Snively Hot Springs: Anything But ‘Snively”

It has been a long, tiresome week and all you can think about is having a well-deserved rest. Whether you’re a thermal relaxation enthusiast or not, spicing up your stress-relieving methods never hurts matters. Instead of soaking in your bath, why not soak in a mineral-rich geothermal bath and relax both your body and mind?

We have the perfect place in mind. It hasn’t been commercialized, doesn’t require a hell-long hike, gear, or backpacking skills, and asks for no entrance fees. Already sounds tempting, doesn’t it?
May we present to you Snively Hot Springs: a place that looks a lot better than it sounds.

AddressNyssa, Oregon 97913
LocationOwyhee River, Eastern Oregon
GPSN 43°43.811′ W 117°12.208′

Nestled very close to the Oregon-Idaho border, with easy access (perfect for those who prefer simplicity) and offering hot n’ cold soaking opportunities, Snively Hot Springs is the ideal place for a rejuvenating day off. 

You can be sure that the experience of waiting there is anything but ‘Snively.’

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All You Need To Know About Snively Hot Springs

Snively Hot Springs prides itself in being one of the hottest and biggest hot springs in the state of Oregon. Surprisingly enough, the temperature is 190°F (88°C). However, it is situated right along the Owyhee River, so the closer you get to the river, the cooler the temperature gets. Additionally, this makes it considerably easier to regulate the thermal water temperature by rearranging rocks and controlling how much cold river water you want to stream into the pool.

Snively is wide enough to accommodate up to 30 people, but don’t get too excited. The pool’s wide diameter is overshadowed by its lack of depth. The water is 2-3 feet deep and in certain weather conditions, if the river is not high enough, can become even more shallow.

As mentioned above, the thermal pool stretches along the Owyhee River. It is surrounded by rocks – a small man-made rock wall if you will – to create a boundary separating the spring from the river. The whole area is surrounded by hills and cliffs that overlook both the Owyhee River and Snively Hot Spring, creating majestic views in the process. All these elements make for one fantastic experience that is very much loved by those who appreciate peace and simplicity in nature. 

A closer look at Snively Hot Springs, surrounded by cliffs and Owyhee River. Another beautiful picture was taken by @scottwwwwwww

Snively Hot Springs is especially beautiful during the winter months. Soaking while taking in the snow-covered hills and cliffs all around you elevates your enjoyment. It helps not just your body and mind, but also your soul to relax.

The spot where Snively Hot Springs dumps into the Owyhee River / Ken Folwell

However, the convenient location of this spot is as much a con as it is a pro. It’s extremely easy to access, no 4-wheel-drives are needed, and presents a great soaking opportunity for those who have mobility issues or don’t have as much of a hiking experience that’s usually required to reach some other famous top-notch outdoor spas. But, this also means that Snively Hot Springs can get overcrowded, especially on the weekends and holidays, though the people who usually visit this place are often described as ‘respectful, friendly, unobtrusive and always willing to engage in a chill conversation.’ Even though crowds may not be necessarily worrisome, this piece of information is still worth taking into consideration.

A faraway look at Owyhee Canyon where you can see the Owyhee River and Snively Hot Springs nestled among the mountains. Credit: @scottwwwwwww
Snively Hot Springs review on Google


From Boise, Idaho, start on I-84 West to Boise River Rd and drive for about 43 miles. Then merge onto ID-18/OR-201 North to Owyhee Lake Rd and continue for 21 miles until you reach the parking area of Snively Hot Springs.

Important Information To Consider

After having gone through a series of abuse and mistreatment, BLM (Bureau of Land Management) – the agency Snively Hot Springs is maintained by – took it upon themselves to modify some rules to keep the spring in a presentable shape and spread awareness on proper interaction with this beautiful natural resource. 

Considering that Snively has always been available for day use only but most visitors disregarded this rule, BLM started patrolling the area after dusk. For more information, click here.

So here is a list of do’s and don’ts that you definitely need to take into account.

Follow Leave No Trace PrinciplesLitter
Use nature-friendly, chemical-free products in the springsBring dogs near the pool unless they’re on a leash at all times.
Respect other people’s privacyBring any glass containers
Bring a bathing suit if necessary and a change of clothesCamp
Use a thermometer to test the water temperatureStart a fire or bring anything flammable



If you were looking for an opportunity to camp in close proximity to Snively and Owyhee, sorry to disappoint. As we already mentioned above, the spring is available for day use only and is patrolled every night by BLM (including its whole surrounding area). However, it does not mean that there are no camping options near this area. The town of Nyssa, OR, provides campers with 12 camping areas and the town is only a short drive from Snively Hot Springs.

For more information, click here.

Other Accommodation

You can find other accommodation options in Nyssa here:

What is There to Do in Nyssa, Oregon?

If you’re making it a trip instead of a one-time visit, here’s a list of all the things that you can explore or do in the area:

  • You can play golf. There are quite a few golf courses in Nyssa – Scotch Pine Golf Course, Purple Sage Golf Course, TimberStone Golf Course, etc. – waiting for all the fans of the sport out there.
  • You can explore the beauty that is LakeOwyhee State Park
Lake Owyhee State Park / sherryd647
  • Four Seasons Cultural Center and Museum is also here to tell you its story.
  • You can try out your skills at the Ontario Board Shack.
Ontario Board Shack / Ashley
  • Nyssa is also home to First United Methodist Church, which is one of the most architecturally attractive buildings in town. It won’t leave aspiring architects disappointed either. 
  • If you’re craving a relaxing drink after a long day, Sundance Saloon bar is here to offer you its services.


As you probably have already gathered, a trip to Snively Hot Springs is the most un-Snively experience, especially during winter (however tricky it may be). So don’t let the name of the place be the reason you never plan a visit there. It is evident that Snively is one of the preferred getaways for families who want to help their children have fun, as well as take care of their health. Even if that is not the case for you, taking a rejuvenating day off will definitely do a lot of good for your body and mind. If you got the impression that everything mentioned in this article falls into your comfort zone, definitely give Snively Hot Springs a shot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Snively Hot Springs clothing-optional?

Yes, Snively Hot Springs is clothing-optional.

Where is Snively Hot Springs?

Snively Hot Springs is in Nyssa, Oregon. Close to the Idaho border.

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