Why Klastorisko

  • Not as corwded as Tatra
  • Various activities available
  • Climbing
  • Waterfalls and mushrooms
A beautiful full day hike trough the Slovakian paradise.
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First things first: Many parkings around this nature park cost money (4-7€ per day).

If you don’t want to pay this, park free here: 48.961935, 20.445524  – It’s a great spot to start your hike or mtb-ride and you see the beautiful high Tatra mountains from there.

SLOVENSKY RAJ – The Slovakian paradise!

If you want to enjoy a beer and some food after your hike, park here: https://goo.gl/maps/xSTZLtE4sGcZbu8K9  (4€ in 2020)


Where all began

I began my hike from the free parking spot. From there it’s about one hour to the Carthusian monastery which is kind of a meeting point where a lot of hiking trails begin from. You can also find a detailed map there with all the hiking trails and also via ferratas. Yes, you heared right! You can experience an ultimate adventure climbing through gorges with flowing rivers in it! You can rent the climbing harness near the small bistro at the Carthusian monastery. The food at the bistro is terrible despite of the french fries, that are pretty good and cheap. It’s a good place to enjoy a beer though.

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SLOVENSKY RAJ – The Slovakian paradise!

IMPORTANT for the via ferratas

They are marked also on the trail-map, but one important thing is missing: The via ferratas are only for one-way access and there is no hint on the map where the entrance and where the end is. So I could tell you… but I don’t want….. kidding ;-). The via ferratas go all from east to west, so if you want to have this special experience in your hike, plan your route accordingly!

The hike – not for beginners

I did a 10 hour hike counter clockwise the big circle. If you don’t have so much time you can choose from different routes from 2 hours to more than 10 hours. It doesn’t matter so much which trail you choose you are almost bound to see waterfalls, beautiful wild forest, wildlife and nice little climbing parts.

Pictures often don’t show the reality regarding height. Some of the ladders are more than 10m high and are pretty scatchy. Also the wooden bridges over the smaller waterfalls and creeks need your full attention as wood is slippery when wet and some parts have seen better days maintenance wise.

I would recommend to hike here only if you have a good balance, are surefooted and with proper hiking shoes.

This hike is part of my YouTube VLOG. Check it out to get more of an idea how it really is. It’s in German, but English subtitles are available


SLOVENSKY RAJ – The Slovakian paradise!

SLOVENSKY RAJ – The Slovakian paradise! SLOVENSKY RAJ – The Slovakian paradise! SLOVENSKY RAJ – The Slovakian paradise! SLOVENSKY RAJ – The Slovakian paradise! SLOVENSKY RAJ – The Slovakian paradise! SLOVENSKY RAJ – The Slovakian paradise! SLOVENSKY RAJ – The Slovakian paradise! SLOVENSKY RAJ – The Slovakian paradise!

Good to know

    • There are some water springs on the trails so you don’t need to carry a lots of water with you. The springs are not marked on the map unfortunately.


    • If you leave the trails into the woods you can find a lot of mushrooms end of summer/beginning of autumn.

Slovakia has bears!

    So be aware of it, make constant noise when you hike or maybe carry bear spray with you.

Go and get lost!

So, have fun and enjoy nature! Please leave only footprints behind and take your trash with you so that many other people can enjoy this amazing place as you did!


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