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A Disney Palace in Sintra? Yes, it’s real and magic

Sintra is one of the most beautiful towns of Portugal and it always had a magical feeling, whether from its unique weather, the castles or all the beautiful monuments in the forests.
However, more recently an abandoned property has been in the spotlight due to a very special characteristic: it has a Disney palace inside! Yes, you read it right! There’s a private property in Sintra with a Disney Palace inside!

Before showing you any pictures or tell you how to get there let me explain to you a little bit of its history:

The place we are talking about is named Quinta da Felicidade, which you can translate to Happiness Estate, but its name was given as a homage to a lady named Felicity.
The first owner of the house was an English man married to a Spanish lady, Mrs. Felicity, but what we see today is the result of the vision of the next owner, a Portuguese businessman, who invested more than 10 million euros to create a mansion and a unique palace in Sintra.
Even though the mansion itself is luxurious and unique, the highlight of the place is the Disney Palace and it has a beautiful story: the palace is located in the place where the man used to play with his daughter and he decided to give her a palace. To make it possible he had to ask permission from Disney to make a palace similar to the original one and pay for copyrights.

The family left the property in 2004 due to the high maintenance costs of the property and unfortunately, the property was very vandalized, especially the mansion area where one can see a lot of broken glasses, broken sculptures, and a lot of missing pieces of art. Even though all the destruction people can still see the amazing gardens, the rooms, washrooms, kitchen, and the enormous living room where parties used to hold at. You can even see a mesmerizing indoor pool and jacuzzi. The inside had a lot of glazed tiles, marble pieces, and expensive sculptures but nowadays it’s only possible to see fragments of those pieces.
The mansion was not only a family house, but it also had offices and it was home to big international events and many many parties.
At the Disney Palace, you can go inside of it and climb to the top where you will be able to see the mountains of Sintra, some of its monuments and even the ocean! It’s an unforgettable view!

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Nowadays the place belongs to the bank and it can be bought by 3 million!

The place is located in a forest area among other private houses and it might be a little tricky to get there! You will not find the address online as well as people don’t want to disclose the address to protect the space.

If you wish to visit it you can contact me and I can give you some directions on how to reach the place.

This is a different place than the usual “touristic” places and for sure it has a different feeling, but if you like to see abandoned places or places with a different history and uniqueness, this place deserves a visit!


You can easily see everything in 30 minutes.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that you can find this place in your days exploring Sintra!

Below you can see some photos of the place

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