. 😁

There are still a lot of singapore that are not in presented here because if I do, it will be a very long post. I am gonna make another post for the other places you should visit when you are in singapore. Thank you for visiting my blog i really do hope you like the pictures. 😁


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